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The Episode starts with Sharad scolding Shubhangi from defending Mohi. Deepa defends Mohi and says we all believe Mohi, we will go out and see. Sharad stops Shubhangi. Shubhangi asks him not to stop her and they all go. Satish and Shanta go to room and discuss. Satish says you will be happy, but I did not get anything. She says that man was not capable to steal jewelry. He says he did not get any jewelry and leaves.

Everyone come back and Sharad says I was sure there will be nothing found. Shubhangi asks is he happy that they did not get anything. He says I regret as you are still believing Mohi. Manohar says police will make Mohi speak truth. Ayush comes and hears them being shocked. Satish says truth will be out, such people are no one’s family. Sharad says Satish is right. Madhur tells Sharad

that he can’t blame Mohi. Manohar says Mohi can’t do this. Satish says you are good, so you find everyone good, I have seen her with my own eyes, I m sure that man was her lover. I think they had an affair.

Ayush gets angry and says enough Jiju. Satish and everyone look at Ayush. Ayush says you have no right to point on Mohi’s character, how much do you know her? Satish asks Ayush what are you raising tone infront of me for that maid? Ayush says you know very well Mohi is not like that, she will die but not steal in this house, I got Mohi in this house, I know Bhuvana villagers and their nature, I have known their values staying there. Mohi is raised in such good values, she is honest, she can never do this.

Ayush says I will go and get Mohi, I will free her. Madhur says wait, I will come. Ayush asks him to be at home, Manohar is unwell, I will go alone. Ayush says I will support Mohi, I know her every word is true. Shanta looks on and thinks what happened to Ayush. He leaves. She wonders why is Ayush defending Mohi now. There is something fishy which I want to find.

Mohi is interrogated at police station. Mohi says she did not do anything, she told the truth. She is cross questioned and given last chance to accept mistake. They ask Mohi to say the name of her lover. Mohi says you don’t have right to be in police, it seems you want me to accept the crime and this way you may have arrested many innocent people. The inspector slaps her.

Mahua wakes up from sleep and worries for Mohi. She recalls Mohi’s words. She cries and thinks she has to go to Mohi. Ayush comes to police station and sees Mohi in lockup. Mohi tells him she did not steal jewelry, trust her. Ayush says I know, I trust you. She looks at him.

Ayush asks Mohi did they raise hand on you. He scolds the inspector for slapping a girl and argues with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I loved today’s episode because ayush supported her.

    1. Me too. ??? ayush caring for mohi is a good sign for mohi bechari kabse sabki baate sunti rehti hai

  2. that the true face of some police in india,it is a shame for such people and the government who does nothing despite knowing the truth,you can send a probe to mars but cannot control those brutes.

  3. Nice acting…….proud of u Ayush that u trusted Mohi

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