Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#38)

Hey guys I am back with d next part.

Thank you everyone for all d love nd support u have been giving thru your comments. Nd I am really very sorry coz I dont reply to any of them….But hopefully today I’ll reply to all ur comments.

I had actually planned to end this ff by 40epi’s….but some idea with a twist popped up in my mind So thought to continue the ff….hope u are happy with my decision.

Do read the A/N at the end

So here’s d nxt epi…hope u will like it


▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

—Kunj’s POV—

It has been almost a month that Twinkle was back in my life….we have had d most beautiful memories in these few days.

I have been pacing around to and fro since the past 15 minutes biting my nails and scratching my head. I have been ignoring a hundred screams of twinkle nd here was another one

T- Kunj stop acting weired….I am not taking u to andaman nd nicobar that u will have to think about facing nd fighting with tribals….U are just going back to your home just like all other humans….so better sit at one place

she screamed in b/w her process of packing her Stuff. I sat on a couch nd reverted back to her statement

Me- Twinkle normal humans go back home easily bcoz their family knows about their where abouts….Nd here everyone thinks I am dead….When I suddenly appear infront of them after 2long years….can u even imagine what could be their reaction

She left her work nd walked towards me. She kneeled down in front of me.

T- “Once you are by my side….nothing can stop me from making this small destroyed world of our back to a flourishing one.” This is what u had told me….did u really mean this….If u did then chillax this time I am not leaving u nor am I allowing u to leave me.

Saying this She walked back to complete her work as we have to catch our flight back to Amritsar tomorrow. Her last line made me think about it over and over again. After a while I went to meet Neil at our New fashion house.

@The fashion house

Me- Hey Neil…whats up.

N- Nothing much yar….New place creating new stratergies for things to work out is the only work I have been doing since d inaugral.

Me- carry on…by d way I am going to Amritsar tomorrow

N- Oh wow man…finally back to your family…so should I think its d end of our friendship cum brotherhood

Me- dont u dare to say such words again….I’ll smack ur face

N-(laughing) take a chil pill bro…i was just kidding….so when will we meet again….At your marriage or before that ya after that

Me- Only if (showing my hand upwards) he wants…but I think he is planning to readuce d population on earth

I could see all his(Neil’s) happiness fade away nd I knew the reason.Before I could say anything I got a question to answer

N- Twinkle ko bataya?

Me- Not yet(a drop of tear fell down my eyes)….Neil I dont feel like breaking her again…I cant see her broken once again

N- Kunj either today or tomorrow u have to say this to her…..tell it as soon as possible….better for her.

Me- Hmmm

I recieved Twinkle’s call. She wanted me to be back home as she needed some help.


We boarded d flight. I have no nails left to bite. I tried calming myself by giving myself some self motivational lines. Twinkle had laced her fingers with mine and I know that she knows d state of my mind. 2hours later our flight landed and we took a cab to reach back home.

Twinkle hadn’t informed maa about either me or she returning back. She wanted everything to be a surprise….but so less does she know that this surprise will actually be a shock to the family.

We stood infront of the gate of Sarna Mansion as all the old memories create flashes in my mind.

—End of POV—

The Two of them made their way towards the enterance. Kunj stood a bit away from d door. Twinkle rang the bell.

After a few seconds the door was opened by Bebe. A loud exclamation was heard

B- Twinkle puttar…..Tu wapas agayi….bataya kyun nahi

No soon did d exclamation made way into the ears of Usha who was seated in the hall she made way towards the door to meet her daughter after a month. Bebe gave an affectionate hug while Twinkle took her’s nd usha’s blessing. Usha brought the aarti plate to do her aarti.

T- Maa u always wanted someone to be beside me when u do my aarti right? (In terms of a life partner)

U- Yes….but y r u asking this now.

T- Bcoz ur wish is going to be completed now.

As Twinkle said this Kunj came forward nd stood beside her. Bebe nd Usha had an expressionless face. Who could have predicted this? No response no stimuli from either of them. Kunj stood there lowering his head. Drops of salty water is flowing down from d eyes of all the four.

After realising the fact that her son was standing right infront of her. Usha walked towards him with her hands and legs trembling. She slowly placed one of her hands on Kunj’s cheek.

U-(with tears flowing down her eyes) Meraaa…Bacha

Kunj lifted his head and nodded a yes by pressing his lips. Without wasting a single second Usha hugged him as tight as she could. Both of them cried their hearts out. Twinkle and Bebe smiled looking at the two.

U- where were u Kunj….y did u leave us….we thought that…..(breaks the hug)

She couldn’t complete her sentence afterall how can a mother speak of her child’s death. Kunj wiped usha’s tears .

K- Ab mai agaya hoon na….dont worry

But still a fear was seen on his face. Bebe came to him

B- oye khoteya….kahan tha tu….Tujhe pata hai jab tu nahi tha tooo….


B- kitne ladke mujhe line maar rahe theey

All burst out laughing nd Kunj hugged Bebe.

T- beta agaya sab mujhe bhool gaye…its ok no problem….I dont think I am needed here anymore….let me go back to Taneja house.

She turns to walk away

U- O miss Dramebaaz….bas hua ab….bohat drama hogaya…abhi mujhe tum donno ki aarti karni hai chup chap khadi raho yahan

K-(laughing) Aapko bhi pata chalgaya na kitni badi dramebaaz hai ye

Twinkle turned around a bit annoyed nd smacked Kunj’s shoulder. Usha did their aarti. They shared some cute family moments. Yuhi nd all others were called home. They were equally haply to see Kunj back.

As Twinj were tiered bcoz of the journey they rested for d day.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Hope u liked the epi….ignore the errors as I havnt done any proof reading. Share your views about the epi thru your comments I am eagerly waiting to read them.


As the valentine’s week is coming up….I thought to write a SS. The SS will be about real life incidents. The story is all about how a few friends help a friend of their’s to celebrate the valentine’s week. The incident happened way back when I was in 9th grade. Our school being a strict one….more strict than a boarding school all this was not entertained nd Every year for us V-day was a holiday. This story will be a bit funny coz we had done every ulta pulta work we could to help them.
And the Romantic moments will be fiction…. coz I dont know what had happened b/w them….ofcourse yar privacy.

So if u all want me to write it pls tell me in the comment box. I will start the SS from propose day i.e 8th nd post a shot everyday till 14th

Loads of Love

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