Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#27)


Hey lovely ppl…..I am back with d nxt part…I guess a bit early….

Thank u everyone who commented on my previous epi….hope u liked d twist….A bit of d suspence will be revealed in tdy’s epi…..nd d complete past may be by d nxt one

So here’s d 27th part…..
hope u enjoy reading it



Man: This deal will be given to your company only if you agree to make the theme of the store completely traditional
K: but David what’s there in Indian traditional wear, western wears are way too better, so s*xy nd cool
David: sorry Mr. Malhothra….If u think Indian wears r boring then ur wrong…..and I am very sorry if you dont agree to this I have many ppl waiting for my proposals out there

Kunj walks out in frustration while Neil tries to handle the Client

Kunj enters
his cabin and lands on his chair with a thud. His eyes seemed a bit moist but his face had some rage….As he thought about an incident a tear drops from his eyes


Its a phone conversation of Twinj

T:(a bit irritated nd in a childish manner)Kunj bolo na Indian ya Western….zyada taang mat karo
(Kunj tell me na indian or western….dont trouble me)
K: Haath mein Indian wear pakad ke mujhse pooch rahi ho….Indian ya western??( you r asking me Indian or western after holding an Indian dress in your hand)
T: (with a confused look)Tumko kaise pata…tum Amritsar mein hi ho ya meri yaad mein Mumbai agaye ho( How do u know…you r there in Amritsar only or you have come to mumbai)
K: Proof cahiye….maa se baat karwaun…..ab zyada nakhre mat karo mujhe pata hai u love Indian wears so just buy what u like ( do u want a proof….now dont show tantrums just buy what u like)
T: waise toh Indian wears r d best….lekin meri samajh nahi araha….I wanna look d best in d Inaugral function
K: taki aut 10ladke tum par line maare (so that 10 other boys flirt with u)
T: Awwww…..mera sadu sarna jal raha hai
K: mai kyun jalunga…..jale mere dushman

***fb ends***

Kunj’s thoughts were brought to a halt when Neil entered his cabin raging in anger

N: what d hell was that bro….u know how Important this deal is….y d hell did u behave so unprofessional

Kunj stands up in anger banging his hands on d table
K: ohhh….so I was being unprofessional….nd what abt that condition….look I care a damn abt d deal….

Kunj’s words were paused when Neil replied back” I have agreed to Mr.David’s conditions nd have signed d deal”

K: Bro how could u do that….this is seriously not acceptable

N: Kunj y d hell r u like this…..whats your prblm with Indian wears now….pehle khud ki identity chupayi Kunj Sarna duniya ke liye Dev Malhotra ban gaya….Indian ladkiyon se iss haad tak nafrat karta hai ki ek bhi Indian ladki ko office mein job nahi di…..nd aaj toh haad hogayi ab Indian wears se bhi kya prblm hai…..Jab ek angrezz ko traditionals ki itni value hai….tu toh akhir hai ek Indian tujhe kya prblm hai
Kunj y d hell r u like this…..whats your prblm with Indian wears now….first u have hidden your Identity You became Dev Malhothra for d whole world….you hate indian girls to such an extent that you havn’t employed a single indian girl at d office….and today was too much what problem do u have with traditional wears…..when forigners have value for our tradition y dont you have)

K: Haan hai prblm….hai prblm isliye apna naam badal diya….hai prblm isliye uss purane Kunj ko mar diya maine….hai prblm isliye nahi pasand mujhe tradition aur ye traditional ladkiyan….Kyunki inn sundar si bholi bhali satyaharishchandra jaisi ladkiyan sirf dhokadadi aur fareb karna janti hai….arre isse better toh vo gori ladkiyan hain jo atleast peat peeche toh waar nahi karti
(Yes I have prblm…..I have a prblm so I have changed my name….I have a prblm so I have killed d old Kunj…I have prblm so I dont like tradition nd these traditional girls….bcoz these sweet simply girls only know how to betray…..arre the english women are better than them…..atleast they dont backstab)

N: Kunj mujhe sach mein nahi pata aisa kya hua tha tere saath ki tu itna badal gaya hai….par mujhe itna zaroor pata tu ye jo bhi karta hai cahe vo teri ayashiyan ho ya tera gussa sab kisi cheez ka frustration hai…..I just hope ki tu apne past ko bhool kar aage baad sake ( Kunj I dont know what has changed you to such an extent…but whatever you do let that be your parties or your anger its all a frustration….I just hope you forget your past nd move ahead)

Saying this Neil walks out of d Cabin. Kunj falls back on d chair. He opens a drawer on his right nd removes a cell phone and switches it on….It had a wallpaper of Twinj were Kunj had lifted Twinkle on his back…..A tear dropped from his eye…..As he opened a message in his inbox…..he clenched his fist upon reading it


