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Mohi 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone sitting for breakfast. Manohar comes there with Kaki. He tells everyone that he lost his 1 lakhs rs from his room. Mohi comes there. They all get shocked. Kaki says I think Manohar took money to Madhur’s room and forgot there. Manohar says I don’t have habit to forget things, I remember well, I kept money in our room. Kaki says I went to kitchen to get milk for you, I saw Mohi there when I was going. She was taking tea for Shanta. Madhur says Manohar did not get money when he come to my room.

Shubhangi says maybe money fell anywhere. Sharad says it means money will be at home, anyone can get it and give it to Manohar, none is thief in our house. Shanta says Mohi is there. They all look on. Shanta says I mean Mohi was there near Manohar’s room. She asks Mohi

did she see money in Manohar’s room, maybe Mohi has thought to steal money. Manohar says we saw result blaming her before, you are doing same again, Mohi is not thief.

Madhur says Manohar said his money is lost, not stolen. Shanta says its same thing. Madhur says no, both things are different, if no one came at home, its not any robbery, we will get money, maybe Manohar kept it somewhere. Shanta says right, money will be at home, we will find it, we will search each other’s rooms. If I m right, then we will get money and thief too.

Sharad says we should search all rooms now, we will get money. Shanta says yes, Anusha you search Mohi’s room, and I will search your room. Shubhangi says I will search in Mausi’s room. Shanta says fine, do as you want. They all go to find money. Shanta tells Mohi that Anusha will see her bridal dress and sindoor, then you tell her who is your husband. Mohi worries.

Anusha goes to Mohi’s room. Anusha says I was thinking to check your room or not, Shanta told wrong, I trust you. Mohi thanks her and says I feel money is in Manohar’s room. Anusha says but Manohar said its not there. Mohi says it happens that we don’t see the thing. Anusha says right. Mohi asks her to check in Manohar’s room. Anusha leaves. Mohi worries.

Shubhangi checks Shanta’s room and do not get anything. She gets an envelope and does not get money. She does not read Mohi’s letter and thinks where did the money go. She checks the dressing table and thinks where did money go. Sharad says money is nowhere. Everyone say same. Shanta says what is happening in this house. She taunts Anusha’s bad steps that Laxmi is going after Anusha came here. Shubhangi asks what do you mean by blaming Anusha. Anusha tells them that she got the money and gives envelope to Manohar. Shanta gets shocked. Manohar asks where did you get this.

Anusha says it was in your room. He says but we checked it. Anusha says it fell under tripod stand. Manohar thanks her and calls her Laxmi. He tells Mohi that he wants masala tea made by her. Everyone smile.

Shanta goes to her room and checks the money. She gets shocked seeing fake notes in her envelope. Shanta says such a big cheat with me. Mohi gives her tea. Shanta asks you did this. Mohi says you are playing game with me, so I have to play too, you are teaching me these games, I have won this time, just two notes are real in these bundles, I filled papers in the middle. Shanta says it means two notes will be less in Manohar’s money. Mohi says no, its money from my savings. Shanta laughs and says you cheated me, but this will be costly for you. This time I will not give chance to save yourself. Mohi says I m not scared of your threatening, think if I have hidden money in your room, if Shubhangi got money here, what would happen, I thought not to do this, and get letter from you.

Ayush sees Anusha’s pic and says I want to forget my past and be with you, I will come home and send Mohi to Bhuvana forever.

Update Credit to: Amena

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