Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#28)

Hey lovely ppl…..I am back with the nxt update…..and as always I am late…..I sincerely apologise for it.
Thank u to all the readers who commented on my previous epi. Hoping for the silent readers also to comment.
Here’s d nxt part……Enjoy reading

That day Kunj left early from office. When Neil returned back home he searched for Kunj everywhere. He couldnt find him…he sat in d living room to rest for a while…After a few minutes he fell asleep on d sofa itself.

His sleep was disturbed when he heard stumbling sound of something….He turned around to find Kunj completely drunken….it wasn’t something new for Neil to see Kunj drunken but it was rare to find Kunj not in his consiousness after drinks as he usually drank under his controlable limit.
Neil stood up nd exclaimed “Kunj”

K- (in drunken accent) Sorry….Sorry bro I disturbed u
saying this he fell on a side table….Neil ran upto him caught hold of him

N- bro whats wrong….y did u drink so much
K- to forego things
saying this Kunj almost fainted. Neil somehow took him to his room nd laid him on d bed covered him with rug nd left d room thinking

—–Neil’s POV—–
Kunj I seriously wanna know what bothers u so much……2years…..I have been seeing u like this since 2years…..but now enough of it u have to answer to all of my questtions…..I cant see u like this….I very well know theres another Kunj hidden behind this ruthless…heartless…arrogant…devdas Kunj……I just hope I can reduce ur pain to some extent
POV ends—–

@Nxt Morning
Kunj walked out of his room with a glass of lemonade in his hand
N- Good Morning Kunj (he is on d breakfast table)

K- Good Morning Neil….Thanks for d lemonade
N- bohat zyada chad gayi thi na(u had too much hangover right). Neil said it with a smirk but Kunj dint notice it as he was holding his head nd wincing in pain

K- haan…thoda zyada hogaya….anyways i will get ready for office

N- u dont need to….I declared a holiday today

K- What….???…..But Y??

N- Bro chillax….go freshen up nd take some rest….we shall talk later
Kunj followed his instructions nd went back to his room

After a while Neil enters Kunj’s room with 2mugs of coffee. He finds Kunj sitting on d swing chair in his balcony. He hands a mug of coffee to Kunj and rests back on a beanbag.

K- So y was this sudden holiday declared

N- To talk to u

Kunj gives a questioned look

N- Kunj it has been 2years since we have been staying together nd working with eachother….we consider ourselves as Brothers….I guess its only for name sake that we are brothers bcoz u dont consider me to be one

K- bro whats wrong….Y are u telling so….I consider u as my brother not only my brother but u are everything to me

Neil gives a sarcastic smile

N- Is it…..then tell me what forces u to be this fake Kunj….what is that which has such a great impact on you….Pls Kunj I have seen enough of it…..I have seen enough of your pain…..share it so that u feel a bit light……share it if u consider me to be something to you

Kunj had tears in his eyes
K- so u want to know abt my past… listen

Kunj tells Neil everything abt his family and how he meet Twinkle in Dehradun nd how they fell for eachother. He then begins to describe from when Twinkle went to Mumbai


Kunj’s POV—–

Twinkle flew to Mumbai to fulfillher dream. I missed her a lot specially our silly fights.
We use to have very frequent chats nd call convos. It had been a few months that Twinkle was in Mumbai. She had been quite busy these days. We talked once or twice in d past fortnight(15days).

2 days later
I have been trying to call twinkle since yesterday night but everytime the call ends up with a not reachable or a not answering statement. I thought she might have been busy with her work.

It has been 3days since Twinkle hadn’t called me or messaged me. She never did this she would atleast send a message stating that she was busy but i hadn’t recieved any such msg and Leela maa too said that she hadnt talked to her since d past few days.

The nxt morning when I came out of my room. I found Aarav seated in d Living room. I judged that he had arrived just then by seeing a servant offer him a glass of water. The nxt moment things flashed into my mind that Twinkle was in contact with Aarav after she reached Mumbai. And that is when I realised I can get some Information abt Twinkle… as to y she isnt trying to contact anyone of us.

