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The Episode starts with a scene in Huvana. The jungles and nature of the place is shown. Mohi sees few girls dancing and goes to dance with them. They have a tribal dance and Mohi looks cheerful with them. She travels in the boat and hugs her goat. She pays two mangoes to the man for dropping her. The man says no, you come here to study from so far, how can I take this. She insists saying her Nana says not to waste anyone’s efforts. She goes somewhere.

Ayush’s mum says it won’t look good to go without informing. Manohar asks Ayush to call them. Ayush’s mum Sadhvi says she won’t come Anusha’s parents. Ayush says I think no one will do anything, I m leaving. Anusha’s dad Dr. Vinay Dixit calls them and Manohar gets glad. He says he is Ayush’s Kaka Manohar Gokhle. Vinay says he wanted

to meet them, and he and his wife Rekha will come to talk about proposal. Manohar says why not, we were thinking the same, sure. Vinay says we will come tomorrow evening. Manohar gets happy and informs his family.

Mohi talks to a guy Pallo, and says she is getting late to go to her Paathshala. He shows her a bee house and she gets glad seeing a big bee house, saying they can get lots of honey from it. She covers herself with blanket and they ignite fire, to make the bees fly away. They get the honey and she says she will sell the honey and get money. He asks what will she do with money. She says she can’t tell him now, and looks for the goat Sundari.

Ayush’s family decides the menu to make for Dixit family. Sharad says he is in hurry, and asks them to decide. They get shocked seeing their daughter Deepu coming home crying. Deepa is Ayush’s cousin and hugs her mum. Her mum asks did her and Sunil fight again. Deepa says she ended the relation this time, she will never go back there. Her mum asks her to rest and tell everything later. Sadhvi says its not good to leave home. I think we should explain Deepa. Manohar says I will talk to her. Sharad asks his wife not to make this an issue. Sadhvi supports Deepa and says Deepa has to adjust in her marriage.

Mohi comes to her class, and ties the goat. She apologizes to teacher for coming late. The teacher asks her about centre of gravity. Mohi answers it very well. Sir comes and says great Mohi. The teacher says Sir has come from city to check our school’s education. Sir says well done, tell me what you want to become. Mohi says I can’t say, its secret. He says fine, I m sure you will succeed. Ayush comes to know about Satya and informer asks him to leave tonight, if he gets caught, then they both don’t know each other. Ayush says fine, tonight I have to leave, I have to inform Anusha.

Ayush calls Anusha. Anusha says my mum got ready for our relation, my parents are visiting your home tomorrow to talk about us. He says he has to meet her urgently. She asks whats wrong. He says I will meet and talk to you. Rekha is buying cheap sarees. Anusha comes and asks whats happening. Rekha sends the saree seller out and says she is buying sarees for Anusha. Vinay asks will Anusha wear such cheap saree. Rekha says she has to wear simple saree, else they will think Anusha is showing off her designer saree, its about her future, they should know Anusha can fit in their family.

Vinay says that’s sweet of you to think so much, I m really touched, Anusha will decide what she has to wear. Anusha says its okay, I don’t have any problem, mum can choose any saree, I love her choice. She leaves. A tribal man sees a car passing by and informs to his group, who look dangerous people.

The man says lets see this city people and goes to Mohi’s class. The teacher asks Mohi not to do anything and sit quiet. The men come there and break the board and other things there. The teacher gets scared. The man scolds her for teaching the young kids, and asks all of them to get up. The man asks the students to go home and inform their parents that school has shut forever. Mohi gets stunned and stops all the students. She asks who is he to shut this school. The man smiles seeing her. The other guy calls her Bhabhi. The teacher asks the men not to feel bad of students’ words, its just one school and why does he want to shut this. The man says he has no problem with school, but he does not like city people coming here. He breaks the board with his gun and Mohi looks on tensed.

Ayush tells Anusha that he has to leave for his assignment tonight, its very imp for him. Anusha asks is it imp than their marriage? Mohi is kidnapped and brought to the group of dangerous armed people.

Update Credit to: Amena

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