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Mohi 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohi telling everyone that she is very talented, she can even cook and manage household work. Shubhangi asks does she know to cook dishes that city people eat. Mohi says she can learn, I m very smart. Madhur asks Ayush did he get this girl to do work here. Mohi says yes. Ayush’s aunt says will she stay here and not miss her family. Ayush says I did not get her, she has come. His aunt asks did he get her for us or for Anusha. They permit Mohi to stay here for Anusha’s sake.

Deepa hears the kids talking about Mohi and takes Mohi to show her belongings. Mohi says I have my clothes in it. Shubhangi says its tuition time, I will just come. Manohar says where will they make Mohi stay. His wife says she can stay in store room. Deepa takes Mohi to show storeroom.

Anusha comes home and tells Archana that Ayush has come back. Rekha comes and scolds her for not telling her before going to such dangerous place. Anusha says sorry, I had a bad dream. Rekha says I came to know from Archana, you should have told me. Anusha says its same I inform you or Archana. Rekha says its not same for me and scolds Archana for hiding this from her. Anusha defends Archana. Rekha scolds Anusha. Ayush calls Anusha and she gets glad.

Swati asks Mohi to give the tea to Ayush and sends her to his room. Ayush talks to Anusha and says he is missing her a lot. Ayush says he knows everything about Anusha and guesses she what is she doing. Anusha laughs. Mohi sees the tea falling in the tray and comes in his room. Ayush tells Anusha that he recorded audio messages, but his phone broke and fell. He says he has missed her a lot and asks can we meet you now.

She says I missed you too, I was worried, I have to tell everything what happened in your absence. Mohi comes there and looks on. Ayush asks Mohi what is she doing here. She says I came to give tea. He asks her not to come near his room and asks her to leave. He shuts the door on her face. She gets sad. Mohi comes out and cries. She recalls Ayush, and how friendly he was in Bhuvana. She recalls Mahua’s words and cries.

Deepa asks Ayush why did he get helper for Anusha. Ayush says I did not get Mohi, she came along herself, stop it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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