Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#25)


Hey Lovely ppl….As always I am late and I am really very sorry for that. So without any delay here’s d nxt part

O wait its my 25th part….omggggg I just cant believe I have reached this far….all thanks to my readers and their lovely comments….they have always been very much encouraging

Dont forget to read a note at d end

So here’s the 25th part

After a while when all of them returned back to taneja mansion.

Bubbly(twinkle’s cousin) ran to twinkle in excitment screaming “Twinkle di Twinkle di I am so happy for u finally aapko aapka pyaar milne wala hai”

Twinkle was standing their with a confused face and gave death glares to Yuhi and Kunj. While the trio gave back a ‘NOT ME’ look to twinkle.

B- where r u lost di…..aapka dream aapka pyaar ab finally pura hone wala hai(ur dream is finally going to come true)

Twinkle was now probably able to figure out what bubbly had been telling about…and this could be visible on her face she had a curve on her lips

When bubbly was just about to continue her talk leela came from behind with a plate of sweets and an envelope in her hand. She stuffs a piece in each of their mouths. Kunj gulps in d sweet nd questions

K- can anyone explain what’s going on here???

Within no time did he say this Twinkle snatched d envelope from Leela’s hand and ran into d house(if u remember they were still at d enterance)

Mahi- maasi ye twinkle itni khush kyun hogayi hai….aisa kya tha uss envelope mein( Maasi y did twinkle get so excited…. what is there in that emvelope)
L- aandar aao batati hoon(come in I will tell u)

All of them enter in and find Twinkle seated on d sofa staring at the letter constantly
L- toh ye letter Twinkle ki training cum internship ka hai jiske liye vo 3yrs se wait kar rahi hai(This letter is about Twinkle’s training cum intership for which she has been waiting since three years)
K- kaisi training….kaunsi internship
L- Chandigarh aane se pehle 2saal tak hum log Mumbai mein rehte theey….and during that period Twinkle visited a place named ROYALS its a hotel cum palace and she so feel in love with that place….The speciality of this hotel is that every year there r three new rooms added there
M- vo kaise….nd that to only 3
L- vo aise ki the owner of this palace Raja Vikram Dev is very much fond of interiors….he has created all rooms of the palace without any interiors and every year he selects 3ppl from accross the globe based on their designs trains them and then they have to do the interiors of a room…..and finally after 3years of hardwork Twinkle ka selection hogaya hai
K- Twinkle ko interiors mein bhi interest hai…..woww I never knew this(Twinkle was interested in interiors also I never knew this)

Twinkle had no bounds to her happiness…..she ran and hugged leela almost turning her about 360°
T- Maa I am soooooo Happy.
L- I know mera baccha….but pehle pura letter padha tumne…..u have to report their within 3days….which means u have to leave on d day of Mahi nd Yuvraj’s engagement

There was silence for a few min….Twinkle was feeling a bit sad thinking what if she couldn’t attend her bestfriend cum sister’s engagement…Kunj noticed ot on her face nd

K- toh kya hua….engagement ka mahurat to 7:00pm ka hai na engagement ke baad raat ko chali jaana subha tak u can report to d place( so what happend the auspisious time of engagement is at 7pm right as soon as the engagement is over u can go….nd u can reporf by d nxt mrng)
Uv- toh done hai….Twinkle engagement attend karke hi jayegi….arre bhai itna sannata kyun hai double khushi hai….naach gaana toh banta hai

Saying this he play d dhol music on his phone and started draging everyone to dance. All of them were in full swing but Twinkle was feeling somewhat a bit low….after a few minutes She slowly walked to her room upstairs .Kunj saw her going up and followed her. He found her standing in d balcony . He walked upto her and stood beside her

K- So miss Twinkle taneja ki khushi silence mein kyun convert hogayi hai…???( Y has miss Twinkle Taneja’s happiness turned into silence)
T-(gave a small smile) Kuch nahi Just that I will miss u all
K- pakka yahi baat hai na…????….mujhe toh daal mein kuch kaala lag raha hai( is it all about missing us…..I doubt something fishy)
T- haan pakka yahi baat hai….ab zyada sherlock holmes baane ki koi zaroorat nahi hai(Its just that I will miss u all….now dont try to become sherlock holmes)

After a few minutes of silence Twinkle rested her head on Kunj’s shoulder nd entangled her hand with his
T- Kunj will u miss me…???
K- ofcourse not….kuch din ke liye syappa queen ke syappon se toh dur rahoonga
Twinkle lifts her head and playfully hits him on his shoulder
K- waise kitne din tak Mr.Kunj sarna ko soon to be Mrs. Kunj Sarna se dur rehna hoga…???
T- 1year nd six months
K- omgggg…..547 days….kuch zyada nahi hogaya
T-(in a childish tone)Kunj mujhe nahi jaana hai….mai itne din nahi reh sakti tum sab se dur
K-oye miss syappa queen……dont u dare break meri tantrum taneja ka dream….waise sahi name hai Syappa queen aur Tantrum taneja….tantrums dikhane ke chakar mein hamesha syappe karti hai
T- Kunj mujhe saach mein nahi jaana….I dont feel like going
K- Twinkle its just a matter of about a year….aur mumbai kaunsa dur hai jab cahe tum chali aana ya phir hum sab aajayenge….and pls u have to go….its ur dream nd u have to fulfill it….nd ab toh mai tumse gussa bhi hoon
T- ab gussa kyun hoo
K – u never told me ki I was not ur first love….so bad of u (turns his face on d otherside faking anger)
T- Awwww….Sadu sarna….haan maana ki maine nahi bola ki ur not my first love because ur my forever love….first love toh kuch din mein complete hoke life se chala jayega but tum toh mere saath hamesha rahoge na
K- (smiles looking at her) dont u think bohat filmi ho rahi ho
T- ab mai filmi hoon toh hoon….issmein kya galat hai
K- Kuch galat nahi hai….ab chalo kal se packing aur Yuhi ki engagement ki tayari donno karni hai

Saying this he walks towards the door of the balcony but Twinkle holds his hand Kunj turns to look at her
T- I Love u
K- I Love u too
Both share a cute Eyelock for a few seconds nd then share a deep passionate hug filled with Love for eachother

After 2days

Its Yuhi’s engagement all the preperations have been made. Twinkle has somehow managed to do all her packing as well as prepare for the engagement

In d evening
The engagement took place at its decided time. Twinkle had a flight at 9:30. It was decided that Kunj would drop her to d airport as elders cannot leave the guests.

It was time for Twinkle to leave all of them were there to bid her bye. She took the blessings of all the elders but what she heard from Usha shocked her.

U- jaldi se wapas aana I cant wait anymore to make u my DIL
K- maa what r u telling…???
L- ab itne andhe toh hum hai nahi ki hume kuch samajh naa aye
This made Twinkle blush

Kunj and Twinkle left to the airport. All the way there was silence surrounded in d car. Once they reached airport too there was silence. Twinkle was all set to enter in when Kunj held her hand
K- I’ll miss you
Twinkle had tiny tears in her eyes. She turned nd hugged him tight.She had a unknown fear of losing him….something made her feel restless…but somehow she managed to utter(still hugging) I Love U
K- I Love U too

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Firstly I am very sorry I wont be able to post the next epi anytime before 25thNov….I am having a very hectic schedule and I am barely getting time to write….I am really very sorry
And all the ff and os writers I am sorry to u as well….coz I wont be able to comment on ur posts….but I will surely try and take out sometime to read them all


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