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The Episode starts with Ayush asking Anusha to keep smiling. He takes her pic and she smiles. Satyakam says I told you, big doctors don’t have time for poor people. Jhilmil asks him to sit quiet. Satyakam thinks its good if he does not meet doctor, else his lie will be caught. Anjali brings Mohi there. Satyakam does not see Mohi and goes with Jhilmil. Mohi looks around the hospital.

Anjali asks Mohi to come and have coffee with her, till they have free time. Ayush flirts with Anusha. The nurse comes and Anusha acts like treating Ayush. The nurse says Jhilmil brought some patient. Anusha says send her. The nurse says another girl Anjali Gokhale has come too, I told her to come after this patient. Ayush says what is Anjali doing here. Anusha says maybe its someone else. Ayush says I will leave now.

He slips as his shoe lace is open. Anusha laughs and asks when will he grow up. He smiles and flirts with her.

Mohi drinks coffee and tells Anjali that its good. She looks at the hospital. Mohi thinks when will she become a doctor and open hospital for her villagers. Anjali asks what is she seeing, its hospital, not any fairyland. Mohi says its not less than fairyland, People come here being ill and leave being fine. Anjali says you talk good. The nurse asks Satyakam to come. Jhilmil asks Satyakam to tell all problems at once. Ayush ties the shoe lace and talks to Anusha. He says I m not able to tie the knot. Satyakam comes there and Ayush leaves till them. Satyakam asks Anusha is she doctor, she is very young. She smiles and says why not, you will be fine, sit.

She asks whats his problem. He tells about stomach ache. She asks him to lie down, she will check. The pic of Anusha and Ayush falls. He says it feel by mistake and holds his hand suddenly. She says you are hurt, how did this wound come. He says bullet.. She asks what.

Anjali tells Ayush that she got Mohi here for tt injection. Anjali asks whats big deal, if doctor is of home, why to take risk, how did you come here, tell me. He smiles. He sees Mohi. He realizes he left his phone at Anusha’s cabin and goes. Satyakam makes excuses. Anusha says I will do dressing, infection can get serious. She asks him not to worry and lie down. She does his wound dressing. Ayush comes there and does not see Satyakam. Ayush takes phone and leaves.

Anjali asks Mohi not to be scared. Ayush says she is scared of injection, its such a small thing. Mohi says I m not scared. Anusha gives the prescription and asks him to take medicines from pharmacy, they will not charge money. He says she changes his opinion about city doctors and thanks her. She says I learnt this from my dad, I have seen him serving people, I m trying to walk on the path shown by him. He says you are some good man’s daughter. He leaves.

Vinay talks to Archana and says he is feeling unwell. She asks why is he looking lost since he came from Ayush’s home. He says your diagnosis is wrong, I m just tired and have work pressure. He thinks how to tell her that Bhuvana’s memories are troubling me.

Mohi runs out of the hospital and guards catch her. Satyakam turns to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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