Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#48)

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Past Continues….

__Twinkle’s POV__

Its past a month and Kunj was not at all rude to me. He gave me permission to work at his office call friend and move out freely. I am a bit relaxed. We shifted to a house in residential place.

Lonliness killed me but now I am fine. I dint go to office today. I am at home as I am a bit tired. Kunj returned home from office. His face is so tired. I gave water to him.


“Yes a bit”

“Do you want to take a hot shower” I asked

He looked at me once and next moment he pulled me into his lap.

“Kunjjj” I pouted

“What? Dont u want to relax me baby? Kiss me please” he said

I nodded in no.

“Saying no to me” he said in serious tone and pouting

God, he takes very little time to get angry. I said no because I wanted him to kiss me. Serious tone and pouting, impossible combination for anyone except my Kunj

“I mean u can…..” I said and blushed

He pulled me cliser and kissed me on lips. I encircled my hands around his neck and hugged him. He smiled and left me.

“Get up, I need to freshen up” he said. I smiled naughtily looking at him and then I kissed him again. He smiled and kissed me back.

Then I got up and was leaving to kitchen but stopped listening to him

“I Love You” he said making me smile. As I am not facing him,I turned towards him

“What did u say?”I asked

“Nothing” he said and left.


Morning I am arranging his cloths and he called me from washroom.



“I forgot my towel” he said

“No I kept it there on the right side hanger” I replied

“Water is so cold” he shouted again

“No way Kunj, I already checked the water” I replied sitting on the bed.

“You first come here and check. You dint do anything correctly”

God, why he always shouts like this inspite of doing all his works. I went to washroom.

“What?” I asked

“Come Inside and check the water” he said

I went inside and checked the water. it’s hot enough to take shower.

“Its hot na. Anyways wait let me switch on the geyser” I said

“It’s hot baby but not more than you” he said.

“Shut up Kunj” I said and about to come out to room but he pulled me towards him

“Where are you going baby?”

“Water is hot for shower and yes you arranged everything for me, but I want something else” he winked

I hit him slowly on his bare chest.

“Ouch devil” he said dramatically

“Kunj, please let me go”

“Sure but u will ahve to pay for that” he said kissing me on neck

“Kunj….” I shouted


“Leave me”

“Kiss me” he said making me blush

I kissed him on cheek and he smiled and left me. I came to room.

I never imagined that my husband can be this romantic. I am really surprised with his naughty and lovely behaviour.


Every passing day showed me a new shade of him. I could only find my loving husband in him now. The angry fearsome Kunj sarna had vanished though a bit for anger now and then was something that dint bother me much.

His change in behaviour made me also to change. My day would be so gloomy if I hadn’t heard those 3 words from him. My nights would turn sleepless if his hands were not around my waist cuddling me. I loved this new shade of his.


“Good Morning Kunj”

“Good Morning Dear”

“Sorry I woke up late”I said slowly

He came near me and mumbled in my ears.

“Because of your husband, right? So sweet of him” he said

“Stupid” I hit him on shoulder.

“Why? He loves u so much and showing it is not wrong baby”

“Can’t you talk properly. You are really”

“One more word u say, your husband will not allow you to get out of bed today” he said winking

I threw a pillow on him. He caught it and laughed seeing me blush.

“Ok, I wont irritate you. Go get ready. I prepared breakfast already. And yes I have a small work. I may come late to office. You go to office in another car” he said

“But I dont know driving”

“Really, Why dint you learn? Anyways I will drop you today. But I want you to learn driving”

“Not interested Kunj, please”

” I said you must learn. That’s it. I will teach you”

“Really? if you are going to teach me then I am ready to learn” I said hugging him.

He dropped me at office asking me to manage the company for sometime till he returns. I am working and delegates came. Kunj told me how to give presentation but I am so nervous. He said its very important deal and he wants it to be successful at anycost. He dint come yet. If anything goes wrong, he may become angry with me. God, please save me.

I tried hard to start but I am really unable to do that. I saw Kunj coming towards the conference room and now I am more scared as he may get angry as I dint start the presentation yet. He took his seat and looked at me. He sighed me to start but I am unable to do that. Delegates went off without listening to him. He looked at me seriously.

