Mohi 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mohi 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rekha thinking of Vinay’s words. She thinks what details Anusha has, that she came from her inlaws. She checks the envelop from her purse and gets Mohi’s letter. She gets shocked reading the letter. She recalls Mohi’s words and Ayush’s words. She thinks of Ayush and Anusha’s marriage. Anusha says Ayush has married my innocent daughter and ruined her life, and got Mohi home, I will not leave Ayush, I will ruin his life. My Anusha can’t handle all this, after knowing everything, she will be quiet, but I won’t be quiet, I will teach a lesson to Ayush and his family, I will assure this that Ayush gets ruined.

She says I now understood why is Anusha upset, she is unable to handle this truth, Ayush and Mohi played game with Anusha. I will think about Vinay later,

but first Ayush has to pay for cheating Anusha.

Ayush tries calling Anusha. He says why is Anusha not answering call. Rekha comes to Gokhale house and Swati greets her. Sharad asks Rekha to come. Rekha asks them to call Ayush, where is he. Swati says Ayush is… Rekha asks why are you doing formality, I have come to invite you all in Ayush’s success party. I personally came to invite Swati who gave birth to intellectual Ayush. Sharad says we are glad to know you are proud of Ayush. Rekha says yes, its not easy thing to get success in less age, he is very hardworking and talented, I m really very happy that Anusha has chosen Ayush, she became your family member, she is so lucky. Shanta comes there and looks on. Rekha says I feel so proud that I m related to your family.

Shanta thinks there is something fishy, why is she changing colors. Shanta says we will surely come in the party. Sharad says what will we do in young lots party. Shanta signs him. She says we will come. Swati says but Ayush is not here. Sharad says its fine, we will keep party after he comes, we should not upset Rekha. Rekha says I will leave now, and greets them. She leaves.

Anusha recalls Ayush and their love. She recalls her marriage and Ayush’s promise. Sharad talks to Ayush and asks him to come on time, Rekha is particular about her parties. Ayush says fine and asks for Anjali. Ayush says Anusha is not answering my call. Anjali says Anusha might be busy in party preparations, maybe she wants to surprise you. He says maybe, did you see any letter in my room. She says no, anything imp. He says no, and ends call. Shanta says Rekha has come to invite us. Swati thinks of Rekha’s words and gets thinking. She says but Rekha’s attitude did not look right to me. Anusha did not come with them, we did not talk to Anusha since yesterday. Sharad says Anusha would be busy in preparations, why are you thinking so much. Swati says fine, we will get ready for the party. Sharad recalls Shanta’s words about asking loan from Rekha. He thinks would this be fine to talk to Rekha, I will talk to Madhur once.

Madhur scolds Sharad and asks are you mad. Sharad asks will relatives not help each other. Madhur does not agree to take Rekha’s help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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