Mohabbatein….Twinj ki(#20)


Hey lovely ppl…….kaun hoon mai……yaad hai aap logon ko….kruti naam ki ek ladki hai jo ye ff likhti hai……agar bhol bhi gaye toh aap logon ki fault nahi hai……Mai hoon hi itni late I am posting after about 18days……sorry guys kya karoon time hi nahi milta hai….nd to some extent even d comments discouraged me…..I was sad with d response…….nd thought of not continuing but then realised there will b atleast 1person who would genuinely like my ff so I decided to continue

Guys b frank nd tell me How many of u dont like my ff or feel it is boring…..dont think that I will feel bad coz I know its not good

Ok enough of my bak bak…..and pls tell me if u rn’t liking it I will end it asap


So lets begin with d 20th part



T- vo Aarav hi tha na…????
K- (though he understood he pretended not to) Kya Aarav….ab zyada bak bak mat kar chup chap aaram kar baad mein baat karte hain

As he turns to leave twinkle holds his wrist
T- Kunj I know tumhe samajh aaraha hai mai kis cheez ki baat kar rahi hoon

Kunj stands numb even without turning back while Twinkle still holds his wrist

On d other hand Aarav is seen frustrated he is throwing all d things here and there in his room
He goes to a bookshelf and rotates it and enters into a small room
He turns on d lights…..The room is filled with Twinkle’s childhood pics and a few of her recent ones

( its a bit agrressive kind of and that love mein pagal person kind of)
Once again…..once again this Kunj Sarna was rescued from falling into d trap of death[he goes towards one of twinkle’s pic](in a mad childish tone) Baby y did U come in b/w death and Kunj……u dint even think of me for once what would have happened to me if something happened to u…..if u wouldnt have come in d middle we would have been together by now…..U know na I am doing all this for us only……..(shouting in anger) Then Y did u come in between……is Kunj the only person who mayters to u…..cant u see d love what I have for u……Y did u risk ur life for him…….(again in d childish tone )(rubbing his hand on a wallposter of twinkle)……dont worry once u become alright na I will I will erase the name of that Kunj from ur life…..u will never even think of him for once……Pakka wala promise (he smirks)


Kunj is still standing numb without even trying to face Twinkle
T- pls tell me Kunj…..was that Aarav
Kunj turns to face her and cups her face
K- twinkle u rest now we will talk about it later on
T- Kunj just once tell me Yes or No…????
K- Twinkle y r u being stubborn… has adviced u not to take stress …..we will talk abt it later on u rest for now
T- Just tell me Yes or No
K- Ok fine…..haan it was Aarav only

Twinkle’s eyes become moist. She had many questions in her mind as to y her best friend would do that
Kunj observes her tears and tries to cheer her up

K- vaise ek baat toh manna padhega tera dost na tujhse zyaada samajhdar hai…..usse pata chalgaya ki mai tere liye kya feel karta hoon but tujhe nahi samajh aaya…..avain khud ko beauty with brains ka khitab deti phirti hai
T- accha ji vo intelligent aur mai bevakuf….????
K- aur nahi toh kya
T- aagar mai bevakuf hoon toh tum mujhse bhi baade bevakuf ho…..maana ki mujhe samajh nahi aya but tumhe bhi toh nahi pata chala ki mere dil mein kya feelings hain
K-(with a bit attitude nd firm voice) mujhe pata chalgaya tha par……
T- parr….kya parr……Sadu kahin ka
K- kya bola phir se bol
T- sadu sarna
K- Syappa queen
T- Sadu sarna
K-Syappa queen
saying this he starts tickling twinkle both of them burst into laughter

All this was being observed by Usha and leela for a window.Both of them were happy seeing their kids happy with eo.They look at each other and smirk happily


Ok guys sorry for a short update….just support me for a few more days I promise I will end this one soon dont think I am blackmailing u guys I dont have anyideas in my empty head so I will end it

pls comment for a few more days nd then u wont have to bare me

Love u all

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  1. Romaisha

    You dare end it ASAP and i swear i kill you ASAP!!! ?????

