Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#29 & #30)

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( NOTE- The epi is a bit too long so I have named it as 29th nd 30th epi.
Hope u all remember I have imagined Vatsal saith aka Shaurya of Ek hasina thi to play d role of Aarav)

@ India( Amritsar)
[ dont curse me for leaving Kunj’s story half way before reading d epi]

Sarna Mansion

“Twinkle puttar chetti chetti nasta karne aaja” yelled Bebe calling out for Twinkle to come for breakfast.

After a few minutes a beautiful figure in blue patiala suit back hugged Bebe ” Good morning Bebe”. Bebe slightly slapped her cheek nd turned around when Twinkle touches her feet nd takes her blessings.

Twinkle settles herself on the breakfast table while Bebe serves her d breakfast. “Bebe aap kitne sweet ho….aap humara kitna khayal rakhte ho….you are d best”(Bebe ur so sweet u take so much care about all of us you are the best)….”Itna makhan kyun lagaya jaa raha hai aaj…kya cahiye”( y is so much buttering happening tdy….what do you want) said Usha inturupting Twinkles lines.

T-(in a cute naughty accent) Maa mai koi buttering nahi kar rahi mai toh sirf bebe ki taarif kar rahi thi…kyun Bebe kar sakti hoon na aapki taarif
( Maa I am not doing any Buttering I am just praising Bebe…I can praise u na Bebe)
B- Bilkul kar sakti ho….lekin tumhe jo cahiye vo bina taarif kiye bhi mil sakta hai
T- sacchi….then promise karo aap mujhe vo doge….(forwarding her hand) pakka wala promise

U- baat kya hai seedhe seedhe bolo na Twinkle
T- Maa actually….vo kya hai na ki….ki mujhe London jaana hai office ke kaam se
Twinkle said this in one breath with her eyes closed
U- bilkul nahi
Twinkle stood up from her place nd sat on her knees beside Usha’s Chair.
T- Maa pls…bhool jao jo sab hua…I know mushkil hai lekin pls Maa mujhe jaane do….and I promise mai aapko har ek minute ki khabar deti rahoongi…pakka
All of them had a few tears in their eyes
B- Usha…jaane de usko…zaroori nahi hai ki jo ek baar hua vo baar baar ho…uske bhi kuch sapne hain…tere dar ki wajah se vo un sapnon ko toh nahi tod sakti na…2saal se usne teri koi baat ko inkar nahi kiya apni sagi Maa se zyada pyaar kiya tujhe…uski ek qhwahish ke liye tu apna dar nahi hata sakti

Both Usha nd Twinkle had tears flowing endlessly from their eyes. After a few seconds Twinkle got up nd ran back to her room. Bebe dint try to stop her or follow her because she knew Twinkle wanted sometime. Bebe thought to talk to her later.

@Twinkle’s Room

Twinkle landed on her bed with a thud digging her face on d pillow nd crying endlessly. After a few minutes she got up composed herself a bit nd latched d door. She sat on d bed and took out a picture from d side drawer. It was Kunj’s. Tears still flowing down her eyes.

” All because of me….everything happened because of me….I should never have gone to Mumbai….That was the biggest syappa your syappa queen had ever dont….I ruined everyones life….I ruined everything” saying this she rested her head on the backrest of the bed entering into deep world of her thoughts


Twinkle was in Mumbai enjoying nd fulfilling her dream. She had rented an apartment where she stayed all alone. She used to get very bored on weekends, offs nd even on normal days bcoz she was not used to stay alone.

One fine day she met Aarav in a Shopping centre. Aarav was in Mumbai with his sister. Twinkle nd Aarav had some casual talks nd abt Twinkle whereabouts in Mumbai. Initially Aarav offered Twinkle to stay with Him nd his Sis in his apartment with no intensions of having Twinkle all for himself or having a relationship with her. He offered it Just as a friend.After lots of insistance by him nd his Sister Twinkle agreed to them.


It had been a month since Twinkle was staying with them. Being childhood friends Aarav nd Twinkle were a bit casual in their behaviour. Seeing Twinkle’s behaviour towards him Aarav thought he can still get her back in his life nd this time by hook or by crook he wanted her back.

Aarav generally use to question her about her plans for future nd everytime her answer would be “I am all set in life….I have got everything in life my family my love….ab toh sirf Kunj se shaadi karni baki hai “. Aarav use to fume at her reply but never showed it to her.


Aarav’s sister was out of town. Twinkle had an off that day. She decided to stay back at home nd rest for d day bcoz she had a hectic schedule for d past few days. She was all alone at home. She made a coffee for herself nd stood in d balcony enjoying d pleasant wind.

Aarav had returned back home for some work. He entered d house with d keys he had nd He found twinkle standing in d balcony her hair flying due to winds. She was in shorts nd a t- shirt. Aarav just stood staring at her. Suddenly a phone rang it was Twinkle’s phone which was left in d living room Aarav took d phone nd he saw it was Kunj’s call. Twinkle was not able to hear bcoz of d loud winds as they were at a higher altitude near d sea.

