Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#47)

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__Kunj’s POV__

Right since childhood I use to be very rude to everyone. I always had a bad atmosphere in my surroundings with my parents fighting over every small issue. If there was anyone who could melt me was Twinkle. Her cute words and tactics used to make me smile. I love to take care of her and protect her every second. If a tear appears in her eyes I feel as if my breathe has stopped.

She is very precious to me. She fights with me makes me smile shows all her tactics near me. I enjoy everything. After graduation jiju sent me abroad for higher studies. I dint want to go as I will miss twinkle. But as I cant say no to jiju I went to Australia

I used to call her everyday. We use to talk for hours. I tried to propose her But I was scared of her rejection…..scared till death coz I couldnt bear her rejection as she was d one who taught me to love. So I decided to stay calm.

But when I returned to India after completing Masters, Maa handed me a part of her company. I became more rude and ruthless but not to Twinkle. One day she called me saying she wants to talk to me immediately. I went to her. She proposed ne. I felt like I am d most luckiest person in the world.

For A year, we are so happy in love. Finally we decided to get married. I am so happy to marry my sweet heart. Before the day of our marriage, I went to meet Twinkle as I planned a surprise for her. She is on call, so I went tiptoe without making any sound, to close her eyes from behind and to kiss her on cheeks. But hearing her words I stopped at my place.

“I love u so much. No way. You are the only one in my life. This marriage had no power to break our relationship. Dont worry” she said in mobile.

“Ya ok I am coming” she said

I went off from her room. She came out from room.

“Twinkle where are you going at this time, its too late” I said to her.

“Kunj I am going to Temple. Will come soon please dont tell to bhai and bhabhi. They wont allow me to go outside before marriage.” she said I nodded.

She went out I followed her. She went to a park. There is a guy standing there. She hugged him with tears. After sometime she came home. I tried to find out the truth but she escaped so smartly. She knew well that I hate if she hides anything from me but still she does this. Obviously she will face the consequences of it.

Who is he? She said I love you to him. It means she loves him. Is she cheating on me? I caught my head feeling severe pain. I took a tablet and slept. Next day we got married.

She came to our room in red sari. She is blushing and smiling. How can you act this much Twinkle? Why do you cheat me? Why did you marry me if u fint love me? I am not going to fall in your trap. I will show you the consequences of playing games with me. I wont leave you easily.

I will show u how much it hurts to know our life partner loves someone and had affair with others. I will make your life a hell. I will give you the same tears which you gave me.

I clenched my fist looking at her and went near her.

“Look Twinkle I dint marry you with love. Dont expect that I will accept u as my wife. Stay away from me, if u dont want to get hurt” I said to her seriously.

Now I need a reason to justify my words….I tried to get away saying its not necessary for her to know the reason.

I started frightening her every now nd then. But I saw her sincere efforts to win my heart. She obeyed my every word and bore every punishment given to her by me.

When she asked me to give rights as my wife I teased her by romancing.

Jiju and didi visited us. I had told her that they dont know d address. But its jiju’s decision to take that villa far away to give privacy to us. But by her looks itself I understood she hated the place. I booked a house in a good area according to her taste which takes 2 months to complete.

I showed my anger in all possible ways hiding my love on her. On my way back from a business trip I saw her with a guy talking so close. Is he the one whom she proposed and hugged that day? I dint see his face

I went home and confronted her. She increased my anger saying I had no rights to ask her. I kissed her roughly making her exhaust completely. I want her to know that I have every right on her.

But after leaving for office, I felt guilty for forcibly kissing her that hard. I called her but she dint receive the call. I went home as I cant focus on work . She is not at home. I went to didi’s home and brought her home.

I can’t even look into her eyes I really want to hug her and say sorry. I dint molest her but my hear said this is not less than that. How can I behave like this with her? I cursed myself for my anger. I shifted room as I have no guts to stay in same room with her.

Missing her is killing me. I am unable to have my food. Even sleep went away from me as my Twinkle is ignoring me. I tried to apologise her, but seeing her face words dint come out from my mouth. I came from office and sat on sofa. Slowly darkness occupied me.

When I woke up ,I am on bed in Twinkle’s lap. She fed me and gave me tablets. I said sorry to her with tears. First time I cried before her. But she wiped my tears and kissed me. I felt happy. I dint want to hurt her anymore. Why will she kiss me if she dint love me?

She took care of me without leaving me atleast for a second. I recovered from fever and I found peace and happiness in her face.

Maybe I misunderstood her words on that day. I dint want to hurt her again by asking that. So i decided to love her as before and treat her as my princess and my love. I cant be rude to her anymore. because I love her so much

If she really loves someone else than me I will try to convince her with my love. But I wont allow her to leave me as she is mine for lifetime.

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