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The Episode starts with Ayush coming to police station. He sees Molhi in lockup. He goes to her. She says I did not do anything, trust me. He says I know, I trust you. She looks at him. he sees the marks on her cheek and asks her about it, did they raise hand on you. He asks inspector is this his work to slap a girl, he is Ayush Gokhale. The lady inspector asks so you have lodged complaint against this girl. He says yes, but I asked how did you raise hand. The inspector says Mohi was slapped while interrogation, it happens. Ayush asks him how can he take it so casually. He argues with them.

The lady says we got strict to get the jewelry, does anyone say accept the theft. Ayush gives his card and says I m journalist in Pune post, if I want, I can print your actions, I have come here to free Mohi,

I take her guarantee being a responsible journalist, leave her. Inspector says sorry, FIR is lodged against her, we will try to finish formalities and release her. Ayush says please bring her out of lockup, she is innocent, Mohi says listen to me. Ayush asks what. Mohi says they are doing their work, don’t worry for me, I have troubled you a lot. He asks what shall I do. She asks him to go home, family will be worried. He asks will you tell me what to do now. She says no, I did not wish to make you angry, fine I won’t tell anything.

He says I won’t go anywhere, I will stay in police station all night, I will see how they raise hand on you. She gets glad seeing him worry for her in her bad time, maybe Lord is testing me so that his real truth comes out. The lady says I think its some family member who has done this, we will leave them to talk. They release Mohi. Ayush gets a call and goes out to talk. Ayush tells Anusha that Mohi is in lockup. Anusha gets shocked and repeats it. Vinay hears her. Ayush tells everything to Anusha and says I decided to stay here with her. She says right, I will also come. Ayush says no, mum and dad won’t like it. She says she will ask Vinay to help Mohi.

Vinay asks Anusha about Mohi. Anusha tells him about theft and Ayush’s family thinks Mohi did this. Vinay says I don’t believe this, I will talk to lawyer. She says Manohar is in tension about Mohi, Ayush will make things fine. Vinay gets upset. Anusha asks why are you reacting like this like a helpless father. He says yes, its such, sorry, you are also like Mohi, innocent, honest and sweet, I will talk to Manohar. She thinks Vinay is reacting like I m caught in any big problem, not Mohi.

Mahua packs her bag and is leaving. She sees Satyakam outside. He wakes up and asks where is she going, without telling anyone. She says Mohi is in problem, I have to go. He asks how do you know. She says my heart felt it, I m her mum. He asks where are you going, where will you find her. Mahua says I will find her. He says it means you don’t trust me.

He asks her not to go, as she won’t be able to find Mohi, he is very sad as he did not get Mohi. Mahua asks him to move from her way, she has to go. He says I was sad for this, I always tried to stand with you, you think I m standing in your way, whatever you feel I will not let you go, even if I annoy you, trust Lord, nothing will happen to Mohi. She says she wants to meet Mohi and cries.

Inspector asks Ayush to take Mohi. Ayush thanks him and asks her to come. Madhur tells Manohar that Mohi got bail. Manohar gets glad and asks how. Madhur says Ayush called me, he said Anusha has taken Vinay’s help. Shanta says this happened wrong, we can’t find Mohi’s partner now, we won’t get jewelry. Manohar says fine, jewelry is not important than Mohi. Satish says it means you all don’t value me. Manohar says you did right, but now let us do what we want, we trust Mohi, maybe thief knew about marriage in this house and entered the house before, go to police station and take case back. I will feel you are my son in law and get proud of you. Satish agrees.

Sharad argues and defends Satish. He says I will never forgive Mohi, she will always be culprit in my eyes. Ayush comes and says then you also got fooled Chachu. He brings Mohi home and also has the jewelry potli in his hands. They all look on.

Ayush goes to Satish and asks how is Pankaj. Satish says my known one, why, do you think I got robbery done in the house. Ayush says I feel so. Satish says enough, every helpless man is not a thief.

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