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Mohi 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad going to talk to Madhur. Madhur asks him to say. Sharad says I need some money to do business, I can’t work for others now, investment is required to start any business. Manohar is ill, so I can’t talk to him regarding this, and asks Madhur to give him some money. Madhur asks from where shall I get money to establish business. Sharad gets angry and asks how would I know, monthly expenses and all are going on smoothly at home, when I asked for money, you are making excuse.

Sharad asks what are you saying, will you tell you what are we spending on useless things, money got spent in Ayush’s marriage and now Manohar’s illness, you used to earn most in this house, we all are worried now. Sharad recalls Manohar’s words and says I don’t know anything, I have equal

share in this house. He says if money is not arranged, then I have to … Madhur shouts Sharad, do you know what are you saying, you became selfish. Sharad says fine, but I want money. He thinks of Shanta’s words. He asks Madhur to arrange money from someone else. Madhur asks how, do I have finance agent contacts. Sharad says Rekha… They all get shocked. Sharad says Rekha has good financial condition, and it will be little thing for her, if you ask Rekha and Vinay for funding my business… it can be good.

Sharad says you will not get burden and my work will be done. Madhur shouts did you get mad, what are you saying. Sharad asks what did I say, if relatives do not help each other, whom will they help. Madhur says I can’t do this cheap work. Sharad says fine, if you are ashamed to talk to Anusha, I will talk to her, I want money any way. I m going to ask money from Anusha, I will see who stops me. Madhur shouts Sharad. Sharad leaves.

Ayush comes home at night and asks what happened at home, Anusha is not taking my call. Swati says Anusha told us that she is going Maayka, but she is not there. Ayush asks what, why did you not inform me. Madhur says we came to know now, Sharad went to meet Anusha. Ayush calls Sharad and asks about Sharad. Sharad tells Ayush that Anusha has gone to Mumbai with Vinay for emergency operation, I m coming home now. Ayush thanks him and says the same to Swati and Madhur. Swati gets relieved.

Ayush thinks of Anusha and worries by Satish’s words. He calls her. Anusha does not answer call. Its morning, Rekha asks someone to be ready to do what she said. She smiles. Ayush comes to have breakfast. Shanta says I m worried, did Anusha go missing as well. Ayush says you care for Mohi a lot, she will come on her own, maybe she has some work. Sharad says I told you not to believe these poor people, we were worried for her and wanted to make her doctor, but maybe her parents got her married in village. Kaki says if so, she would inform us.

Swati says leave about Mohi, and asks Ayush about Anusha. Ayush says don’t know. Shanta asks Ayush did you fight with her. He says no. Shanta says we felt she is hiding something from us, the way she left from here. Ayush says I will leave, when Anusha comes, ask her to talk to me. He leaves. Anusha recalls Ayush. She thinks of Mohi’s letter and gets sad.

Rekha argues with Vinay as he cheated her. He asks why are you acting to be happy by this party. Rekha says I have given this party for Anusha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I stopped watching this drama. It’s very slow and boring. Ayush is a terrible hero, he had so many chances to confess the truth and chose not to. This isn’t something I want to support.

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