Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#39)

Hey guys I am back with d nxt update of my ff…..I was suppose to be a bit early but it got delayed due to d FS and some research for this update.

Thank you for all d love and support thru your comments….all of those meant a lot to me.

I am directly giving the epi coz at d end I have lots of bak bak…..nd pls padhlena meri bak bak….coz mai hamesha toh nahi karti na

Ok so here’s d nxt part

Happy Reading

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

It was almost a week since Twinkle nd Kunj had returned back to Amritsar. In d past two three days Twinkle had observed many changes in Kunj’s behaviour as well as his health. Many times she even enquired Kunj whether he was alright….Kunj always denied saying he was perfectly alright.

It was Mahi’s baby shower cermony that day. Everyone got ready nd left for Luthra’s house as the function was suppose to be held there. The atmosphere was in full swing. All of them were enjoying to the fullest by dancing singing cracking some silly PJ’s nd stuff like that. Finally all of them where on the dance floor grooving to d beats of a song.

Kunj wasn’t feeling too well but still managed to plaster a smile on his face throughout the whole ceremony. While everyone was dancing he felt nausea. He moved out of the dance floor trying to hide himself from everyones vision but Uv saw him nd followed him back.

Uv waited for Kunj to come out from the washroom. When he finally came out….

Uv- r u alright??

K- Ya I am alright….y r u questioning this??

Uv- Right since the begining of the function I dont think u are alright

Kunj turned around on the otherside and wiped the blood coming out from his nose

K-(while wiping) Dont worry Uv I am alright

But Uv had already walked towards him nd from behind he could see the blood on his handkerchief. With a jerk he made him turn around.

Uv- your nose is bleeding and u are saying u are alright

K-(walking away from him) Arre its nothing….just a bit…..

And just within d nxt few seconds his vision blurred nd he fainted. Uv ran upto him and Twinkle stood in shock at the door(she was searching for the two of them when she reached there).

Both of them trying their best to bring Kunj back to consiousness but all their frantic efforts were useless. They finally took him to the Hospital. Usha and Bebe were waiting in the lobby while Uv nd Twinkle waited outside the ICU. After 2 to 3 hours of treatment nd testings the doctor came out and told them to meet him in his cabin.

@ Doctor’s Cabin

Dr.- Mr.Sarna’s condition is very critical….nd according to d reports we saw and its clearly evident that his treatment wasn’t going properly…is it so??

Uv and Twinkle sat clueless.

T- Doctor can u clearly tell us what’s wrong with his health???

Dr.- I guess u dont know about this….or Mr. Sarna hasn’t tld u but he is suffering from Astrocytoma(Its a type of cancer of brain….more details of it is there at the end of the epi)….and lately his spinal cord has also started getting affected….nd I fear Radiology nd Chemotherapy also wouldn’t work at this stage……excuse me I need to attend another patient.

Saying this the doctor made his way out. Twinkle sat numb….not knowing how to react….silent tears just made their way down her cheeks. Uv was constantly trying to comfort her. They came out of the cabin. Twinkle stood infront of the ICU watching Kunj from the glass window with dry tears while Uv was trying to explain things to Usha and Bebe.

One was the mother by blood and the other was a mother by soul both of them couldn’t understand what game was life playing with them. Their reactions showed how those few words literally killed them.

Twinkle’s mind was still in a dilemma. Still pondering over the question Did Kunj know about this earlier??….if so y hadn’t he told it to her. Her heart ached with the fear of loosing her love once again. She saw Kunj gaining back his consiousness. She walked into the ICU without bothering much about the rules and regulations.

As she walked towards Kunj he gave her a faint smile. She walked forward and sat beside him with tears flowing down endlessly.


K-(speaking with great difficulty)Twinklee….I am….Fine…..pls stop…..crying

Twinkle dint stop crying infact she broke down even more and hugged him putting arm on his chest and head on his shoulder.

