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scene 1
Meena says how is your family? aadi says everyone is really good. Meena says let be bring the tea, aadi’s phone rings. He has to go somewhere, he says i will be there at time. He says I am sorry but i have to go. Rashmi says okay. he says meghna should i go? Meghna nods. Rashmi says meghna say him good bye. she says bye,aadi says bye see you. Meghna says to rashmi come to my room. Rashmi goes to her room and says why you behaved this way with him? meghna says i dont love him. The aadi i talked about is not this aadi. Rashmi says why are you gettin married to him then? Meghna says i begged baba but he didn’t listen. Rashmi says how can you do this to yourself. Meghna says he has even confiscated my phone. I can’t even go out. Rashmi says but Aadi desai is a nice guy.

Meghna says i know but i don’t love him. rAshmi says you have my support always. All the best. Meghna smiles.

Madhvi says to suresh everything is going well now. Suresh says Meghna still have that short man in her mind. madhvi says but she has said yes to the wedding. She is ready for it. Suresh says you still need to keep an eye on her. madhvi says Megna has to go to desai house to buy saari. Suresh says you should go with her. She says it will be awkward. i shall send rashmi with them. Suresh says i don’t trus that girl, you will go with her. i don’t care if rashmi is going or not.

Scene 2
Women in desai family are deciding the saaris. Meghna comes in along with madhvi and Rashmi. Archana and vijiya say sit here meghna. MAdhvi sits with Sanjivni. sanjivni asks who is she? Madhvi says she is my niece Rashmi. Sanjivni introduces all her relatives as well. Archana says where is baba i am hungry. SAnjivni says get done with your saari first. She says its our day, we have to buy saaris first. Sanjivni says lets take out the saari. She says first of all we shall decide the one for saari. Vijiya says meghana buy this one, you will look good in this. Archana says we will all decide 3 saaris and meghna will choose among them. Sanjivni shows one to Madhvi as well. Archana and vijiya are selecting for meghan. Vijiya says look meghan looks so good in this. Sanjivni says so this is final? you like it meghna? Meghana says yes. Sanjivni says i will show this to aadi. Rashmi says i will decide for madhvi. Madhvi gets a call, she says i have to go. It was from office, Its something urgent. Sanjivni says but you have not eaten anything. Madhvi says its okay. They all say bye to meghna. They leave.

Rashmi asks madhvi is there something wrong? Madhvi says i forgot some files in office. You both should go home i will go to office. They leave. madhvi gets a call from suresh, he says is everything okay? madhvi tells him that she has to go to office and she sent meghna and rashmi home. Suresh says what if she runs away? i have asked you so many times not to leave her alone. Suresh sees meghna in a taxi, he comes and stands in front of it. Meghna and rashmi are dazed. he takes meghana out. He says where were you going? rashi says kaka.. Suresh says let her speak. meghna says we were going home? Suresh says our house is on this route? Her phone rings, Suresh takes her phone. its karan. Suresh puts in speaker, Karan says meghana you should leave, don’t worry abut anything. suresh says you planned to runaway with that guy? how many times do i have to tell you, you will only get married to desai, he suddenly holds his heart . Meghan says baba are yuo okay? they ask for help.

Suresh is in hospital. Doctor says meghna we have to do the ECG, his BP is high. He needs meditation and yoga. He needs to be relaxed, no stress. You can take him home. Suresh says its my daughter’s wedding tension comes naturally.
Madhvi says to meghan why you had to do this? Meghan says ai.. Madhvi says dont say a word. what if something happened to your dad? Madhvi says what i it had? your dad has stressed me all his life and now you. I trusted you and you did this. We are doing this for your better and you are doing this to us. I am not talking to you as a wife i a talking to you as a wife. i wont forgive you all my life, if something happens to him because of you. Meena hugs her and says madhvi stop crying. meghna is crying as well.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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