Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#31)

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@Amritsar(Sarna Mansion)

Twinkle came down stairs to find Uv nd Mahi there. She came nd hugged Mahi. The only difference in Uv nd Mahi was Mahi had a not soo small bump….She was 5 months pregnant.

Uv – Twinkle just look at her she doesnt take care of herself….She wanted to talk to u I told we can call twinkle home…But no she only wanted to come here
T- Mahi how many times I tld u….u can call me nd ask for anything at any time of d day…what was d necessity for u to come here….doctor advised u to take rest na….I dont want to take anychance this time….once we were abt to loose my camp now nxt time if u dont listen to Uv nd start to convince him with your emotional drama I swear I will never talk to u
M – Twinkle chuppppp… enough of you lecture
Usha- sunle Mahi sirf kuch din uske baad pata nahi madam kab wapas ayengi london se(listen to it Mahi just for few days after that we dont know when will she return from london)
Uv-(with a questioned look) Twinkle London???
T-(with questioned look)Maa london
U- haan beta…u can go to London lekin u have to keep me updated
Twinkle hugs her “Thank u so much maa”
Twinkle gets a call she goes to attend it while all others sit nd chit chat

Twinkle returns back after a while.

M- so Twinkle when do u have to go??

T -I have to go but not to London….just recieved a call from office d clients have first planned for a store of theirs in Delhi then later in London….so pehle I have to go to Delhi….After 5 days



Kunj was in his room resting on d bed with his headphones on.

Neil enters d room nd calls for him but kunj had his eyes closed nd due to d music he couldnt hear him.

Neil pulled his headphones off nd kunj opened his eyes in shock.

K- Bro what happened….Y r u in such a hurry
N- Kunj David has a change of plan
K- Ab uss sanki(physco) investor ko kya cahiye
N- A store in Delhi before he invests for d store in London
K- What….r u serious Delhi???
N- ya nd we have to agree to him as we cant loose such a big investor
K- theek hai….U go to Delhi nd handle stuff…I will look after things here
N- Impossible….Its u who have to go…I have works stuck up here abt which u have no idea…coz u used to be busy with your ch*cks….So u have to go nd handle things I will come down after a week or so
K- but bro me all alone in Delhi mai kya karoonga
N- how will u be left alone…u will have your bestfriend nd my so called sister nd my whole family which is yours too….u will be with them so u wont be left alone….so pack your bags u have a flight to catch in nxt 48hrs

Saying this Neil left nd Kunj sat on his bed speaking to himself “I cant thank god enough for giving me this new family”

His thinks about how he met them


Kunj boards off d flight at Udaipur after getting d message. He came out heart broken nd wandered around the outer surroundings of d airport as he was heart broken.

After a few hours he decided to go back to Amritsar. The only flight was after 14 hours he had no other option than to wait. He tried to switch on his phone but he wasn’t able to as d battery was low.

He was very much heart broken so he just went to a nearby park nd sat there for the rest of the time.

He caught d flight nd reached back Amritsar d nxt day. When he reached home he was still in d taxi when he found people dressed in white cloths nd standing near his home. He heard someone saying ” Bechara nau jawan munda Kunj….ab honi ko kaun taal sakta hai “. He finds a news paper in the taxi nd picks it up to read d news of plane crash.

Its True that a persons brain stops working when he has a heart break or an emotional turmoil. Kunj first was heart broken bcoz he thought Twinkle ditched nd after watching d view outside his house he thought his family also betrayed him nd even without trying to confirm things they also declared him dead.

He headed back to d airport nd caught a flight to Delhi to go away from everyone. He came to Delhi he wanted a new Identity of himself. He changed his name to Dev nd started working in a company. There he met a girl named Ashima. Though he use to flirt and have fun with other girls he never did that with Ashima. The two of them grew a grt bond just within 2 months.

One day Ashima took Kunj(Dev) to her house where her mother nd brother Neil lived. Neil was busy in his fashion designing work as he wasnt getting any idea for a design nd that was when Kunj gave him some Idea nd Neil loved it. Kunj use to help him out like this. Kunj had almost become a part of their family. Neil always felt there was something wrong in Kunj’s flirt behaviour outside. He felt something was compelling him to do that. But he always brushed away the thought.