    Diiii!!??? Why are you thinking like this??? Acha sorry if there was any epis of yours that i didn’t comment on then i am really very sorry! But don’t u dare end! Please please please dont endN
    Im begging u yaar!! Your ff is my one of my fav ffs yaar! Pleash don’t do this to me! I enjoy all your episodes and especially today’s!
    Look di .. If nobody else isnt commenting then write for only who wants to read… Like me!! I want to! Because im a huge fan of your ff!!/
    Those who don’t comment or read your ff really don’t no what they’re missing so please don’t stop writing!!! Please don’t!
    I want to see what’ll happen between Aarav Kunj and twinkle and yah leela and usha too ??
    Also can u please give English translations too? That’s if its ok with u .. 🙂
    Hope you won’t end.. And you’ll post next one soon as im eager to keep reading 🙂

    Love you yaar to the moon and further!!! ❤❤❤✌

  2. Tu.pagal hai kia?why do u think its not nice its AMAZING or agar tunai end kya na issay I’ll kill u ??
    Loved the Twinj moments ??????

  3. Sameera

    Yes kruti u dare end this ff u know I was missing it badly but didn’t tell u to post as I thought u would be busy yaar ….
    We r here to read your ff n nah I don’t feel it’s boring yaar
    In fact I was curious to know what will kunj wonder twinkle now I got to know
    Well asusual the epi was cute awesome yaar so cute twinj do cont soon

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    tum pgl ho kya???kisne kaha k ye ff accha ni h???agr nxt tym esa bola ya socha bhi naa toh I swear I will kill you….amazing ff h….

  5. Episode was amazing…..dont u dare end it ……pls cont this one

  6. SIDMIN-Daamini

    It was so superb ………. n i don’t want this to come at end ……. u write so well yaar n about ideas …so u r this much intelligent that tujhe din mein hazaar ideas aate honge but tu use ni krti hogi ……… mujhe next part jaldi chaahiye n at least u have to complete GOLDEN JUBILEE ……aise kaam ni chalne wala ……… now post next one asap ????

  7. Ritzi

    No no no nooooooooo dare u hv ended this ff…..r u insane how could u think we don’t like it….its really really awesome yaar pls don’t end it

  8. Plz plz plz don’t end this ff.. I love this ff and Im a very big fan of ur writing.. was missing it and when u posted it today I was very happy n immediately started reading it.. Plz don’t end it.. coming to this episode it was amazing as always.. really excited to know what will happen next.. do cont soon ?

  9. Kruti don’t you dare to end this ff
    back to epi it was super
    And I want next part asap

  10. Wait a min did u just called ur ff boring like seriously ..and going to end it ….wt ..this is a joke right and if not make. It a joke otherwise I ll not leave u message se bahr nikal ke marungi
    Yr main bechari exam ki mari itni mushkil se to ff padhti hun mana ki bahut din se cmnt ni kiya but meri bhi mushkil samjho yr
    Exam ke bad pakka karungi or ye zalim net pack bahut jaldi khatam ho jata hai yr
    Plz understand and today’s epi was like a cheery on the cake yr loved it
    Post when u have ideas ok don’t u dare to end it its my last warning to u

  11. Wait a min did u just called ur ff boring like seriously ..and going to end it ….wt ..this is a joke right and if not make. It a joke otherwise I ll not leave u message se bahr nikal ke marungi
    Yr main bechari exam ki mari itni mushkil se to ff padhti hun mana ki bahut din se cmnt ni kiya but meri bhi mushkil samjho yr
    Exam ke bad pakka karungi or ye zalim net pack bahut jaldi khatam ho jata hai yr
    Plz understand and today’s epi was like a cheery on the cake yr loved it
    Post when u have ideas ok don’t u dare to end it its my last warning to u
    Tumhe sidhant ki kasam. End mat karna

  12. SidMin

    Kruti I don’t like your ff neither is it interesting because
    I love it and It is more than interesting 🙂 And dare you call my friends ff boring I love it to the core Post soon and Twinj scene was so good but this Aarav is so __________. (fill in the black with the most suitable bad word you can.
    Usha and Leela smirk happily kahe shaddi tho fix nahe karvadenge (I hope so )
    Post soon can’t wait 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  13. dreamer..arundhati

    Seriously kruti tu na ….pagal, jhalli
    Who told it isn’t interesting
    Superb one
    Ctd soon

  14. Kruti dont u dare end this….:@:@:@:@:@:@ its amazing yrr…. Yy r u thinking that we dont lyk ur ff ….
    Ya u r right we dont lyk ur ff we love it….. U r amazing yrr…
    I love rearing ur ff… So plzzz post for me ….