He came towards me. Unnecessarily I spoiled everything. I should have tld him about my phobia of speaking infront of strangers and giving presentations. Its ok if he scolds me for hiding about my phobia and ruining the deal. But i hope he wont scold me infront of others. My eyes already started flowing tears.

“Report in my cabin now” he said and went from there.

Thank god he dint insult me infront of his staff. I went to his cabin. He sat in his seat. I felt as if his one look is enough to kill me. I am sure he noticed my presence. I stood infront of him for 30minutes. But he dint respond and continued his work

“Kunj” I said finally

“Yes, tell me” he said in a normal tone still checking the files.

“Kunj please talk to me”I said

“What do you expect me to talj during office works?” He said

He is making me to cry more with his seriousness.

“Stop crying and then speak. If you want to cry then get lost from my cabin” he said rudely

I turned to go

“Wait, did you come here just to cry and then leave” he asked

“You yourself told me to come to your cabin”

“Yes I forgot. I called you to give this” he said giving a paper to me.

I got shocked seeing that paper

“What is this?” I asked

“Memo for ruining a major project. I need explanation within 24hours Now u can leave” he said

I mumbled scolding him and went to my cabin. Evening we went home and I went directly to my room. Kunj came and stood staring at me. I sat on the bed without looking at him.

“I thing my angel is angry at me? Am I right?” he said sitting infront of me. I dint respond to him.

“Twinkle look at me once and listen to my words” he said slowly lifting my head and cupping my face.

” Baby, I am your boss at office. If I dint say anything to you staff will feel I dint say anything bcoz u are my wife. They may think you are incapable of doing your job so I issued a memo to you”

I looked at him seriously

“But at home I am your husband, I will help you eliminate your fears. I will help you give d best presentation. Why can’t you give a simple presentation. You were so scared and tensed. I will remove that tension and fear from you” he said kissing me on forehead.

“Are you still angry with me? Do you think I am wrong? If yes then forget about the memo you dont nedd to give any explanation. Leave it. I dont mind about the staff. you are more important to me” he said so sweetly and softly

No wife can be serious if husband talk this sweetly. He is making me to fall for him again nd again.

I smiled and kissed him on cheek.

“I will follow the rules of your office sir ji. But please help me overcome my fear” I said pouting

“Dont use your strategy now. I will totally loose my control if you throw such tactics at me” he said hugging me from behind by making me sit in his lap.

“Leave me Kunj. I need to fresh up”

“Ok but dont cry again. By the way do you want to work for our company or jiju’s company?”

“I like to work with you. So that I can be with you all the time and keep an eye on you. So that no one can steal you from me” I said raising my eyebrow

“Dont worry. You no need to get tensed about me. Because though they try to take me away from you,I wont go anywhere leaving my sweet wife” he said.

We had dinner and I started searching web for giving a good presentation. Kunj smiled looking at my efforts. He suddenly pulled me towards him.

“Enough now. You cant research everything in one night. I will tell you tops which works for you” he said hugging me.

“Tell me first what should I reply to this memo” I asked

“So finally you want me to give an explanation to the memo issued by me. This is too much” he said smiling

“Ofcourse because only you know how to convince yourself” I said

“At office you are my PA but at home I become your assistant” he said typing reply to his memo

I smiled. Its really funny to give reply by himself to his own memo.

“Twinkle, did you love anyone other than me before marriage?” he asked suddenly changing the topic.

“Kunj i dint understand what you mean. You are the only one whom I love from my childhood” I answered

Why did he ask like that? He knew well that I love only him. He never leaves any chance to hurt me.

“Are you angry with me Kunj?” I asked


“Maybe for ruining the deal which was very important”

“No, Not at all. That deal is important to me but not more than you. I am a bit rude at office only because I dont want staff to think I am lenient to you” he said pulling me closer again.

He helped me to practice giving presentation. He suggested tips to improve myself. He explained me where I am wrong and how to improve myself. Slowly I became better and started loving him more.


He changed me completely. What I am today is all because of Kunj. The girl who was scared to talk to strangers and give a simple presentation today became a successful enterpreneur. Everything because of Kunj whom I am hurting today and ruining his life completely.

I dint realise when I drifted off to sleep with those dry tears on my cheeks.

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