As I moved Towards Aarav greeting him “Good Morning” he greeted me back and asked me to call Leela maa and everyone else as he wanted to tell us something. At once I was trembling in fear as to whether My Twinkle was alright??…..I asked him what did he want to speak but he denied to tell anything before everyone came there.
I had asked d servant to call everyone to d Living.

Once everyone arrived I asked Aarav to speak up. Instead of speaking anything he handed an envelope in my hand. My hands shivered to open it as d envelope cover was of a hospital. The moment I opened it….I felt that the land below my feet had slided…..A tear dropped from my eye and at this point Leela maa questioned me ” Puttar hai kya usmein??”…..Before I could answer anything to her Aarav spoke up ” Twinkle is pregnant with my child.” At this statement I felt like pulling his soul out of his body. Everyone were astonished at his statement Leela maa was the first one to oppose Aarav’s statement….Afterall twinkle is her daughter she knew she cant do any such thing.

But Aarav continued ” Its the fact and u have to accept it….Twinkle nd I have been growing closer since she came to Mumbai….and very soon Twinkle realised that the relation she shared with Kunj was just an infactuation….so she decided to move on with me…..And now she want to forget her whole past and start a fresh life with me…..She has decided never to return back to u guys…..Nd I am here only to inform u all abt her decision…..Hope u all will respect her decision nd move on….Namaste”

This was all Aarav said nd made his way out leaving everyone blank…..nd I had no clue how should I react to this….I was all numb….I somewhere knew my Twinkle couldnt do this….coz I know d value she had for her family……But I cant even deny the fact of d pregnancy reports in my hand which had Twinkles name on it. Leela maa couldnt believe this nd she thought to call Twinkle…..she tried calling her several times but everytime the result she got was negative.

I silently walked back to my room with those reports in my hand. It was hard for me to believe the fact that Twinkle betrayed me. After thinking for almost the whole day I decided to fly to Mumbai nd sort things. The words Aarav had spoken I wanted to hear them from Twinkle. With a hope that I wouldnot get to hear those words I caught a connecting flight to Mumbai. I couldnt wait for a Direct flight as I wanted things to be cleared asap.

The flight was at 1 in d midnight and I would reach Mumbai by d nxt morning coz the flight had two halts one at Udaipur and at Ahmedabad. It was already 12am when I decided to leave all were asleep and I decided not to disturb them so I left a letter on d Dinning table stating abt me going to Mumbai.

I was late to the airport but not that late to mis the flight . In a hurry to board the flight I had forgotten to switch off my phone. I realised when the airhostress addressed d passengers to switch off their phones as the flight was about to take off. I took out my phone from my pocket only to find the devastating message from Twinkle


“Maybe by now u might have got to know about my decision….I know it might have hurt u but I am really very sorry….I have moved on in life nd I want u also to move on….our relation was Just an infactuation….nd i realised it after coming to mumbai….I am happy that I realised it before moving ahead with u….So its all over for now nd forever…..Hoping never to see u again…..Goodbye Forever

~ Twinkle ”

That message broke me into pieces…..and I realised Twinkle had seriously moved on and there was no point in questioning her or confronting her as it was her life and she had rights to do whatever she wants….But it was too late for me to board off the flight as It had already taken off. I decided to boardoff at Udaipur which was the nxt stop of the connecting flight. I was all shattered not knowing how to react to the situation I switched off my phone rested my head on d seat and allowed d tears to dry down on my cheeks.

—–Flashback ends——

Kunj had tears down his cheek. Neil could understand what he felt then…..But one question pondered in his mind nd he decided to ask it

N- But Kunj y dint u return back home

Kunj gave a small grin to this question of Neil
So guys the update ends here. I hope u liked it. I have no Idea how long it is coz this is the first time I am writing from my Laptop as my phone isnt with me.

