Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#32)

Hey Lovely ppl….I am back with d nxt part a bit late as always actually my last exam got postponed and its all bcoz of that that I am late
Hope u will like d epi
so let me start without any further adio
Here we go….happy reading

NOTE: Ashima(Neil’s sis) nd Neil’s Mother dont know about Kunj’s real name. Eversince Kunj met them he is known as Dev. Neil later ok got to know abt Dev’s real name being Kunj in Paris. So basically only Neil knows Kunj as Kunj for others he is Dev.


Kunj lands at the airport. He comes out. Ashima has informed him that she would come to pic him but he din’t find her anywhere. So he stood there waiting for her.

He found a foreigner standing beside him. Hey walked to her nd spoke in a flirty way “Hey beautiful” just then he heard a shout “DEV” he turned around to find Ashima there. She came towards him nd they shared a friendly hug.

K- Ashi u had a wrong timing today as well
A-(laughing) ya ya…I always disturb your so called romatic or should I say flirty moments
K- (with a sad face nd ignoring look) ya
A- anyways lets go home Maa is eagerly waiting for u….chalo chalo chalo
saying this she dragged Kunjs trolly towards d car just like a kid.

They reach home. Kunj meets Neils mom who is very friendly nd a loveable lady.

After sometime

K- Ashi I want your car keys….that psyc investor has seen some old constructed plot for d store he wants us to make changes in it.
A- Ya sure Dev.

Kunj takes d keys nd goes to d place which was an old one story building. It was in a good condition just that it needed a bit of reinovation. As he reached there He found d space completely empty only 1 person was standing there looking around.

K- Hello….who’s it??
P- Hii….I am from aceinteriors….Mr.David has signed us for d interiors of this place
K- Oo…ya he had told us….By d way I am Dev Malhotra(forwarding his hand)
P- Myself Udit heading d Delhi branch of Aceinteriors….Nice to meet u
K- so will u be d one handling all d designing stuff of this place
U- No sir actually Mr.David wants perfect indian look for d store and most of the designers in recent times r specialised in Modern architecture so we have one of our employee from another branch who will be coming to Delhi by tommorow so she would be d one….I was just here to inspect d place
K- Can I have your office address so that I can come there tmrw nd discuss abt d designs
U- ya sure here is d card….I will make a move now….will see u at d office tmrw.

After a while Kunj also heads back home.

@Nxt day( Aceinteriors office )

Kunj goes there nd meets Udit

K- Hello Mr.Udit….has your designer arrived
U- Ya she will be here in a few moments….her flight had landed few hours ago
K-Ohhh….If u dont mind can I know from which place is she
U- As far as what I think she is from Mumbai

The very nxt moment Udit gets a call from d reception stating d designer had arrived
U- so Mr. Dev she is finally here

Kunj gets a call from Neil so he excuses himself for a couple of minutes. He comes out of d cabin nd stands at a little distance on d left of d cabin door.

K- Hey bro…whats up
N- Nothing much tum bolo how’s delhi nd how’s work
K- Delhi ek dum mast hai….actually kuch zyada hi mast hai … aaj kal extra hot ladkiyan zyada hogayi hain….nd kaam toh jaise taise chal raha hai… interior office mein hoon abhi
N- Ohh….by d way I called u to give a news….I will be in Delhi by tmrw mrng
K-O wow thats grt….cant wait to see u here come soon
N- Ya I will Talk to u later…..bye!!!

They hangup d call

Kunj turns to walk back to d cabin when he got a surprise cum shock when he found Twinkle entering d cabin. He had a chain of thoughts building in his mind as to whether it was d same girl whom a few years ago he considered to be his….was she d one who betrayed him.

He got time to clear this when twinkle stopped outside d cabin as an employee was greeting her.

__Kunj’s POV__

What I saw was something which made me go numb. I couldn’t react to it….d only work that happened in my body was a drop making its way down d left cheek. After a few minutes Twinkle entered d cabin nd I made my way out of d office informing at d reception that d meeting would be held anytime later

I dint want to face her…I dint want to face that betrayer….She is still with Aarav in Mumbai….maybe she never bothered about anyone now…then Y should I….But only thing I want is I dont want to face her.

__Kunj’s POV ends__

D wrong information given to Kunj by Udit made him think that Twinkle still lived with Aarav in Mumbai nd probably she might have a happy family.

@Udit’s Cabin

U- Hey Twinkle long time since I havnt met u…how r u???
T- I am very much fine Thank u
U- So how is Mumbai???
T-( with a questioned look)Mumbai???
U- ya u stay in Mumbai na….coz I had seen u in d mumbai office
T- No sir I have shifted from Mumbai long ago….I am in Amritsar now
U- Ohh
Just then he recievs a call from reception to inform him that Kunj left coz he had some work. Udit informs d same to Twinkle.

Nxt Scene

Kunj is seen seated on some irregular rocks near a park with fury nd tears on his face.

Screen freezes on his angry face


Hope u guys liked d epi….pls comment below nd share your views about d epi +ve or -ve….long one or a short one anything would work but pls comment for sure.

Love u all
Hope to see u soon

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  1. Sameera

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    1. Kruti

      Thanks sam
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    1. Kruti

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  8. Shalini15

    Hawww Kruti this is not fair ek toh mere twinj ko milaya nahi uspar se kunj ki misunderstanding badha diya… well it was amazing superb epi… loved it… hope his misunderstandings will be clear soon… post next asap…

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    1. Kruti

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  13. Kritika14

    Heya Kruti! This was really cool! Looking forward for the next episode! I’m in a hurry so sorry for the short comment!

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