  15. Kritika14

    KRUTI, TU AAJ MAAR KHAYEGI! Kya pagalpan hai yeh? Why are you planning to end your ff? This ff is super interesting and fun. I understand about you being busy, so take your time and post but just don’t end it. Okay? Coming to the episode, i loved the last part! Post soon when you can x Love you ?

  16. Shreya098

    Hey kruti..
    Missed ur ff… Glad u r back
    And ya don’t even think of ending it….
    Its awesome…
    Today epi was chotu but cute…
    Enjoyed it..

  17. Fan

    Don’t even think about ending my fav ff..u know i was waiting for ur ff..n i very happy that u finally posted it..i loved this epi..n i cant wait to read the next plz ppst soon..

  18. Ramya

    Heey kruti
    Awesome episode dear
    Loved twinj scenes
    N y r saying dat u r quitting
    If in this case den don’t do dis

  19. Tara

    mad girl….
    u said u r disappointed u comments..
    wait i will disappoint u more now…
    how can u say this man..
    dekho.. tum ff writer ho toh bas likhte raho… yeh sab mat sochu..
    we love u ff dear.. sorry if i was rude.. bt got angry…. plzz dont be gussa on me 😛
    take ur time but dont end it.. plzzzzzzzzz its earnest request from ur silent reader.. (that’s me)
    i love u ff very much…
    kruti promise me u wont end.. else i wont talk to u… :'(
    but coming to today’s episode.. i loved it..
    awesome one..
    try to post soon..
    love ya…

  20. Sayeeda

    Kruti madam ek baat toh main aapko bata dun ….. in fact clear kr dun …
    Agar ff end kara na toh ….tikh nai hoga aapke saaath ….aapne abhi tak mera gussa nai dekha hai ??..
    Waise bhi kal main itni Dannt sun chuki hoon toh thoda sa mai aapko bhi pass kr skti hoo ….yaad hai na?…

    Plzzzzzz yrrrr don’t end ur ff ….plzzzzzz……ek baar gusse se smjhaya ab pyar se bhi key dun ….plzzzzzz Kruti darling…. sweetheart don’t end it…..I really love ur ff ….

    Coming to episode.. it is really nice….the way kunj tried to hide things From Twinkle is so cute…he knows that taking her best friend name would hurt her….

    But yrr this Aarav …. I gonna kill him for sure…still he is not done with his cheap tanticss….

    Plzzzzzz post next one soon..
    Love u??????

  21. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….kruti awesome episode…. Enjoyed a lot….

  22. Affaa

    What is this… Who says this ff is nice and good… I’m reading this for frist time… Sorry fathii for saying I know it’ll hurt u… But I want to say… This is world’s best ff… Amazing look Fathi I’m clapping for… U deserves it… Yaar what a storyline… I’m impressed by u… Outstanding…. When u told ur ff is worth…
    Who give u right to say that haii.. How dare u…. Don’t repeat it… I swear… Ur ff is mind blowing… I loved it aa lot… Keep it up… Love you.. Ur
    Affa di… Mmmmmhhh

  23. kruti…
    plz don end ur ff yaar…i really loved it
    n so sry 4 lste cmnt…?
    loved twinj scenes
    post nxt asap…jyada maat w8 karana…
    love u…???

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  25. Baby

    Kruti du dont dare 2 thnk 2 end dis ok

    Idwas nhi hai sooo s u find ideas bt u cant end it welll well luvd d episode sooo mch bechara aarav dsnt nos naa dat twinj luv eo n hv cnfsd tutututu…
    Feeling sad my foot di srsly luving it n u r nt gonna end it I don’t I hv tym srsly I wuld hv hheheheeeee haan I wuld hv given u a lecture bt di u r nt ending it I m luving it
    N luvd d episode. ….luv u di

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