So do u think Twinkle really cheated upon Kunj….Nd what was d reason that Kunj dint return back home…..To know more stay tuned
Nd pls comment below nd share ur views…..coz they are the source of motivation ……+ve or -ve a short one or a long one I wouldnt mind but pls comment

Loads of Love


  1. Kritika14


    |Registered Member

    OHGOD! why did you leave it half way? I really feel like punching you rn! Whatever now, quickly update with the next chapter so I can know the complete past!

    Lovess! xx

  2. Sameera


    |Registered Member

    Wow yaar kruti amazing awesome loved it sooo emotional felt bad for kunj yaar
    Don’t think so twinkke will betray kunj
    Do cont soon 😍😍😘😘

  3. Ramya


    |Registered Member

    Kruti it’s amazing but feeling bad fr kunj
    N I think twinkle have some reason behind n it all fake I hope plsss unite dem I’m eager plsss asap

  4. |Registered Member

    Hey fatu
    How are you? I hope u r fine😊
    Fatu this epi is amazingly amazing… Loved it to the core… Felt very bad for Kunj… I don’t think so twinkle cheated upon Kunj there must be some reason… I wanna know the reason behind twinkle’s betrayal and why Kunj dint return back to home right now… Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz fatu next epi jaldi post karna plzzzzzzzzzzzz mere liya… For the first time I’m asking u something so plzzzzzzzzz don’t say no…. Plzzzzzzzz apni di k liye jaldi post karo… Mere TwiNj ku jaldi milado can’t see Kunj suffering…

    Love you😘😘

    • Kruti



      Thank u sooooooooo much di
      Hope twinkle hasnt betrayed kunj
      and I am giving u what u asked for…..U are asking nd I dont give….Impossible


  5. Chiku


    |Registered Member

    Hey kruti
    Woaaaaah !!!!!!! I am shocked!!! I had no hint that aarav will do so…… hos can he do this yaar????? Where did twinkle vanish???? Is she alright??? She didnt even revert to any messages……hope she is alright.
    U showed kunjs pain so well……. just loved it
    Post soon dear
    Love u😍

  6. Aamna_2690


    |Registered Member

    Hey kruti
    It was awsum dear…… u left me shocked didn’t even Imagine it could be Aarav……. n felt too bad for kunj…. his pain u describe his emotions and pain so well……. eager to know the reason why he didn’t return home……
    Where is twinkle??? Why she did this to him…….. why she left him for Aarav………. desperate to know it.. m. Why left It in a middle way……
    Do continue….. N……. post the episode soon
    Loads of love dear😘😘😘😘

  7. Purnima.agrawal30


    |Registered Member

    awesome shocking emotional epi….twinkle kabhi bhi kunj ko cheat kr hi ni skti h….esa ho hi ni skta h….aur kunj wapas ghr kyu ni gya….ye toh suspense h….tumhi bata skti ho….eagerly waiting for next part

  8. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Loved it Loved it Loved it …..
    Awesome twist I just Love the misunderstandings and separation tracks 🙂
    I am sure Twinkle might have a very big reason behind it … I am damm sure she wasn’t pregnant because…… she can’t
    Loved it 🙂 The suspense is killing me waiting for Twinkle’s Pov and her where about 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  9. Adya


    |Registered Member

    What was that !!
    How could u just leave it half way !….
    U r just impossible !! I just can’t believe it how ..I mean how ??? I just hate u..
    Nd if u want me to love u then plsss post soon .. I can’t wait more .. just can’t..
    Post soon..sooner…soonest..
    Love u..

  10. SidMin23


    |Registered Member

    It was good episode and feel little bad for kunj and I don’t think twinkle cheat kunj for Aarav and it might be Aarav plan to separate twinj. Can’t wait to read more of it.

  11. |Registered Member

    Amazing episode Kruti dii. Love it to the core.💘 💘
    Can’t comment longer. Waiting for mystery to unfold soon.

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