Mohe Piya Milenge 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Mohe Piya Milenge 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aadi is in his room, Satish comes and says why are you sitting like this? You should eat and stay happy these days. He says i remember your step by step days these days. meghna looks tired these days, it happens. aadi says you are right. satish says everything changes for a girl in a while. Aadi says you are right. Satish says i wanted to give you a surprise, i want to give you this Kashmir’s honeymoon package, you will really enjoy there. aadi says yes i have had so many surprises.satish laughs and says this is the beginning.

Meghna’s family is leaving, Madhvi says you we are so happy for you. Suresh says you are lucky to be in their house. Meena says meghna you should smile more often. Desai and Sanjivni come out, they say why are you leaving? sit we have fun

together, suresh says no some other time please. We have to leave for now. sanjivni says you can come to meet meghna anytime or she can go there we wont have any problem. They leave.
Meghna hugs sanjivni.

At night, Meghna comes to her room and bolts the door. Aadi says why were you out for so long? She says i thought you wont like me to be here. He says right. She says this is how we will start our relationship? He says you gave it a startling start already. you loved someone else. but i like that you told me truth i liked it. you could rather keep it inside but you told me. you can tell me anything. It was certainly painful but what can i do about it. She says what could i do? I couldn’t say no. i would never have done this if i could. He says thats wrong, you should always stand for yourself, the society always brings you down. You should know what your rights are. He says can i ask you a question? I don’t care if he was your love or he still is. All i want to ask is, do you love me meghna? Meghna is silent, he says i got my answer. You don’t love me today. Meghna is in tears. he says you love someone else but what about me. I don’t know what will my future be, you have to decide it. Everything is in your hands and you can decide your way as well. i really care for you. i will get you whatever you want, i promise. i wont bound you, your decision will be respected. Good night.

Next morning, Archana comes in new sari she says how i look? desai says you look like a miss universe. She says where addi is? Satish comes as well. sajivni calls aadi and meghna. They all sit together for the family photo. Vijiya says how can it be perfect without me, see meghna they don’t care about wives. they all laugh. Archaana says aadi put your hand on her shoulder she is your wife. Archana takes his hand and puts it on her shoulder. Arachan says aadi is really excited about honeymoon.

Madhvi comes to meghna’s room she says i am really missing her. Meena says don’t worry. Madvi says she didn’t look happy, i couldn’t see a smile on her face. meena says you should wait, aadi will make her happy. Madhvi says maybe she will feel good after honeymoon,

Aadi is packing for honeymoon, meghna comes and says we are going together? adi says we will go together from the house. We have two options.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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