Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#52)

Hey everyone Here is the nxt part of Mohabbatein Twinj Ki…..But its Survi here….I wrote this chapter on behalf of Kruti.

Here’s d nxt part


▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

__Twinkle’s POV__

Here I got another shock of my life. Bhaiya and Bhabhi forced me to return back to Kunj.
Being forced by them I reached there accepting that now I have to face his questions but the reality seems different.

As I reached there he welcomed and treated me as Princess. He didn’t even let me do any works. And surprisingly I just saw love and care in his eyes and not his unanswered questions. It has been a week since I returned. All those things were killing me from inside.

But I can’t bear this more. I can’t hide the truth from him that he really deserves to know. I don’t deserve him and his love now. Finally I decided to confess everything to him today.

__Kunj’s POV__

As I entered the room with dinner.

A voice calls my name,

“You called me Twinkle?” I said to make sure am not dreaming.

While she just nodded her head in yes.

Yes it’s her only after a week only but atleast she called me. It’s bliss to hear my name from her voice.

I silently went and sat beside her.

“Kunj” she again exclaimed.

“Yes twinkle tell” I said to her.

She tried to speak something but she wasn’t able to. Something chocked her voice. Hesitation was clearly visible

“It’s ok twinkle speak when you’ll be comfortable with me.” I said and was about to go when she held my hand.

“Kunj…that day…I..i din..t u..coz..of yo..ur” her voice choked at every word she spoke.

Though I know everything that happened with you Twinkle I want to here it from you. That day after the court hearing Adarsh told me everything. I know twinkle you’re not at fault. You’ve to suffer too much because of all this.

But twinkle firstly I thought that don’t you believe your Kunj. But then I realised it’s neither your nor mine fault. It’s just like I want you to tell me everything. And no matter what happened I will always love you in same way like I use to. Our love is not that weak. I know this twinkle.

“Ku….nj….ba…by…..m…me…..we….” She said all this while crying.

She is hesitating and she isn’t able to speak properly. Words aren’t even clear. She tried her best to speak but still she can’t. The word that is audible is just “Kunj”.
I could sense her pain in her choked voice.

I couldn’t think of anything more…… I just embarrassed her into warm a hug to never let go of her….never let her feel lonely….never let any pain or sorrows cross the path of her life….never let any trouble over power our LOVE.

❤❤❤❤ THE END ❤❤❤❤

Hopefully you all liked it. Kruti wanted to end d ff but she wasn’t able to write it. So here was the last part by Survi.

Message from Kruti –

Hey guys…I know this wasnt suppose to end like this….but unfortunately it had to. It was great fun writing this ff….but the funniest part is it took me a year to write 52parts??….Pls forgive me for making u all wait for an episode everytime….Thank you everyone who commented on my ff nd supported me throughout I just cant thank you guys enough.

But the biggest Thank you is for my Baby boo…my Survi….She was the only reason this ff reached till 52 episodes or else it would have ended long way back….She always encouraged me to write for atleast those people who regularly commented on my ff….Thank you sooooooooo much Survi ?

And guys pls comment today not bcoz its the last part….but because my lifeline wrote this part as I asked her to write….I seriously cant thank her enough.

Hope you guys had a good time reading my ff.
Loads of Love ❤

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  1. Presha

    But aisa end kyun…

    But i can understand..
    Supporting u…
    Loved it..
    Love u…

  2. Manya0001

    Nyc episode

  3. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome. Epi. Luv it
    Pls come with season. 2 pls i just luv this ff luv u

  4. ye ff best tha dear par tumne end kar diya???????????????

    pr koi nahi me samajh sakti hu tum busy hogi……lekin free hote hi new ff ke saath jaldi aana OK

    plZZzz come soon
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  5. Nishuu

    Nice one
    Loved it

  6. Purvi128

    Whattt??? Itna bada shock de diya tumne Kruti!!! I never thought ki yeh last part hoga…!! Ohh gosh….
    The journey of this ff was amazing though I used to comment rarely but really I loved this ff to the core❤ and will surely miss this!
    This epi was really beyond words! ?? the way how Kunj understood her pain was really the best part..! ? Splendid epi Survi!! U r really a great writer and I m missing ur writing like hell! Please come back yarrr for the ones who really love you nd your writings! ?? I can only request you!
    Well, this was really not supposed to end like this but its ok..! But why did u end it? There must be some reason for this sudden end of this beautiful ff?
    Come back soon with a new ff as I really love ur writings!❤
    Love you! ❤
    Nd Survi, think about my request once.! ❤

  7. Awesome episode…loved it

  8. Sameera

    Amazinggggg yaar kruti loveddddddd it finally twinj united but didn’t expected it to be the end …well loved the journey throughout …thanks for this amazing journey yaar loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much each n everything of this ff …
    Hope to see you back soon ????…
    Will be waiting …
    Lots of love ???

  9. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing superb fabulous
    I hadn’t thought you will end it so early kruti
    But it’s journey was super and so unique
    It was an amazing one
    And thank you shayri queen for posting
    Love you keep smiling

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