Aarav fumed when he saw it was Kunj’s call. He clenched the phone in his hand eventually leading it to turn off. He walked towards d balcony. Twinkle turned around after listening to his foot steps nd she exclaimed

T- Aarav…how come ur back so early

Aarav dint reply anything but just forwarded her phone

T- ohh…I left it in d living…did it recieve any call

After saying this when she tried to take d phone from him He took it back

T- Aarav give me my phone
A- U dont need it anymore sweetheart

Saying this he dropped d phone from d balcony which was on 8th floor

T- What d heck was that….u dropped it just like that….R u crazy

Twinkle said being a bit angry
Aarav went crazy at this and Twisted Twinkle’s hand behind her back. Twinkle got a bit scared

A-(guys imagine d way Shaurya use to speak in Ek hasina thi) Yes I am crazy….Crazy in your Love….Crazy for u….nd this time you will be mine bcoz no one is here to disturb us. He said with a smirk.

He held twinkle by her Hair nd dragged her into his room nd pushed her on his bed. Twinkle was sobbing hard. ” Aarav what d hell is this u know I love Kunj ur just a friend to me pls try to understand”

Twinkle had stood up by now. Aarav held her by d shoulders nd pushed her nd pinned her to d wall

A- Kunj Kunj Kunj….just forget him baby u will never get him. He said moving his finger sensually on her face.(After a pause) U know what Twinkle let me make a clear path for us to move ahead in life.

Saying this he went towards a drawer nd took out a rope. Twinkle tried to run away in that short span of time but couldnt Aarav caught her when she was opening d door he dragged her to his study chair nd tied her on d chair with d rope. He sat infront of her nd said

A- Baby just a few days just within a few days we can live d happiest days of our life with eachother….Each nd every person of your life will go away from u nd I will be d only one with u. Just wait for a few days. Saying this he moved out of d room.

____Twinkle’s POV____

Babaji what the hell is this happening….what is he upto…. Y is he troubling me….Babaji pls help me get out of here.

I tried harder nd harder to free myself from the rope but all my efforts failed. After a few hours I had lost all my strength I was not in a condition to even move a bit. it was very late at night when Aarav returned back into d room with a glass of Juice.He drank a sip of it nd came forward nd forcefully tried to make me drink it. I was reluctant. He held my jawline between his hand…It was paining too much but I tried to be strong enough not to show him my pain.

After a while he started kissing me on my cheeks nd neck I was trying hard to oppose his actions but he just continued. A few minutes later he just went back nd sat on d bed nd said

A- dont worry Baby we will start our new relation once I remove all d old ones from ur life…nd that’s gonna happen very soon.

The nxt day Aarav left some food for me on d study table nd went out without saying anything. He returned back by 7 in d evening. He came upto me and showed me a paper I was shell shocked to see that…those were some pregnancy reports which had my name on it

A- Shock laga….lagna bhi cahiye….after all this one paper will make way for our new life.

Saying this he got up nd took out a small travel bag . O god was he going to Amritsar to show this fake reports to my family….Babaji what is this Kuch toh help karo meri….I somehow have to call Kunj nd tell him about this….but how…he even dropped my phone nd I havnt talked to Kunj properly in d past few days coz of this hectic schedule….I just hope they dont believe him….I just hope my family know I can never do this pls Babaji pls madat kardo.

Aarav packed a few of his necessary stuff. He took out an injection from his office bag nd walked towards me. I was shivering due to fear.

A- dont worry baby a little pain nd u will have a deep sleep

The very nxt moment d needle of d injection was under my skin nd I went all numb.


When I came back to my consious it was 10pm but not of d same day. 1 whole day passed that I was lying unconsious. When i turned my head around to look at d room it was in d same condition as of yesterday. Aarav was still not found in d room. I layed back my head on d chair as I was feeling too weak.

2hrs later I heard d door opening I found Aarav entering in it was 12am by then. He came towards me with a evil grin on his face.

A- finally mission Family todo( breaking d family) was successful….but I feel Mr. Kunj Sarna believes u a lot….his face clearly showed that he wasnt ready to believe me

After listening to this I felt like I have got all my strength back….I was glad Kunj trusted me nd not this bast*rd.

A- but dont worry I have a solution to this also

Saying this he took out a sim card from his pocket

A- Baby do u know what is this…..obviously a sim card….Lekin its a duplicate one of your sim card….I found some Id card of yours in your stuff nd see I brought this for u….lets do one thing….u havnt talked to your kunj from 2days na …..chalo lets talk to him

He came nd sat infront of me on a stool. He inserted d sim into a cell nd was about to call Kunj….I wondered what was he trying to do…when he spoke up

A- Na na na … calling roaming mein call charge zyada hota hai…..ek kaam karte hain lets message him

Saying this he started typing a message which said I wanted to move on nd I also want him to move on. I felt like pulling his(Aarav’s) soul out….how can he stoop so low….I was trying hard to free myself from d chair but I couldnt . Aarav finished typing the message nd held my cheeks with his hand.

