Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#33)

Hey lovely ppl…..I am back with d nxt epi

Thank u everyone for your encouragement through comments.
Lets proceed to d epi without any further delay


The Nxt day

@Malhotra house

Kunj is found sleeping in his room….his room was a bit messy. Neil comes there nd pours a glass of water on Kunj. Kunj wakes up with a jerk

K- What d hell….itni subha subha kaun hai ye
N- Adarniya Dev Malhotra urf(wispers in his year) Kunj Sarna ji mai aapka bhai urf dost Neil….Aur abhi subha ke 10 baaj rahe hain ye itni subha nahi hota 

Listening to this line Kunj lifts up his head nd sadness occupied his head when he remembered saying d same lines to Twinkle long back(guys its very much long back way back in d 3rd epi ??)

N- O hello where r u lost now…..get up u lazy a*s
K- Neil let me sleep na…..I slept late ystrday

Saying this he pulls back d blanket nd lays back on d bed

N-(pulling his blanket) I guess u dont remember today’s date…..nd get up soon we even have to go to the interiors office I just got to know from d office that u dint complete d formalities ystrday.
K- Neil I am not coming….u go nd do d work at d office nd I remember todays date 14th January….Ashima ka B’day
N- So get up and atleast check for d arrangements of d party that we thought of till then Let me complete d work
K- Ziddi ladka….saying this he got up nd went to freshen up

@Aceinteriors office

Neil goes there nd meets Udit. Later on he was introduced to Twinkle. Not knowing she was d same Twinkle whom his best friend was in love with both were being friendly. They were having casual talks in between their work.

N- So do u live in Delhi itself??
T- No….I have come here only for this project
N- O so you are staying alone here
T- yup
N- any plans for tonight
T- trying to ask for a date???
N-(laughing) No no…u got me wrong…Actually Its my sisters B’day tdy….you are alone here so thought u would get bored….so thought of inviting u to d party….would u like to join??
T-(with a smile) only if u dont mind
N- surely I wouldn’t
Just then Neil receives a call from Kunj

N- excuse me for a while…..Its my devil bro(said it with a laugh)

On d call

N- Hey bro….all preperations done
K- Ya….everything has been arranged at Club 71….get ashi there
N- Done

@Pub 71

Strobe lights…Neon signs aligning the wall…Blaring bass that makes the room shake…. people r grooving on d beats of the music.

Ashima enjoying with her frnds. Kunj enjoying with girls. Neil sitting with a few of his frnds. Twinkle enters d pub in a knee length dress.

The Club had dim lighting. The stobe lights were making it difficult to view d faces of people. Twinkle hadn’t known anyone there so she stood at d enterance. While Neil saw her and brought her in.

Neil introduced her to Ashima. Twinkle asked him about his brother when Neil answered

N- Mr.flirt is busy he will find u….u dont need to find him (said with a laugh)
T-(laughing) Ok
N- Can we move to d dance floor (forwarding his hand)
T- ya sure

Everyone were on d dance floor. Enjoying themselves to d fullest. After a while Twinkle excuses herself to get a drink when she turns around after taking a drink from d counter. She saw a guy moving back to d dance floor with 2 girls….she could only see d side face…..for a minute she felt she saw Kunj but shooed away d thought.

She went back to d dance floor nd started dancing with Neil and a few others as she had mingled with a few other friends of Neil and Ashima. While dancing she felt a push from behind….nd before she responded to it she heard a sorry from d person. She felt d voice to be familiar nd turned around to look at d guy but she couldn’t see d face.

She questioned Neil whether he knew him….Neil had replied that he was his Brother Dev. She din’t stress upon things nd enjoyed d party


ok guys dont curse me for not showing Twinj confrontation…..I dont know y I am turning out to be mini ekta kapoor????….but dont worry Nxt epi pakka Twinj face off

I will post d nxt one on Monday or max to max by Tuesday.

But pls comment atleast to curse or screw me

love u all

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  1. hi,
    nice epi
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  2. Sameera

    Yaar kruti aur I can say duplicate ekta plz next episode jaldi post karna warna comment nahi milega ????
    Well today episode was amazing Bechara kunj misunderstanding ka maara well do cont soon …

  3. Chiku

    Awesome ?Lovely
    Post soon

  4. SidMinTwiNj

    Fattuuuuuu????????? tu mini ekta ni big se b big maha ekta hai tune usse b peeche chod diya hai… Jaa comment ni karungi ??????

    Love you??????????

  5. Presha

    Hey kruti commenring for the 1 st time well i read all ur epi in one go nd all the epus r awesome just loved it

  6. SidMin

    Nice episode ❣
    Hope Twinj confrontation jalde dekhne milega
    Love you post soon ?????

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

  8. SidVee_Yashvee

    Awesomeee.. n by the way, you have given a nice name to yourself, mini ekta kapoor?????.. Plz show their confrontation soon.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  9. SidMin23

    Nice next ekta kapikr ??????

  10. Kritika14

    I seriously feel like kicking your ass or hitting you with shoes rn! Is this the way you leave your readers? I swear, I still curse you! Now that you’ve annoyed me so much being a mini ekta kapoor, you have to update the next part soon or else dekhliyo … comment aur baat .. dono band ? Love you! x

  11. Ramya

    Awesome amazing Superb
    But I thought u will show twinj confrontation
    Loads of love keep smiling

  12. Ohh I thought Twinj toh pakka mileage but you krutii Di ekta Kapoor of our ff missed it?
    But your episode is Always amazing???

  13. Shalini15

    Hawwwww Kruti this is not fair yaar aaj fir mere twinj ko nahi milaya n uper se itna short episode… very bad…. well it was fabulous episode epi…loved kunj nd neil’s bond… nd by the way you are not mini ekta kapoor but carbon copy of ekta kapoor… well post next asap….

    Lots of love

  14. Aanya_pandey

    Mini ekta kapoor!!!
    Really.. no yrr.. her fiction shows doesn’t have any of these kind of twists or turns.. just 1 draggung plot.. n she plays wid it for year??
    Update ws fab… Hope to see twinj confrontation soon!!! N yeah!!! Confrontation wida bang??? U will show na???

  15. Baby

    hahhahaaaa kruti di
    our mini ekta kapoor hmm well nice name though 😀
    soooo cute episode kunj was also sweet
    loving it 😀
    love u lods♥♥♥♥

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