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Mohi 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohi keeping the old newspaper and Ayush’s imp papers along with them. Ayush goes to his room and checks the file. He gets shocked seeing documents missing. Ayush looks for papers everywhere. He says Mohi and gets angry. He rushes out and shouts Mohi. Swati asks what happened. Ayush asks Mohi where did she keep those papers, its not in this file. Mohi asks which papers. Ayush says he gave her at night to keep on table. Mohi says I have kept the papers on table. Ayush asks why is it not in file now, it were green color papers, recall. He says it was very imp documents, answer me. She says I don’t know anything. Shanta smiles.

Anjali says if Mohi is saying, she may really not know. Ayush says Mohi can fool my family with innocence, not me, the documents are my future, I

will not let you ruin my future again. They all look on. Swati asks again? Ayush says I mean, Mohi has done so many things before. Even Anusha’s family is troubled by her, Mohi is just creating problem. Swati defends Mohi.

Shubhangi says if Mohi is saying the documents are there, it will be there. Ayush says you don’t know her, I know Mohi very well, my career will be ruined by her one mistake, my future and dreams depend on those documents, did she hide it intentionally, why is she taking revenge. Mohi cries. Sharad says yes. Ayush is right, Mohi can’t do any work well, Ayush told you to keep papers carefully, you all spoiled her. Swati asks Sharad does she have to learn from him how to deal with Mohi.

Sharad says I did not tell you. He says Ayush was going to keep papers, but I stopped him, we were in hurry to watch movie. Shubhangi says its your mistake, and blaming Mohi. Ayush says I did not know Mohi can’t do this little work. Sharad says we will find the papers. Shanta says yes. Sharad is right, I think Mohi made the papers fall, it will be in home, we all will find, why to waste time. She asks Mohi to stop crying and find papers.

Everyone try to find the papers. Swati tells Shubhangi hat she should have not scolded Sharad and Ayush, they are not kids. Shubhangi says they are kids for you even now, no need to give explanation, we will find papers. Ayush also tries to find the papers in his room. Mohi comes there and he scolds her. He asks her to leave.

Shubhangi sees the green papers in the old newspaper bunch. She goes to check. Shanta talks about papers, and Shubhangi goes to her thinking Shanta got the papers. DK calls Rekha. Rekha is annoyed and thinks she did mistake to trust DK, he is useless. Anusha is getting married and DK is not worried. She answers the call and says her mood is bad, she will talk later. DK says he has good news, Ayush is going to be fired in one hour, no job and no marriage.

She asks what, did Ayush do any mistake. DK says I told you I will do this, Ayush misplaced few documents, I asked him to come in one hour, else I will fire him. She says but Ayush can get documents again. DK says yes, but I have sensed his failure in his voice. Rekha says It will be good if Vinay and Anusha reach there, I can’t believe its happening as I wanted.

Vinay and Anusha come to Gokhale house. Swati cries. Anusha asks Swati whats the matter. Swati tells about Ayush, he is in big problem. Ayush apologizes to Vinay. He says my future depends on that documents, if I don’t submit documents to my new boss DK, he will fire me. Sharad says this happened because of Mohi. Manohar got unwell, Mohi is careless. Madhur asks Sharad not to argue, they discussed it before. Shanta says Sharad’s anger is right. Mohi did mistake, Ayush has to bear, he will lose job. What will Ayush say in office, that maid lost the papers. Vinay asks where is Mohi. Swati says yes, where did she go. Mohi gets the papers and reads it. They all get shocked. Mohi asks Ayush is those the papers. Ayush checks and says yes, where did you get it. She says it was in old newspapers.

Shanta gets shocked and blames Mohi, as she has taken newspapers, did she add papers in it intentionally. Anusha says thank God Ayush got papers, and did Mohi read all this in English, I can’t believe this. Swati says we did not know this. Anusha asks Mohi did she go school. Mohi says she studied till 11th, I passed with first rank in 10th in Bhuvana’s school. Ayush looks on.

Ayush says Mohi can study in Bhuvana, we will send her studies expenses, but I m sure Mohi will not like to go back to Bhuvana.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mohi tu aa gayi bitiyaa?
    Kahan gayi thi pagli?
    Bina bole 😛 😛
    abb wapis jayege bhi ya nahi 😛 😛 😀

  2. ayush is the biggest impotent moron.should know how to respect women.

  3. can’t understand why is ayush blaming time and again mohi for every problem, even if he was forced to marriage,he shouldn’t forget how to behave with a woman while he’s talking to mohi…………….just hate this shanta………………& now to some extent also sharad………………… seems vinay’s mohi’s father……………….

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