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The Episode starts with Mohi arguing with Shanta. Shanta says this time I lost, but next time I will win and you will lose. Mohi says maybe you don’t want this tea, I will take it back. Shanta throws the papers angrily. Swati teaches cooking to Anjali. Anusha comes and greets them. She asks did they wish Mohi, its her birthday today. Swati asks what, how did you know. Anusha says I filled her application form, so I came to know her birthday. Anjali says I will wish her. Anusha stops her and says we will keep a surprise birthday party for her.

Mohi comes and asks whose birthday. Shubhangi says its Sneha’s birthday coming. Swati sends Mohi to check clothes on terrace. Anusha says we will plan well and inform everyone about surprise party, we will divide work. They all divide the work and smile.

Anusha says no one will tell this surprise to Mohi.

Mohi takes tea for Manohar. He blesses her. She asks him to let her go Bhuvana. He says we all wanted to come, but I m unwell, so you have to go alone, I will arrange things for you, but come back in 2 days, promise. She says I want to talk to a lawyer. Manohar laughs and asks what is the work. She says she has a friend in village, who married a city guy, she came to city with him and got to know that city guy is already married. Manohar says its legally crime by hindu act, that guy can get jail.

Mohi says then its no use for my friend, she wants to break marriage and go back to village. Manohar says then they have to take divorce legally. Mohi asks him to write this on paper. He says I will make blank copy of divorce document, your friend and her husband can fill their details in it, and submit in court, this will be helpful. She thanks him. He says I m a lawyer too, you can tell me any work, tea is nice. She smiles.

Anjali collides with Shanta. Anjali tells her about Mohi’s surprise birthday party. Shanta says its great, I have fun playing such games. Anjali asks her to get ready for party, but Mohi should not know about this. She goes. Shanta says I will give memorable gift to Mohi. Swati tells Madhur that its Mohi’s birthday today. He gets glad and asks how do you know. She says Anusha told us, its surprise party, so don’t wish her. Madhur sees Mohi behind and says Mohi. Mohi says I will remember well, I met Sneha and I did not wish her happy birthday. Madhur asks is there Sneha’s birthday too, oh I did not know. Swati says I told you and reminds him.

Mohi returns the books to Madhur. Madhur asks why. Mohi says I m going Bhuvana for few days. Madhur asks her, what do you want on special day today. He says I mean you are going Bhuvana, you should take something for them. Mohi says I decided, sweater for Nana and saree for mum. Madhur gives her money and asks her to do shopping. She says I can’t take it, I have money, I will buy from it. He asks her to take money. Swati says I will send Anjali with you, go for shopping. Mohi smiles and takes their blessings.

Anjali does arrangements and decorations. She asks Sharad to help. He says I don’t want to waste time on Mohi’s birthday party, are you all stupid to spend money on a maid’s birthday, money comes by hardwork. Shanta comes and talks with Sharad. She says its matter of few days, Mohi is leaving from here. He asks is Mohi going forever. Anjali asks what. Shanta says don’t fight with me, once villagers return, they don’t come, if Mohi goes to village, who knows she will come back or not.

Vinay treats Deepak and comes to know he is from Bhuvana. He writes few tests for him and asks him why did he go Bhuvana. Deepak says its my village, I went to see my mum, she is better now. Vinay says I heard Bhuvana is a small village, do you know Mahua. Deepak says everyone knows Mahua, she is Ved ji’s daughter, a city guy left his child in her womb, then Mahua lost her name, it happened wrong with her, she gave birth to her daughter, raised her well. Vinay says its big thing, but whats her daughter’s name. Deepak says Mohi… Vinay gets shocked.

Vinay tells Anusha that he is leaving for Jaipur. Anusha invites him for Mohi’s birthday. He says I m thinking to come in birthday. She smiles.

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