T-(in b/w the sobs) y dint u tell us before….nd how careless can u be….just so that we dont get to know u missed ur treatment sessions….I hate u Kunj….I hate u

K-(speaking with great difficulty) I…hate u…more(saying this he kissed her hair) U know Twinkle I was diagnosed…with this disease 15months ago… that time I dint have a reason to live…bcoz I dint…have u by my side….I never got myself treated… for it bcoz I dint want to live….but I even dint want… to die like a coward(referring to suicide)….finally I thought god himself made….my work easier…..I started enjoying life to its fullest….coz I knew my life was just for a few days…or maybe months…..I never let…anyone know about this….Neil got to know… 3months ago when he saw my nose bleeding profusely….He forced me to get a…treatment but I never obeyed his words….finally a month ago when everything… was back to normal….u were back… in my life….all our misunderstandings were cleared….I again…found a reason to live….U can rather say… I wanted a new life for myself….The very nxt day when u went to office I visited…the best oncologist in Delhi along with Neil….At anycost I wanted to live….but it was already… too late….It was certain that… this disease would… kill me… if not today but surely there was a tomorrow….even if I under went a treatment at that stage it wouldn’t… save me was all that I was told….I prefered to ….enjoy my last few days with u…all rather than getting these machines stuck to my body….I wanted to tell u….but neither was my heart that strong nor was my brain …to see u break down….I’m sorry Twinkle….I have always… failed to give u the happiness…that u deserved….I’m sorry

Kunj broke down as he completed telling these words with utmost difficulty. Twinkle lifted her head nd cupped his face

T-(wiping his tears nd trying to act strong) Kuch nahi hoga tumhe…..Kuch nahi hone doongi…..Mera Kunj sirf mera hai….mai kisi se share nahi karne wali….(breaking down) bhagwaan ji se bhi nahi….(lifting her head towards d roof) sunna aapne…kisi se bhi nahi

Kunj lifted his hand nd pulled Twinkle towards himself making their foreheads touch eachother.
Twinkle mumbled in b/w her sobs “Kuch nahi hoga….kuch nahi hone doongi” nd she slightly peaks on his lips. A kiss that lasted just for a few seconds yet showed every painful emotion of their’s……

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪


Astrocytoma is a type of Brain tumour which may or maynot be cancerious. This disease is caused in astrocytes(a type of cells in d brain)that provide support and insulation between nerve cells in the brain. Astrocytoma can be caused in people of any age. Its treatment can be done by radiology or chemotherapy or with the combination of both. Delayed treatment often leads to spreading of the tumour to the spinal cord and eventually leading to death.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

So now I seriously dont know how many of you are going to bash me…..but trust me guys

There will be a sad end to a story…..which u will feel is d end of the story of Twinj but it wont be the sad end of the story of twinj…..Kuch samajh mein aya….if u understood comment box mein mat bolna….just send dm me(vo kya hai na if u tell in d comment box nd by chance it turns out to be correct sabka surprise waste hojayega)…..nd if u did not understand….wait for d nxt update.

Aaj too much bak bak hogaya now one last thing…..I will be back on my 8am to 5pm schedule from tomorrow i.e 13th…..dont worry simple hai….my clg reopens tmrw…..So wapas se back to d busy schedule….And thats Y I have a maybe good or maybe bad news….I wont be posting d nxt part of my ff this week as I need some time to adjust back to d schedule….So probably the nxt update will only be on 20th or 21st february…….But I’ll post my fs….coz It was meant for valentine week so I will end in on V- day

So Kruti gear up to get screwed up in d comment box for 2 reasons….1 for d epi nd other for d late update.

Nd guys atleast to screw me up pls comment….coz I know sabko dantne mein bohat maza ata hai

Loads of Love

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  1. Chiku

    Kruti??????????. Aisaa kyun kiyaaa. I am so upset now. Sooo emotional episode ??????. I wish kunj theek hojaye. ??????????nothing more to say today

  2. Ohh. Twisttt??????. …… You know iss ff ke Barre main hi sochh rahi thi ki kab post hogaaaa and hooi gaya??
    Sadddd ??
    But bash nahi karonggiii apkoo kyunkii??? samjhee .,.

    I think I know about thee endddd of Twinjjjj
    Wala thing ??? I hope it would be
    correct ………..butt I lll wait for next updateee??

  3. kruti. …why u do this..mere kunj ko bimare kar diya….but plzz sad end mat karna…but…I like it…

    loads of love

  4. Kritika14

    Okay, I knew there would be a sad ending but this way? Honestly, love the way you blended this twist with the story and moreover loved the way you depicted the feelings! and because you’ll be busy now cause of your college, I’ll wait for the next update but please make it sooner! Can’t really wait to read what happens next!

    Love you!

