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The Episode starts with Shanta scolding Mohi for being so clever and cheating her. She reminds her how she went to jail without doing theft, but this time you are really stealing. I will tell you where you will steal this time, if you get caught or not, its your fate. Mohi goes out and Anusha calls out Anjali, seeing the clothes. Mohi thinks if Anusha identifies me… Anusha asks what happened. Mohi turns. Anjali and Anusha see Mohi in Anjali’s dress. Anusha compliments her.

Anjali says I wanted to give my clothes to Mohi, so that she can wear in college, we will do your makeover. They laugh. Mohi says I will change and goes. Anusha tells some plan to Anjali and they laugh.

Its morning, Shanta asks Sharad about the bank loan matter. He says Manohar is unwell, so its better to avoid this

matter now. She says fine, why did you tell them what you can’t do, if Manohar is unwell, maybe that’s a reason to divert your mind. She says I don’t want to come between you three brothers, but if I said something, I would have done it. Shubhangi asks Shanta what Gyaan is she giving to Sharad. Sharad says she is asking about my health, do you have any problem. Shubhangi says we will take care of you, and you also have to take care of others, no need to take Gyaan or Pravanchan from anyone. Shanta leaves.

Shanta thinks to do something about this family. Manohar checks accounts and says bill has some error. Kaki asks him to talk to Madhur. Shanta looks on. Manohar keeps some money in an envelope. He says I will go and ask Madhur. Shanta hides. Kaki also leaves from the room. Mohi brings tea for Shanta. Kaki asks her to go. Mohi goes to Shanta’s room and keeps tea. Shanta stops her and says its time to play chor police game, go to Manohar’s room, there is 1 lakh rs under his pillow, get that, else I will tell everyone about the letter, Ayush will go to jail. She blackmails Mohi.

Shanta asks her to do this work, if she is caught then don’t take my name, go. Mohi goes to Manohar’s room. Madhur tells about bill amount increasing. Manohar says yes, I forgot that, I will leave. Madhur stops him. He says whenever you have some work, call me to your room, Dr. Vinay asked you to rest. Manohar says let me walk at home, thanks for care. He goes.

Mohi takes the money envelope from Manohar’s room. Manohar comes in the room…. He asks Kaki did she come before him. He checks for money and gets shocked, seeing envelope missing. He panics. Mohi gives money to Shanta. Shanta says great, you did theft so well. Mohi says today I agreed to you, but don’t make me do such work again, don’t use my helplessness. Shanta says I will use it, I have your key and you are agreeing to me, if you change your mind then what. Mohi leaves. Shanta hides money and says I got profit today, its fun to play the game.

Mohi tells Shanta that you can get caught in your own game. Shanta says its fun to play games with you. Mohi thanks her for teaching her all this games.

Update Credit to: Amena

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