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Mohi 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vinay telling Rekha that Mohi is her daughter. Rekha cries and looks at Anusha. Rekha asks what, Mohi is your daughter? Vinay says yes, Mahua was my love. Rekha says such a big cheat with me. I can’t believe you are a cheater, you did acting with me to show you are my husband, when there was no love. he asks do you know what is love. He says society, status, show, what else do you have. Do you know what is a woman? Rekha asks him to say. He asks what did I get from you, if Anusha was not born, I would have broke this relation and left from here.

Rekha asks him to break relation now. He says I still have those divorce papers. Rekha says I m not afraid if you threaten, you cheated on me. Anusha takes Rekha with her. Anusha pacifies Rekha and asks her to understand, dad is

not like that, sometimes such things happen, man is not responsible, situation is responsible, don’t cry. Rekha says when you know your husband cheated on you, how will you feel. Anusha recalls Mohi’s letter. Rekha asks will you not feel hurt. Anusha recalls her pain and cries.

Rekha asks do you feel I m wrong, he has cheated on me. Anusha cries and thinks mom is right, she has atleast shared her pain with me, with whom shall I share my pain.

Swati calls Ayush and asks him to come back soon. She says Anusha went to her Maayka and did not talk, did you both have fight. Ayush asks her not to worry, I will talk to Anusha, she will come. Ayush thinks about Anusha.

Anusha cries and shuts the door. She thinks I can’t tell this to anyone, what shall I do. She recalls how Ayush used to get angry by Mohi’s name. She recalls what Vinay said and cries. Ayush tries calling Anusha. He wonders why is Anusha not answering call. Anusha asks why did Lord do this with me, I have not hurt even an ant till now and you gave me such big pain. She recalls her love with Ayush and asks Lord. Ayush gets worried and thinks what can be this matter. Anusha says its bad pain to feel like losing love, I can’t accept this truth. She cries and says I have to take decision, I have to talk to Ayush. Ayush calls Nilesh and says Anusha is not taking my call, I m worried. Nilesh says maybe phone is not working, or she is busy. Ayush says no, I m thinking if Satish told anything to Anusha. Nilesh says no, Satish is scared, he won’t do this. Ayush asks Nilesh to meet Anusha and make her talk to him. Nilesh agrees and asks him to take care. Ayush thanks him and ends call. Rekha gets angry and cries. She recalls Vinay’s words. She thinks of Vinay’s concern for Mohi.

Rekha says first Mahua trapped my husband, and Mohi trapped Anusha’s husband, I will think about Vinay later, but first Ayush has to pay for cheating Anusha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is mohi ending this month? Will
    Anusha divorce Ayush?

  2. The show is good,not too much of anything. Story moving at good pace. Evil people are not winning all time like that.

  3. this show is really good.i think at the end ayush and anusha should be together. mohi should move on from their life .

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