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The Episode starts with the man shutting the school. He scares them and asks them to leave. The kids start leaving. Mohi stops them and says she won’t go and the school won’t be shut. The teacher asks her to be quiet. Mohi says this is not your jungle, you can’t shut the school and stop us from studying. He asks what will she do by studying. She says she will get progress for the village. He laughs and stares at her smiling. He asks her to serve him. He says he has to go now and asks her to be ready to serve him when he comes. He leaves with the goons.

Mohi is leaving with the goat and says jungle looks scary today. Some men keep an eye on her. She stops hearing some footsteps sound. She takes out the pen from her hair and sees a rabbit there. She smiles and says she was uselessly scared, it

was just a small rabbit. The men catch her and she gets stunned. They cover her eyes and take her.

Ayush waits for Anusha. She comes to him and hugs him. He compliments her and gives her a bouquet. She asks why this. He says can’t I give flowers to my GF. She says I know there is some reason, tell me. They go to the café and he orders black coffee. She says you order it when you are tensed. He says he got an urgent assignment, for which he has to leave tonight. She asks where. He says its nearby. She says our parents are meeting tomorrow. He says I did not know this. She says mum will get reason to cancel this if you go. He asks will you cancel me? She smiles and says you know how to convince me, that you are my weakness.

He says you are my strength, I m doing this by your support. She asks is this imp? He says I have to go, it can be turning point for my career. She asks did he inform at home. He says he thought to inform her first. She says I don’t know, can’t you go tomorrow. He says boss did not give me order to go, this is my decision, this can be golden chance, if I don’t go, I will regret all my life. She says if this is so imp for you, I won’t stop you, come back as you are going now, don’t fall for any villager girl there. He asks her not to say this again, no one can come between them. He says there is no chance of any villager girl, as he has become patient of a city doctor. She smiles.

Mohi is taken by the goons. They remove the blindfold cloth and she smiles seeing a man, referring him as Dadda Baba. She runs to him and hugs him. He asks did she not get scared. She says she got habitual, she came to meet him, but they have tied cloth on her eyes tight. She gives him the honey. He thanks her. He asks her about Nana’s medical practice and her studies. She says he is doing fine, and she has to go city to study. He asks why, he has told her to study in village’s school. She says its closed, your man Pratap has shut it, and said he will kill everyone. He has spoken badly with me. He asks her to tell him everything.

She says he said that… and repeats his words. The man gets angry. Ayush talks to his boss. His boss asks about Anusha. Ayush says she agreed. His boss asks him to be alert and not risk his life. Ayush says thanks for concern, its turning point. The boss says you better be safe from the girls there. Ayush says my eyes will be on my aim. He says Anusha’s magic worked on him, and no one else’s magic will work on him now.

Pratap comes there and sees Mohi taken back to the village. Dadda sees Pratap and calls him. Pratap says even I have to talk to you. He says he wants to marry Mohi. Dadda slaps him hard. Pratap gets angry and looks at Dadda.

Ayush tells his family that he is going out to some village. Dadda comes to meet Mohi and Mahua. Mahua asks him to keep away from city.

Update Credit to: Amena

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