  5. Presha

    Hey kruti awesome just loved it but i m hell confused plz do clear the confusion soon

  6. Mia12

    Hey kruti,
    Soooooo soooooo sorry 4 not cmnting on ur fs part 2 yarr,,,?? u msg me also but I didn’t I saw this 2day now m feeling very guilty,,, kan pakadhti hu,,,?? m sooo sooo sooo sorry yarr,,, m kinda bz u knw that’s why, I cdnt cmnt smtime’s evry1’s updt,,, but m happy tht my cmnt also imprtnt 4 u,,☺☺ but truly ur fs part to was Awesome,, I love it,, and this was sooo emtional n heart touching epi,,?? U knw ystrdy n8t when I read purvi’s os.. truly i cried last 11 mnts,, I can’t bear sad anytng or endings,,its effects me a lotss,, n can u think tht ki m bash u..? No… i cant bashing u never,, ur great writer and i knw what u up to do its far much better,,so don wry go ahead,, I trust u,,☺ Now when u get time post soon,, we’ll be waiting 4 it,,… till then,,bye………..,,,,,,,

    With lots of love,,❤❤

  7. SidMin

    God … I knew about the sad end … but bechara Kunj …. I mean I don’t like this Cancer ….
    Feeling Sad for Twinj ahi ahi tho jeena start kiya tha ….
    Love you 🙂 Post soon and about the end I really don’t know whats going on in your mind 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  8. SidMin23

    Kruti hope kunj will be show own Twinkle will take care of him during this stage of kunj.

  9. tooo emotional epi but don’t seprate twinj
    post soon

  10. Too emotional kruti I loved it and plz I request you yaar pls give a happy ending Cauz sad ending affects me a lot and I’ll wait for ur update

  11. RUTU.....

    Awesome episode dear and emotional too you made me cry I hope kunj jaldi se thik Ho jaye do continue soon…
    Love you so much ???

  12. Simiyy

    Hey Di
    It was so emotional
    Loads of Love

  13. SiyappaQUEEN

    Solly for late comment my jaan but you know na busy thi…☺
    Ok now coming to episode it was sad but yet mind blowing. Kunj and Twinkle emotion care and love sab kuch at same time perfect… Waise a song dedicated for you..
    Kehte hai khuda ne iss jahan mein sabhi ke liye kisi na kisiko hai banaya har kisi ke liye tera milna hai uss rab ka ishara mano mujhko banaya tere jaise hi kisi ke liye kuch toh hai tujhse rabta kuch toh hai tujhse rabta kaise hum jane humein kya pata…
    Tu hamsafar hai phir kya phikar hai jeene ki wajah marna issi ke liye….????
    Kuch jyada hi lamba ho gaya. Bore ho gayi na. Chal koi nahi am solly. Maaf kar de apni dost ko.
    Do post soon
    Love you?
    And I know the twist but nahi bolungi tension nah le. Bye…
    Chetti chetti post karna ff or fs donno…
    Last but not least happy kiss day meli jaan..?

  14. Shalini15

    Kruti this is not fair very bad you are itna koi rulata hai bhala?????????????????? mere kunj ko itna dangerous bimari hai now I’m feeling you will definitely make it sad ending ????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? well koi nahi when you are there then what is fear?????????????

    Anyways episode was awesome mind blowing fabulous superb nd emotional ??????Kunjs dialoges were too emotional and heart touching. Hope nothing will happen to him. Nd last part was amazing. Loved it too much.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? try to post next asap.

    Lots of love ? ? ?

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    shocking emotional sad epi…plzzzz kunj ko kuch ni hona chahiye…plzzzz

  16. Affaa

    ??????????????????????????????????kunj…….. No Nothing happened to him.. Fathi if u kill my kunj… I’ll kill u haan… Ya Allah my eyes are tearing… Stop affa don’t cry nothing will happen to him… Please please Fathi please don’t kill him….
    They way u wrote this seriously… I felt that I’m watching it on TV… Masha Allah mind blowing… Twinkle’s pain….i appreciate u my baby… I’m waiting for next episode do I asap love you so much ??????????????????????

  17. Baby

    diii mujhe pata tha sad end hoga bt still m crying like anything……………….
    n kunj is ill……..voh bhi aisee bimaari jo cure nahi ho sakti………..
    luvd d episode it was too emotional………..
    lods of love……..♥♥
    post soon☺

  18. Ramya

    Awwww kruti
    Yeh galat hai
    Kunj ko disease not fair
    But I think twinkle will n wid kunj
    N things will sorted out soon
    Rula diya
    Awesome amazing dear
    Love u keep smiling

  19. Aanya_pandey

    That was soo good kruti.. n those emotions?? they were veru well written

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