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Mohi 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayush leaving from his haldi. His friend talks to Ayush and asks him why did he take risk with DK and asks him to talk. Ayush is angry and says I will leave the job. His friend asks why are you so upset, I will call Anusha and ask her what happened in Bhuvana that she did not notice. Ayush says you won’t call her and throws his phone. He asks what will you tell Anusha, I cheated Anusha, I married Mohi in Bhuvana, Mohi is my wife. His friend Elesh gets shocked. Ayush says Anusha does not know anything, I have hidden this, this guilt is eating me, I m unable to live in peace. He cries.

Ayush looks at Elesh and tells him everything about Mohi and Bhuvana, their first meet, Satyakam and marriage. Elesh is shocked. Archana waits for haldi to come. Elesh asks Ayush how can he

accept such marriage, its done by mistake. Ayush says I m in guilt, I want to tell Anusha the truth. I don’t want to lose Anusha. Elesh asks Ayush not to tell anything to Anusha.

Ayush says marriage is big relation of trust. Elesh asks him not to tell Anusha, there is no proof or eye witness, its not registered, I m with you, Mohi kept her promise, she will not tell anyone, Anusha will be heartbroken, don’t tell her. Ayush says but will this be good for Mohi, she is keeping her promise for me, and I m so rude to her. Elesh says you don’t have feelings for Mohi. Sometimes truth is hidden for good and for booth families. Ayush gets thinking.

Anusha gets ready and comes for haldi. Aaji is glad seeing her and smiles. She compliments Anusha. The guests taunt Anusha as her mother is missing. They wonder why haldi did not come till now. Swati comes and says we are here, and got haldi too. They all smile. Shanta asks does Rekha has any problem that she is not here. Anusha waits for Rekha and misses her. Rekha comes there and hugs Anusha. Anusha gets glad.

Anusha says I missed you a lot and cries. Rekha says I missed you too. Kaki says this is our Mausi Shanta. Shanta says you made great entry, I felt whats the problem that you did not come, I got peace. Rekha says children’s happiness is great thing, we are happy in their happiness, who cares for parents’ happiness. Mohi and Swati collide and all the haldi falls. Everyone get shocked. The haldi falls on Mohi.

Shanta says haldi became Mohi’s uttaran now, if Anusha has no problem in applying that, she can apply. Anusha looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Show is going very bad…
    According to promos.. ayush and anusha ki shadi ho jayegi, ayush mohi k baare me soch hi nhi raha h.. jahan tk samjg aaya h k shyad mohi and anusha suteli sisters h…
    According to Indian law jb balig logo k shadi hoti h and witness k rup me pandit ji hote h to shadi legal hoti h, ayush repoter ho kr yeh baat bhul gya… or fir ayush and mohi as couples acche lgte h… jb aayush move on kr raha h to mohi apne dreams pure kro…

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