A- Dont worry after seeing this message Kunj will also accept the fact that we both want to move on

Nd within a second d message had been sent. Technology bring far people nearer to u but now I fear it would take my near one away.

A- finally mission completely completed….Now we can move on

Saying this he started leaning forward to kiss me I was trembling nd shivering in fear still trying to free myself. He was a millimeter away from my lips when he stopped nd slowly moved back

A – u know Twinkle Indian sanskar….shaadi ke pehle no cozzy cozzy…..So I thought y dont we get married tmrw mrng nd go faaaarrrrrr away from here. Only u nd me no one to disurb us……Wow Aarav not bad …..briliant idea….what say Twinkle

I yelled back at him” this is never gonna happen My Kunj believes me nd he will surely come to me….I am Only Kunj’s….he is d only one who has d rights on me….Babaji will never let u succeed in ur evil plan”

The very nxt moment I felt an ant biting sensation on my skin and it was yet another injection which made me go Numb


I felt a few splashes of water on my face which brought me back to conscious I slowly open my eyes to find Aditi(Aarav’s Sister) in front of me trying to wake me up

Ad- Twinkle pls wake up before bhai comes back….I want u to get out from here soon….Bhai told me everything nd has left me back here to get u ready until he goes nd calls a pandit….pls wake up

I could hardly speak something but somehow managed to speak ” pls help me aditi” . She gave me a glass of water . She had already untied d rope. She gave me a small bag nd said ” Twinkle this has some money nd a few necessary things u may need till u reach back Amritsar. Pls go away from here never to return back.

She held me and brought me down where I found a taxi waiting. I thanked Aditi nd asked her to take care and left from there.

As I reached d airport I found a lot of chios ppl were moving here nd there in too much hurry. I enquired at d help desk where I got to know that there was a crash landing early this morning nd all flights for d day have been cancelled bcoz it was a dreadful crashland nd no passenger survived in it.

I couldnt take d risk of staying back in Mumbai for another day. I knew Aarav would somehow find me. I quickly caught a taxi headed towards d railway station. Luckly there was A train to Chandigard in d nxt 1/2 hr nd I decided to catch it nd then I would take a bus or taxi from Chandigard to Amritsar

I took a ticket nd got into d train. I knew it would cost me 2complete days to reach home but I had no othergo.


Finally I reached Amritsar. I rushed back home when I reached Taneja mansion it was locked. I made my way towards Sarna Mansion. As I entered in I found Maa nd Usha aunty sitting on d sofa dressed in white clothes I could judge by their faces that they had been sobbing a lot . Without thinking much I stepped a bit forward and d only word escaped my mouth was ” Maa”. Both of them saw me nd stood up in shock Maa walked towards me nd I could sense d anger on her face

I said ” Maa listen to me” but before that she slapped me….she slapped her own daughter….I felt like d ground below my feet had slided away

L- Y did u come back….go enjoy your life with Aarav we are no one to u get out from here

She screamed with tears gusshing out from her eyes. I shook her by her shoulders nd screamed ” Maa pls listen to me Aarav did all this to seperate me nd Kunj” I guess she was shocked after listening to this line She stood silently and I explained her everything that happened I said each nd everybit of it nd asked ” Maa where is Kunj I know he will believe me….he knows that his twinkle cant do anysuch thing….Usha aunty where is Kunj”

Usha aunty came forward to me with a newspaper nd another paper in her hand she first handed me d plain paper which was Kunj’s letter stating he was going to Mumbai to meet me….Usha aunty then gave me d newspaper which had a headlines that The Midnight Plane from Amritsar To Mumbai crashlanded at Mumbai Airport nd it was burnt into ashes leaving no passengers alive.

As I completed reading that Usha aunty said “We enquired at the airport but the authorities confimed that Kunj had borded d flight that night nd he flew down to Mumbai never to return back” she broke down nd fell on her knees I turned to find a garland on Kunj’s photo. I had no clue how to react I was standing all numb…..A tear fell down my eye nd I screamed this cannot happen this cant be true…nd I just ran out from there.

___POV ends___

____flashback ends____

knock knock…..someone knocked the door bringing Twinkle out of her thought

“Twinkle Yuvi nd Mahi have come to meet u….come down soon” said bebe

Twinkle wiped her tears nd replied “Yes bebe I will be there in a minute”

She looked down at Kunj’s pic in her hand nd said ” Sorry Kunj it was all my fault I am so sorry….I miss u” She Kissed d photo nd kept it back md made her way downstairs.


Finally khatam hogaya…..bohat lamba tha na sorry sabko paka diya with such a long epi

Ok so how was d past….y is twinkle living with d sarna’s….will usha allow Twinkle to go to london….to know more stay tuned

Nd one more question Were u guys confussed with d way d past was shown if yes do tell me in d comments I shall write d past in d form of a summary nd post it.

Pls pls pls comment below nd share your views on d epi either +ve or -ve…..but pls comment if u ever liked even a single scene of this ff or even a single bit of my writing pls comment guys I need a lot of them to boost me

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Love u all
Take care

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