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The Episode starts with Ayush seeing Madhur annoyed. He starts leaving. His mum stops him and blesses him. Ayush waves bye to everyone and leaves. Its morning, Ayush is still on the way on the bus’ top. He records a voice message for Anusha. He says he will come back soon, love you. Ayush asks a man about Bhuwana. He says he got to know that nothing can be got for money . The man asks him to go somewhere else, why does he want to go Bhuwana. Ayush says he heard it’s a good place. there, and its barter system. Bhuwana market is shown. Mohi asks a man to give money for the honey. He asks how much money she wants. She says 30rs. He says its much. She asks him to taste honey, its very sweet. He gives the money.

She says she will rush to sweets shop now. The man tells Ayush that just 50-60 families

stay there, and shows the mountain. Ayush asks the way. The man asks him to climb the mountain and then get down, if he is saved then he will reach Bhuwana. He says there is nothing like sight seeing there, just roam here and go. Ayush sees the para riding and smiles.

Mohi brings the money and talks to Lord. She hides the money there and says sorry to do this, I promise when my dreams fulfill, I will not break the honey bees home. She sees the para riders in the sky and goes to see. She says I wish I could fly like this. Ayush uses the parachute to land in Bhuwana. He looks around and sees the beautiful nature, being amazed by it. He clicks some pics and sees Mohi running towards him in full speed. He asks her to stop. She rushes to save him, and pushes him from getting hit by the wooden nailed structure.

Ayush asks what the hell, how can you treat me like this. She looks at him. He asks is she mad. She says I m not mad, you are mad, and shows him the dangerous structure. He gets tensed and says I m sorry, I felt you are… She sees him wounded. Anusha and Vinay hear the voice message and laugh. Rekha asks Anusha to have juice. Rekha says I won’t go there and is annoyed with Ayush. Vinay says Ayush is sincere for his future and concerned for Anusha. Rekha and Vinay argue. Rekha says she will come with them for Anusha’s happiness. Aniusha asks her to come with positive mind. Rekha says I m practical. Anusha says I will happily adjust.

He says sorry, stop and clicks her pics. Mohi leaves. He says maybe she felt bad, ego in tribals too? Great. He clicks more pics and sees Mohi coming back again running towards him. He asks her to be away from him. She bites some leaves and spits on his foot to heal him. She says his wound will be healed. He jokes and asks is she ayurvedic doctor. She says she knows about it, her Nana is big ved. He says you can’t fool me. She says my Nana does not fool people, he is big Ved of Bhuwana, everyone respects him a lot. He says Bhuwana and thinks. She says she won’t talk to him and starts leaving. He starts acting as if he can’t walk. She stops and goes back to him. He asks her to take him to her Nana.

Mohi talks a lot and tells about Bhuwana and Nana. Ayush thinks she may know about Satyakam, I got lottery.

Update Credit to: Amena

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