“Maybe by now u might have got to know about my decision….I know it might have hurt u but I am really very sorry….I have moved on in life nd I want u also to move on….our relation was Just an infactuation….nd i realised it after coming to mumbai….I am happy that I realised it before moving ahead with u….So its all over for now nd forever…..Hoping never to see u again…..Goodbye Forever

~ Twinkle ”


Kunj had been Reading this message again just to keep his wounds as fresh as they were 2years ago.
Frustration filled his mind nd he switched off d phone nd placed it back at its original position nd began to mess up his cabin by throwing things here nd there.

Neil entered his cabin listening to the sound….Kunj was out of control throwing thinks nd screaming out ” why d hell did u do this to me why…..” Neil tried to calm him down…when he still couldn’t he slapped him on his check…..which made Kunj numb….tears were rolling down his cheeks endlessly since d past few minutes…. after a few seconds Kunj fell on his knees crying out ” Why did this happen with me”

Screen freezes on Neil’s worried face nd Kunj’s depressed face

So how was d epi….hope u all liked it….was this message d mere reason for such a drastic change….to know more stay tuned

will surely try posting d nxt one asap
But pls comment below nd share ur views….so that I get some motivation to write soon


Many Many Happy returns of d day Chiku??…..may u get all that u desire….u indeed r a sweetheart dear…..Love u Loads❤

nd so sorry couldnt give a long epi u asked for

Bye guys
Loads of Love

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it intresting twist Just awesoem ???
    Waiting for the next just cant wait
    I think Twinkle has some reason behind it maybe something big
    Love you ??

  2. Sohi

    Hey kruti iam damn sure that twinkle have some reason behind this and I think it is because of that aarav yaar suspense is awesome do continue

  3. Kritika14

    Hey Kruti,
    So glad that you are back with your ff, once again ? I loved it! But what made Twinkle take a decision like this? I’m really curious to know it! I’m sure it must be something big. Hoping you’ll post the next part soon and not keep us waiting!

    Lovess! xx

  4. Adya

    Wooowwww kruti di…
    Yrr that was soo cute…I’m in love with it…plss post soon..
    Love u…

  5. Baby

    kruti di episode was good one
    but wat hpnd ohhhh god where is twinkle itna suspense srsly m crying my heart out di itni cute ff hai aapki ek dum se kya hogya
    bhot emotional tha loved it vry mch pity kunj bt i dont thnk dis msg was by twinkle bht bdi stry hai aapke brain mein di meri tallented di ke brain mein kbhi bhi kuch bhi aa skta hai
    cant w8 for nxt post asap di
    love u lods♥♥♥

  6. Chiku

    Hey kruti
    Woaaah its just amazing ????????lovely. So much of pain. I just loved it. Hope twinj get back together. I think der is some miss understanding. Hope it gets clear??????????

    Just loved it. ???lovely

    U know i suck in writing long comments sorry. I am blessed to have a friend like you. Thank u sooo much. ???????????for posting for me

    Plz papr asap
    Love u???

  7. Aanya_pandey

    Amazing twist it is yrr.. hope to soon know reason behind kunj’s behaviour

  8. You do not need to know

    Loved it 🙂

  9. Ramya

    Kruti awesome loved it such a big twist
    Pldsssss asap desr

  10. SidMin23

    Episode was awesome and I am prettty sure the messages which kunj got from twinkle and make twinkle take the decision have something behind the story do post it soon and I don’t thinks twinkle send that message or even if she did then do clear out all suspense soon and make twinj together forever ??

  11. Ranabulbul

    Main bahut buried hun ki pehle cmnt nhi kiya or kiya bhi itna late ..
    So sorry bechara kunj ? tw kahan hai kya hua hai ye sab mujhe age oadhna hai jaldi post kro muaahhh
    Love u my rudi

  12. Hi Kruti, ya you r early but I’m late sorry…. well episode was mindblowing amazing n superb… feeling bad for kunj… n I think twinkle has done something with him bcz of some reason or someone…. well lets see it in next episodes….pls post next asap….

    Lots of love


  13. Crazyfunky

    well i dono u know me or no…n i too saw u i mean ur ff today only..
    within 1 yrs n fewmonths of journey of mine n twinj tu..
    wt ever it is but truly u nailed it man..
    ur ff ki jabra fan bangyi..
    n trust me when crazy says this then tujmein koi bath tho zarur hai..
    coz cmmnts from crzy z too difficult
    hahahahhaha enough f self boosting but really loved ur ff

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