Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#7)

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( as much as possible pls read d Hindi dialogues as today’s translations r not the perfect translations to d dialogues……sorry for d inconvenience I was a bit busy and couldn’t write the perfect translations)
…..Here’s the 7th epi so let’s begin

Next day……Its Sangeet Time
All r dressed up very beautiful ( guys I’m very poor in describing costumes so I’m so sorry)
The function begins all of them r enjoying it
Yuhi dance on Locha e Ulfat (from 2 states)
Roina dance on Itni si baat ( from azhar)
Then Kunj dances on Manma Emotion jage re and then he continues with Gallan Goodiyan and now Twinkle too joined him……then everyone joined them and were enjoying at the fullest when suddenly Twinkle feels dizzy and falls unconscious
Kunj sees this and screams ‘ Twinkleeee’
All of them get tensed and came upto Twinkle
Kunj lifts her and takes her to a room
They call for a doctor. The doctor does Twinkle’s check up and concludes that
Twinkle had low BP and she is too weak so she requires rest for some time .He tells them to look after her and give her d medicines on time and with an interval of every 2hrs she must be feed with some nutritious food. Saying this d doctor leaves

K- tum sab log jao I’ll stay with Twinkle(u all leave I’ll stay with twinkle)
M- lekin…..(but….)
K- Don’t worry Mahi jaise hee Twinkle ko hosh aajayega mai tujhe bol dunga….OK(dont worry Mahi as soon as twinkle regains consciousness I’ll tell u )
M- okk
All of them except Kunj leave the room

After almost an hour twinkle gains back consciousness
K- (in a tensed tone) Twinkle tu theek toh hai naa….( twinkle ur fine )
T- (with a smile on her face)main bilkul theek hun mujhe kya hua????( I’m perfectly fine what has happened to me )
K- itna ho jane ke baad bhi pooch rahi hai kya hua( after all this also ur asking what happened)
T- kya hua mujhe main bilkul theek hoon( what happened to me I’m perfectly fine)
K- tu apna khayal nahi rakh sakti hai…… agar tujhe kuch ho jata to main……(u cant take care of urself……if somthing happened to u then….)
T- to main kya kunj???(then what kunj)
K- to main….main…main Leela aunty ko kya kehta( then what ….what would I answer to leela aunty)
T- baas yahi baat hai aur kuch nahi( is it just this….nothing else)
K- aur kya baat hogi……tu baith yahan main baas abhi aya( then what else could it be…..u sit her I’ll just b back)

After a few minutes Kunj enters in with a bowl of soup
K- jaldi se ye vegetable soup pee le( drink this soup)
T- (with a annoyed look)soup????? mujhe nahi pasand mai nahi piyungi( soup??? I don’t like it I won’t drink it)

Just then Mahi and Uv enter
M- pelle varna maasi(leela) ko phone karke saab bata dungi( drink it or else I’ll call maasi(leela) and tell everything)
T- Nahi nahi Mahi maa ko phone maat karna khamakha pareshaan ho jayegi aur mujhe abhi me abhi Amritsar bulalengi aur main Roina ki shaadi chode ke kahin nahi jana chati(no no Mahi don’t tell mom if she gets to know she’ll simply get tensed and she’ll call me back to Amritsar right now and I don’t want to go anywhere before Roina’s wedding)
Uv- oye bina break ki train thoda zaban pe lagam de…..cahiye to center fresh doon……. mooh band rakh varna phir behosh ho jayegi
K- Twinkle meri maa pls phir se behosh maat ho ja tujhe phir se nahi uttha sakta tu bohat mooti hai(Twinkle don’t faint again I can’t lift u ur very fat)
(Yuhi and kunj giggle at this)
Twinkle hits kunj with a pillow
M- Kunj isse soup pilao main bhi dekhti hoon kaise nahi piyegi(kunj make her drink d soup I’ll also see how she doesn’t drink)
T- Mahi tu meri Behan hai ya dushman( Mahi ur my sis or my enemy)……..but before she could continue Kunj put a spoon full of soup into her mouth
All the 3giggle while twinkle gives kunj an angry glare……after a few second the frown on her face is gone Twinkle is staring at kunj while he is making her drink the soup( sajna ve plays in bg)