When Neil asked Kunj about his family he said he dint have one. So Neil considered him to be a part of their family nd Since then Kunj was known as Dev Malhotra.

Neil had dream to own a fashion company in Paris so he decided to move to Paris with Kunj as he thought Kunj had great potential to come up as a fashion designer.

Neil nd Kunj moved to Paris. After a few days when they were still setting their house Neil found an ID card of Kunj in which It had his name as Kunj Sarna. When Neil asked him he just said he had reasons to change his identity but he never revealed d reason untill Neil forced him few hours ago.

____Flashback ends____


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  1. Chiku

    Hey kruti
    Woaaah!! I loved it to the core??????its just amazing. Finally the suspense is out?????. Now twinj will meet.
    See again i am getting ideas for ur ff???
    Post next soon
    Love u?

    1. Kruti

      Thank u chiku
      Will post asap

      ~ Love

  2. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Kruti (di),
    Well I enjoyed the episode a lot. Th Flash back was nice an interesting .. waiting for the next update! Post soon.

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    1. Kruti

      Thanks Zuha
      Will post asap

      ~ Love

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing emotional epi….sad for kunj….

    1. Kruti

      Thanks Purnima

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  5. Hey Krti,Nice epi ,post soon

    1. Kruti

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  6. Sameera

    Wow yaar so cute epi ?????just loved it to the core …
    Bechara junk ?????
    Hope they meet soon ….
    Love u ???

    1. Kruti

      Thanks Sam
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  7. Ramya

    Awesome amazing Superb episode
    I hope sion twinj will meet
    Happy new year Love u keep smiling

    1. Kruti

      Thanks Ramya
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  8. Shreya098

    Amazing kruti..
    Enjoyed it ❤❤

    1. Kruti

      Thanks Shreya

  9. Aanya_pandey

    OMG!!! Wats gonna happen whem twinj will meet..?

    1. Kruti

      Very soon dear stay tuned 🙂

  10. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey Fatu
    Lovely epi… Flashback is so amazing… Hope TwiNj meets soon and sort out their misunderstandings… Just can’t wait to see TwiNj reaction seeing each other… Fatu baby plzzzz post next epi asap…

    Love you??

    1. Kruti

      Thanks Di
      Will post nxt one asap

      Love u too?

  11. SidVee_Yashvee

    Awesomeee.. loved it.. finally the past is revealed.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

    1. Kruti

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  12. RUTU.....

    Hey Kruti amazing episode dear & emotional one too just loved it post next one soon

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  13. Baby

    Ohhhh my
    M srsly crying
    Like yeh toh vhi hogya
    Tei mein jo so cald kunj ne kiya tha
    Bt a raly di 2 emotional
    Loved it m crying
    Still crying
    Well cant w8 for nxt post asap di
    Love u lods…

    1. Kruti

      Until I read ur comment i never realised that i was going on d TEI track???
      But the progress wont be as in TEI….I guess
      Thanks for ur comment Muffin


      1. Baby

        ????ohk didu Nino I mean it’s different track bt d thing was day kunj left widout knowing full truth sooooo……
        Luv u lods????

  14. Shalini15

    Hi Kruti, firstly very sorry for not commenting on last epi… n this episode was superb n mindblowing… flashback was good… yaar ye toh tumne TEI ki yaad dila di same situation but in your ff kunj is sid… feeling very bad for him n waiting for twinjs amna samna… waise I’m thinking what will happen when twinkle will get to know that kunj has turn into a womanizer n kunj will know that twinkle didn’t cheat him… hayeee so much such suspense n exitement…. eagrly waiting for next epi….. pls post next asap…

    Lots of love♥♥


    1. Kruti

      Thanks dear

  15. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Feeling sad for Kunj bechara does not know how much his family loves him and above all how much Twinkle loves him …
    I hope Twinj meet in Delhi 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

    1. Kruti

      Thanks mili

  16. Adya

    Ok, firstly I’m sorry. You can kill me for the late comment! I won’t mind??
    The episode was amazing. Feeling SOORRY for kunj. Indeed him becoming a womanizer wasn’t good but he should have understood how much Twinkle loved him.
    Well I’ll be eagerly waiting for the next one. Try posting soon.
    Love you!

    1. Kruti

      Arre y would I kill u….if i kill mera ek comment will be less?????
      Its ok no worries if u r late
      Thanks for commenting


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