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The Episode starts with Pratap saying he wants to marry Mohi. Dadda slaps him hard and scolds him. He asks him not to take Mohi’s name and not go near the school, else he will kill his grandson. Pratap looks at him. Mahua waits for Mohi. Nana says Mohi will come, don’t worry. Mohi comes and greets them. Mahua asks where did she go, she was tensd. Nana asks her not to scold Mohi. Mohi says I went to meet Dadda and complained about Pratap, who wanted to shut out school. Mahua and Nana ask why did she complain about Pratap, is this her responsibility, the teacher will see about it. Mohi says she was scared.

Mahua says you are the only one brave here. Mohi says how should I study? Mahua says you forget to go to city. Nana says she will understand. Mahua scolds her. A man comes to them running and

brings his son Kallu. He says Kallu fell down the cliff and is wounded. Nana is a Vaid and treats him. He sees deep wounds and says I can’t do anything. Mohi asks how, I know you have all medicines. Nana says he has internal wounds, we have to take him to hospital in time, he is serious, it will be tough if he vomits blood. The man takes Kallu and leaves.

Mohi says she wants such facilities in her village, medical treatment is necessary. Nana asks her to go and freshen up. Nana asks Mahua not to worry as Mohi’s attention will get diverted. Mahua thinks Mohi will not forget it.

Vinay tells Rekha that we are going to Gokhles’ tomorrow. Rekha says we were going, but it cancelled by Ayush’s things. He says he had work, he is a journalist. Anusha worries seeing them argue. Vinay says we will go there to meet his family, its fine if Ayush is not there, don’t make this an ego issue. Rekha says I m concerned about Anusha and her future. She says sorry but I won’t come there. Vinay asks Anusha not to worry and decide how to see these things. Anusha says she is not doubtful of Ayush, she is proud that he is sincere about his work, nothing can shake my belief in Ayush.

Mohi teaches a girl and sends her to home. The girl says she wants to learn maths from her. Mohi explains her in simple terms. A pigeon comes and Mohi sends the girl. Mohi sends some green thread with the pigeon and says tell that there is no danger here. Nana talks to Kaka, and Mohi helps him. She tells Mahua that she has given green signal to Dadda, he might be coming now. Mahua looks on tensed. Nana says this man will be caught in big problem one day.

Ayush packs his bag and calls Anusha. Anusha calls him back. He asks what did her parents say. She says mum refused and dad took my side, he said he will convince mum, which won’t be easy, so you are definitely going. He says I have to go. She asks him to go safely and call her after reaching. He asks what if I wish to call being on the way, I will miss you. She gets sad. They say I love you to each other and end call.

Dadda comes to meet Mohi and they have dinner. Mohi tells Mahua that food is tasty. Dadda says he has come here so that Mohi goes to school again, no one will shut it, I spoke to teacher. Mohi asks will she study in city. He says he will get things from city for her good education. Mahua asks him to keep Mohi away from city. Dadda gives a book to Mohi and says its from big writers, I don’t have any such intentions to send you to city. Mahua says bad happened with me from city people, I won’t let this happen with Mohi.

Dadda says I will go now, I m getting late. Mohi goes to drop him. Ayush is leaving. Manohar asks how can he go, what will they tell Anusha. Ayush says I told her. Madhur asks did he ask them, he just informed, they are coming to talk about his marriage. Ayush’s mum supports Ayush. Ayush does not tell about his work location and looks at Bhuwana.

Ayush lands in Bhuwana and falls on Mohi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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