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Mohi 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayush talking to Anusha. They both have some surprise for each other and tell about it. Anusha says she is waiting for him, and will not tell about surprise. Ayush says even he has surprise for her and ends call. He wishes to give her gold locket and chain, the locket has their pics in it. He says this time after I come home, I will send Mohi to Bhuvana and out of our lives, and I m sure Mohi will understand me. He wishes to start fresh with Anusha and forget past.

Vinay talks to Deepak and gets to know Mohi is his daughter. Deepak says Mohi was pride of Bhuvana but then she went to city because… a man comes and asks Vinay to come for emergency case. Deepak leaves and Vinay thinks about Mohi. Anusha asks Mohi to wear her dress as there is theme in the party. She asks Mohi

to give her clothes as they will be swapping clothes. Mohi goes to change.

Vinay thinks about Mohi. Anusha calls him and asks where is he. He says I m going Jaipur. She asks will you not come today. He says I can do anything for my daughter, but what is the matter. She says you will miss Mohi’s surprise birthday. Vinay thinks fate has given this chance to him, and says I m thinking to come in birthday and take late flight for Jaipur. She says see you…

Mohi wears Anusha’s dress and comes. Anusha says you are looking gorgeous Mohi, I will do your makeup today, I will get makeup kit from Shubhangi. She goes. Mohi looks at herself. Anjali comes and thinks Mohi is Anusha. She talks about the party theme. Anusha comes and stops Anjali from saying about surprise. Anjali gets surprised seeing Mohi in Anusha’s clothes. Anusha and Anjali leave.

Ayush comes home and goes to his room to surprise Anusha. He assumes Mohi is Anusha, and makes her wear the gold chain and locket. Mohi turns and does not let him make her wear it. He gets shocked seeing Mohi. Anusha asks Anjali not to tell anything to Mohi. Ayush asks Mohi what is she doing here, and why is she wearing Anusha’s clothes. Anusha comes there and laughs. Ayush asks whats happening. Anusha says I will tell you everything, it means you also felt Mohi looks like me, come. She asks Mohi to wait here, her makeup has to be done. Mohi gives the chain pendant to Anusha and apologizes to Mohi.

Anusha says I would have taken it later. Mohi says no, whats yours is just yours, I don’t have any right on it, whether its chain or anything else. Ayush looks on. Anusha and Ayush go out and talk. Anusha says its Mohi’s birthday today and I planned surprise party for her, we are swapping clothes, its surprise for Mohi, don’t tell her, please get the cake, Swati has ordered and she has the receipt.

Anusha thanks him and hugs. She goes to do makeup to Mohi. Ayush fumes as he could not meet Anusha well because of Mohi, and now Mohi have to leave from this house.

Anusha talks to Anjali and says I don’t want Ayush and everyone to get angry on me, can you do my work, I want to say… Anjali asks what are you trying to say, I can’t stop Ayush’s anger. Anjali says yes, that’s what I m saying, we have to swap clothes and I promised Mohi we will swap clothes, and Ayush got angry seeing Mohi I my clothes, I don’t know what will he do if I wear Mohi’s clothes, can you wear Mohi’s clothes, I will wear yours. Anjali agrees and Anusha thanks her. Anusha smiles.

Shanta tells Mohi that I will not use time on you, I will use your and Ayush’s marriage truth and ruin this family. Mohi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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