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The Episode starts with Mohi saying about her education. Madhur asks Mohi why did she not say this before, they thought she is illiterate. Shubhangi says yes, Manohar called her jungle once. Mohi says I did not feel bad, I m glad that she got love from them. Madhur asks why did she not study ahead. Sharad says Mohi is from village, she has come here in Pune to work, not study, why do we care, right Ayush. Ayush says yes, Sharad is right. Shubhangi says Ayush thinks such for Mohi, why. Swati says Mohi is helpless and came here. Its good if she studies. Shubhangi says yes, Swati is right, we can help Mohi in studying, whats wrong in it.

Shanta says no, its not wrong, make her study, she will be with books and you all do the work. Swati says we are asking her to study, along with household work. Shanta

says you are innocent, once you give a finger to hold, they pull the hand. What about studies expenses, you have to pay for it, she will ask for money. Vinay looks on. Shubhangi says we will manage. Ayush got her and so she is helping us, else we always worked on our own. Sharad says you mean we will pay her for work, then give expenses. Shanta says that’s what I m trying to explain.

Vinay says I would like to say something, if you don’t have objection, I will pay for her study costs. I will be glad if you all give me this responsibility. Ayush thinks if Mohi studies here, she will never go back to Bhuvana, I have to do something to send her back. He says if Mohi wants to study, she has to go back to Bhuvana, we will send her money there for her studies, I m sure Mohi will like to go back to Bhuvana, she will be happy to stay with her family. There is one more advantage, the girls are inspired by her, Mohi will become an ideal for them. Anusha dislikes the idea and says Mohi will not go back to Bhuvana.

Anusha says Ayush said there are no facilities in Bhuvana, Mohi canlt study there, we live in such city which is known for its good education. Pune is better for her studies, her dreams can be fulfilled here, I will give wings to Mohi’s dreams, but Mohi has to workhard to fly. Vinay smiles. Anusha says you have to study day and night, you will succeed, you have to take this decision. Mohi thinks she can fulfill her dream to become doctor.

Shanta says Anusha chose a wrong person for her good intentions, Mohi does not have sense, she can’t do anything in her life. You will be becoming our bahu soon, learn the house rules, it will be good for us. Anusha says sorry, I just want to say we should move ahead and not have old mindset, people think villagers are fools and city people are intelligent, whats that which we can do and they can’t, who are we to decide. Ayush asks whats this way to talk to Aaji, we should end this matter here.

Ayush says Mohi will go Bhuvana, that’s final. Anusha says she will not go, I will teach her and fulfill her dreams. Mohi cries and looks at Anusha. Mahua is sad. Satyakam comes to meet her. She asks about Mohi, did she not come with him, how is Mohi, say something. Satyakam says he could not meet Mohi, he tried to find her. Mahua says you promised me that you will get Mohi back, and cries. Satyakam is also sad.

Shanta says so Anusha has decided, I heard about Anusha, but has seen her today, Anusha insulted me, I will not say anything, but wife has to obey husband as he is Lord for her, you don’t respect Ayush.

Satyakam says I bought sarees from Pune, for Mohi and you, I could not give Mohi, if you wear, I will be glad. He keeps sarees there. Mahua says I know you worry for Mohi a lot, you would have tried a lot to find her, this saree is good. He leaves. She sees Vinay’s pic in the newspaper, that Satyakam got with saree. Shanta says I did not Anusha will make Ayush quiet, she is so modern, why am I standing here to see all this. She goes to her room. They all worry.

Ayush scolds Mohi and asks her what does she want, work or study? Mohi cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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