Yuhi leave from there .After sometime kunj gives Twinkle medicines

T- Tablet nahi khani mujhe( I don’t want to eat tablet)….(makes a childish face)
K- Khayegi ya leela aunty ko phone karun???( r u eating it or should i call leela aunty)
T- dhamki de rahe ho mujhe( ur blackmailing me)
K- haan toh kya karegi tu( so what will u do)
T- maina…. maina….
K- maina maina kya kar rahi hai chup chap dawayi kha varna phone jayega seedhe Amritsar( what is this me…me……eat this medicine otherwise I’ll call leela aunty)
Twinkle makes an annoying face and eats d medicine and goes to sleep

Next morning

Twinkle wakes up and finds Kunj sitting down and sleeping on d bed
She silently moves out of d bed but then she stops and finds her veil below kunj’s hand and tries to remove it and that is when kunj wakes up and doesn’t find Twinkle on d bed and gets tensed
Within a fraction of second he gets up and turns around to search for her when…….dhadddddddammmm………Twinkle and kunj collide with each other Twinkle is about to fall when Kunj holds her They share an eye lock( sajna ve plays in bg)

After a minute or so there is a knock on d door……its Mahi
both of dem come to senses and compose themselves
Mahi askes kunj to leave and take some rest as he was tired
Kunj reaches d door and turns back to say ‘ Take Care Twinkle’…….he leaves from there

M- vaise ye kya chal raha tha??( what was going on)
T- kya???(what)
M- vahi Jo maine abhi abhi dekha( the thing what i saw right now)
T- arre kuch nahi vo toh him by mistake takragaye theey(that was nothing we collided by mistake)
M-(teasingly) by mistake ya kuch aur???
T- shut up……pagal ladki dimagh ki Ganga ulti disha mein kyun behti hai Teri hamesha
M- Vaise Teri tabiyat kaisi hai…(after a pause for a sec)(teasingly) theek he hogi Kunj Jo tha theere saath…………but on a serious note ussne tera pura khayal rakha raat ko jab bhi main tujhe dekne ke liye aai every time vo jag raha tha abkoi itna khayal rakhega toh theek kyun nahi hogi tu( how r u feeling now…….(teasingly) of course u will b feeling gud after all Kunj was with u…….but on a serious note he took complete care of u the whole night and if someone take such immense care then how wouldn’t u feel alright)
T- sacchi yar usne mera bohat khayal rakha at least ek thank u toh banta hai……lekin pehle main fresh hoke aati hoon( really he took immense care of me atleast i should tell a thank u to him….but first let me freshen up)

After sometime twinkle freshens up and comes to call kunj as her mobile’s battery was low she calls from Mahi’s mobile

As soon as Kunj picked up d call there was a line of questions

K- Mahi kya hua…..Twinkle theek toh hai na kahin go phir se…….( what happened mahi twinkle is alright na …..)
T- shhhhhh……ek saath kitne sawal karoge( how many questions r u gonna ask at once)
K- Twinkle tu( twinkle u)
T-Haan main…….(in a sentimental tone) tumhe meri itni fikar hai( u care for me so much)
K- oh hello zyada senti mat ho dost hai issi liya fikar hai mujhe Teri…….ab ye baata call kyun kiya( dont become too senti
ur my frnd so I care abt u……now tell me y did u call)
T- maine tumhe thank u bolne ke liye call kiya( i called to thank u)
K- suraj kidhar se nikla hai( from where did the sunrise)
T- whatttt????
K-Nahi nahi…..I mean tu yani the great Syaapa Queen mujhe yani Kunj Sarna ko thank u bol rahi hai( no no …. i mean u the great syappa queen is thanking kunj sarna)
T- how mean kunj main tumhe yahan itne pyaar se thank u bol rahi hoon aur tumhe mujhe chidhane ki padi hai…….Thank u nahi chahiye to bol do aage se kabhi nahi bolungi( how mean kunj I’m telling u thank u and u wanna tease me if u don’t want d thank u tell me I won’t tell it)
K- vaise ye pyaaaaaar wala thank u kis liye( y this thank u)
T- puri raat tumne mera khayal rakha na iss liye( for taking care of me the whole night)
K- tu meri dost hai tere liye itna to main kar sakta hoon na( ur my frnd i can atleast do this much for u
T- anyways thank u once again…..Bye!!!!
K- Bye!!!

T- (self talk) cahe jitna bhi jhagda kar le ye mera saath par hai bohat aacha( let how much ever he fight with me but he’s very gud)


Precap-Roina ki wedding and a new entry


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