Mohe Piya Milenge 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mohe Piya Milenge 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meghna says i couldn’t conceal it, you have a beautiful heart. I loved a guy. Aadi is taken aback. She says his name is aaditya nagankar. Aadi is so dazed that he goes an sits on other side of the bed in tears. he says did you love him or do you still do? song ‘pyaar hua iqraar hua’ starts playing, someone has placed the mobile under pillow. aadi turns it off and throws it away. He says your silence is the answer. its my time to speak now but i don’t know what to say. I will talk to myself, you should sleep. He is about to go, he turns back at Meghna and says we.. another alarm starts to blare, its recording amit says sorry together forever, good night. Aadi says we are really tired we will talk about this later, you should sleep.

Next morning, sanjivni

knocks the door. meghna opens it, she says get ready meghna guru ji is coming for pooja. Aadi is asleep on a chair, meghna goes to wake him up, he opens his eyes. She says maa ji came she has asked to get ready for the pooja. He says okay. he says get ready i will be back and goes out.

Sanjivni gives tea to desai. He says i am wondering were you looking more beautiful yesterday or today. We were busy in wedding. Sanjivni says the wedding went well. he says aadi is happy. sanjivni says its hard to find someone who understands you. like us. I feel like we just got married, she smiles and says you are so funny. he says we have all our kids married. a lot of husbands call their wives moon, you are like a poonam moon.

Aadi says to meghna whatever has happened int his room shall never go out. She nods. he says we are husband and wife now officially so we have to sit in this pooja and we have to pretend like we are happy. he says i know Meghna we have not got chance to speak about it. Its difficult and delicate to take a decision about yourself but we have to pretend this time. Miss Meghna kolarkal, lets face it. Go get fresh we have to go for Pooja. She says okay.

Suresh says baba ji take care, he does the pooja. Madhvi says in tears the house looks quite without her. Meena says relax we are going there and sanjivni has asked you come there whenever you want. suresh says what are you saying that to her she will go and stay there. Rashmi comes out with her stuff. Madhvi says you should have stayed for longer. Suresh says she is amd at her uncle, Rashmi says its not like that. He says you should learn something from meghna and don’t act smart. she leaves.

The pooja starts, pandit ji says touch he, this dazed meghna and Aadi, he takes her hand back. Archana says meghna put your hand on his hand. vijiya says you are his wife dont be shy. Meghna puts her hand on his. They repeat what the pandit ji says. pandit ji says touch him again. Pandit ji says pick up the arti and everyone stand up. They hold hand together and do the pooja. Pandit ji says the wife shall win husband with her love. and the husband should care about her love.

Precap-aadi says you loved someone i don’t want to talk or argue about it. but you said truth i liked that, do you love me? Meghna is quite. He says i got my answer.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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