Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#40)

Hllo everyone…..I’m back with d nxt part of d ff…I know I am pretty late….Extremely sorry for that.

Thank you for all d love and support thru your comments….all of those meant a lot to me.

And with regard To d sad ending…..Trust me U all will see a happy as well as a sad end….The happy end will be Twinj’s and the sad end wont be of Twinj but u will feel it is of Twinj…..I know bohat gol gol hai….But believe me I wont let u all down.

So here’s d nxt part


▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

It has been 3days since Kunj was hospitalized. Slight improvement in his heath but still survival chances were negligible. The whole family was undergoing an emotional turmoil. But the worst stiuation was Twinkle’s.

She dint want to break down nor did she have the strength to bare all this. The past years without Kunj had already made her realise that how difficult it would be for her to live without him. Though she was acting strong infront of Kunj but only her heart knew the pricking pain she was undergoing thru.

The Doctor entered into Kunj’s ward to do some check up’s before giving him a discharge. Twinkle had requested the doctor to give Kunj a discharge and had guaranteed them that she would take care of Kunj. Unwilingly the doctor had given a discharge and informed Twinkle to bring Kunj for his daily check up’s without fail.


Twinkle Kunj and Yuvraj drove back to the sarna mansion. But the sight in front of Kunj in the Sarna Mansion left him astonished.

In the centre of the hall was a simple mandap. The four pillars decorated with yellow nd red fabric and in b/w the mandap was a pedestal for the sacred fire.

Kunj gave a ‘what is this’ look to Twinkle while Twinkle just smiled back to him. They proceeded further to find their family standing near the mandap.

K- Bebe What is all this for??….who is getting married

While the reply came from Twinkle

T- We are getting married.

K- Are u in your senses…..”We are getting married”…..did u realise what u spoke

T-(with watery eyes) I am very much in my senses….Nd I know what I spoke

K- Twinkle by no chance this is happening….though u know the fact that I’ll di…

Before he could complete it Twinkle placed her hand on his mouth and nodded in a No….as she did this a tear made its way down her cheek.

Without speaking another word Kunj walked away to his room. Usha tried to go behind him but Bebe stopped her. After composing herself Twinkle made her way towards his(kunj’s) room.


‘Why do you want to do this’ questioned Kunj(standing leaning on d window)sensing the presence of Twinkle.

“Because I want to change my surname for the rest of my life” replied twinkle trying to lighten up the atmosphere. Within a fraction of second Kunj turned around grabbed her shoulders nd pinned her to the wall.

K- I am very much aware of the fact that my life is a gift of god just for a few days or weeks…..And if u think that I’ll do this act and spoil your life then you are wrong.

Tears silently and endlessly gushing out through their eyes.

T- And if you think that this is going to spoil my life then you are wrong….Kunj I have already undergone the pain of losing you….Infact I lost you once….but It was god’s grace that he returned you back to me….But only to take u away from me once again(she burst out into tears)

K-(wiping her tears) shhhhh….

T-(b/w the sobs) Kunj….maybe we arn’t destined to happily live with eachother….but I still want to live with you….Maybe Not in this birth but those holy vows will bind us together for the other seven births….I dont want to live as Twinkle taneja….I want to be MRS. KUNJ SARNA for the rest of my life….u may not be by my side….but your name will keep your presence alive….pls Kunj….I want to be all yours….pls.

Not knowing how to react Kunj stood in silence. Slowly he left his grip on her shoulders. Both looked up to see the pain in eachother’s eyes. Twinkle had completely broken down after speaking those words. She was histerically sobbing while silent tears made their way down Kunj’s cheeks. With that desperate plead in her eyes Twinkle kept on saying ‘Please’

When finally Kunj couldn’t see her cry anymore he cupped her face and placed his forehead against her’s

K- do you really want this

Twinkle slightly nodded in a yes.

K- then I am ready for it.

Within the blink of an eye Twinkle hugged him as tight as she could. A hug that was soft gentle and warm yet expressed their pain. A hug which could make u feel that it bonds the two souls together.


Finally all The preperations were done. The bride and groom sat infront of the holy fire ready to take the holy vows. The priest was chanting the spell’s.

[ Kunj was dressed in a simple red and cream Kurta while Twinkle was in a simple red and golden chudidar]

The moistness in their(Kunj and Twinkle’s) eyes was clearly evident. They stood up to take the 7vows promising to love honour and cherish eachother forever….asking god for the strength to share every happiness and pain with eachother. At then end of the seven rounds Kunj filled her hairline with vermillion and tied the Nuptial around her neck.

All the rituals were completed. Twinkle and Kunj were tied to eachother with that invisible thread not for today not for a week not for a month but for the next 7 births.


Twinkle stood in the balcony of Kunj’s room which had turned into their’s a few hours ago. She stared at the bright moon nd the twinkling stars with tears in her eyes. The day of Marriage is suppose to be the most joyous day for a girl but Twinkle couldn’t think of that little joy over the pain which she had infront of her.

Kunj walked in and stood beside her. He noticed the tears in her eyes and wrapped his arm around her shoulder to comfort her. Twinkle rested her head on his chest. The tears weren’t stoping. Kunj made lifted her head and cupped her face. Both of them looking at eachother with pain…passion…and love.

Tears rolling from Twinkle’s face….Kunj kisses her forehead and cheeks and sucked the tears flowing down.
After a few minutes of intense…deep…painful…passionate eyelock Twinkle spoke…..”You have the permission Kunj….You have it….I’m your wife….I’m all your’s”

“Only if you forget everything and live these moments” said Kunj with moist eyes. Twinkle slightly nodded in a yes and wiped her tears. Kunj grabs her waist….He makes his lips to get close to her….but not able to meet with her’s….Twinkle understands this and holds his hairs from back and made their lips meet….They kiss eachother passionately.

Kunj manages to unclip her hair….his one arm holding her tight around her waist and the other carressing her hair….Both of them are simply lost in the fabric of time.

Both were holding eachother tightly…Kunj caress her neck. Looking into her eyes he put a kiss on the area around lips….Slowly caressing her curves….he kissed her slowly and sucked her lower lip while she responded back by carressing his hair.

Both of them depart to inhail oxygen….He then makes his way towards her neck and places a hell lot of wet kisses.

He lifts her up and walks into d room nd places her on the bed. Kunj is on top of Twinkle…she hides her face with her hands…Kunj slowly removes her hand’s and plants a soft kiss on her forehead…he kissed her eye’s…ear lobes…and when he was about to proceed towards her lips…all the haunting deeds of his past…the seperation…twinkle’s sufferings….everything flashes before his eye’s….Tear drops from his eye’s and falls on Twinkle’s face….She opens her eyes….while Kunj moves a bit away from her.

She understood what could be his state of mind…her eyes became moist and all she spoke was

“There isn’t any world for me to live in, than your soul. Sow your seeds of love in me, and water them. Make my barren body bloom into a garden with your love. And let the divine wind kiss me. For once….breathe!”

Tears ran down both of their faces….Kunj couldn’t see her cry. Wiping away her tears he spoke

K- Don’t cry jaan….Till my last breathe I will always be by your side….

Soon the moans of pain and pleasure surrounded the atmosphere.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

A/N: I have lately been busy with the preperations of my paper presentation scheduled on 3rd March. So the nxt epi maybe posted only after that. I’ll try posting it before that if I can.

Share your views on d epi….eagerly waiting to read them.

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