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Mohe Piya Milenge 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aadi desai is working on his laptop. Meghna comes and puts her hand hand on his shoulder. He says what are you doing here? She says this is my house, why are you so surprised? She smiles. He says you look nice, she says really. He suddenly realozes it was just his imagination. The kids are there instead of meghana. They all laugh at her. Amit comes in and says stop annoying him. palav says she was teasing him. Amit says go out both of you. He says here is the honeymoon package, you can decide any of these. This is a small gift from me. You should ask Meghna too. Aadi is quite. amit says any problem? Aadi says not problem but she doesn’t talk veyr much. Commincation is the most important thing in a relationship. Amit says when there is commitment communication comes itself. Dont

worry about it. she will take time. Aadi says thank you so much.

Suresh starts the pooja. Madhvi says don’t sit on the floor and don’t do all this, doctors have asked you to take rest. Suresh says I have to do this to baba ji. he says keep an an eye on meghana, she should only go out with aadi desai. Don’t let her contact to karan. Rashmi is overhearing them. Suresh says keep her away from rashmi as well. Rashmi comes and says what were you saying? Suresh says you wanted her to run? Keep these dialogues that one should marry her lover, keep them to you.
Rashmi says don’t force her to do this. Suresh says she is my daughter, i will do what i want. I will respect her opinion or not is none of you matter. you better stay out of it. Should i remind you your limits. Don’t provoke her. Now go.

Sites and Desai are deciding the wedding things with the neighbor. desai says i always wanted aadi’s wedding to be really royal. The neigbour says you are right. There is so much to prepare for. What about the honeymoon. you should go with him on a second honeymoon as well. they all laugh. Desai says stop it.

Aadi shows the honeymoon packages to meghana. He says here are all the international and domestic packages, you can decide whatever you want. I will be happy with it. why you look tensed? i will be okay with all of them. Madhvi comes with tea, he conceals the packages. Madhvi says i am sorry meghna couldn’t go out with you. He says no problem at all. She serves the tea and leaves. Rashmi comes in. Adi says hi. He says why you look dull? are you bored in Mumbai. rashmi says no its not like it. He says you can share with me we are friends right. This madam doesn’t say anything.

Meghan wants to text aadi. rashmi says why did you delete the mesage? Meghna says what will baba do?raashmi says you shouldn’t have accepted it. you love aadi you should stay calm, we will find a way. Meghan says i dont know what to do. Rashmi says you can’t marry the guy don’t love. Stay firm, i will manage something. meghna says what will you do?
She shows her a notebook. meghana says what are you doing? Rashmi says we will write a letter to aadi desai. meghna says no baba will kill me. rashmi says you should tell him that you are forced to marry him. Meghan says baba is not well, I can’t do this again. Rashmi says he will be okay. meghna says he is my dad. Maa said she wont pardon me if something happens to him because of me. I have no one else in my life.

AMit is trying different shirts. vijia says why are you trying all these shirts now. She says you are deciding for aadi’s wedding. he says i will go for a sherwani. She says i will buy a new dress. He says okay you should look good. She says meghana is really quite. They are different from us. Amit says don’t say all that now.
Rashmi comes to suresh’s room and takes a picture of a paper from his drawer, she runs. suresh comes out and sees the paper out.

no precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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