Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#24)

Hey Lovely ppl….Kruti here back with yet another boring part of my ff

Thank u everyone who is bearing this bakwas story of mine
Thank U to all d ppl who commented on my previous part

Now without any further delay here’s d nxt part


Days pass by Twinkle and Kunj coming close to eachother trying understand eachother and trust eachother more nd more with each passing day

Leela nd Usha have returned back from Delhi
Its Yuhi’s engagement after 2days

Everyone are busy with the preperations.Twinj and Yuhi are off to shopping.First they buy the rings Uv selects one for Mahi and Mahi selects for Uv. After buying d rings they go to buy their dresses for the engagement

Uv and Kunj were in d mens section whereas Twihi in d womens section of d same store
Mahi had to walk out of the store as she had to recieve a call nd d network coverage in d shop was bad

Twinkle was standing infront of a mirror in the store trying to figure out which dress would suit her the best just by placing them infront of her.She was so engrossed that she never realised Kunj was leaning onto the mirror watching her do all this.

All the time Kunj controlled his laughter but couldnt control anymore when Twinkle made a weird face with her nose almost touching her forehead and the lips pouted out to its maximum.Twinkle came back to senses when she heard Kunj laughing out loud.

Without even uttering a word she made a ‘JUST GET LOST’ face and turned to leave from there when Kunj suddenly pulls her back holding her arm and due to sudden jerk Twinkle landed very close to him with her hands upon his chest…They were so close that they could sense their breath. They shared a small cute eyelock(sajna ve plays in bg).Kunj catches hold of Twinkle by her waist with his one hand and removes a small box from his pocket .He lets go of twinkle and opens d box which had a beautiful bracelet( the bracelet had many stars nd hearts with diamonds on their outer circumference) Twinkle’s eyes sparkled once she sa2 it…Kunj could sense her happiness he questioned her..”Did u Like it..??”

Twinkle gave a ‘R U SERIOUS ‘ look and said “Kunj u delete this word LIKE from ur brain….Replace i and k with o and v forever….coz I cant like anything that u do for me I Can Only Love It”…All d while Twinkle had a big curve on her pink lips and her cheeks had turned crimson red. Kunj made her wear d bracelet on her left hand. As they say every action has a reaction and this time Kunj’s action had given a reaction of a Kiss………………on his cheek(? sorry guys bohat physics chemistry dal diya)…..Yes guys Twinkle had kissed Kunj…..”Omggggg…what was that” a voice of a third person was heard.

Twinj tilted their heads to find Mahi standing their with a ” WHAT IS HAPPENING LOOK”…..twinj banged their hands onto their forehead . Mahi came forward with a pile of questions” What was this guys???…..Twinkle what did u just do…..u kissed him….omggg…do u both love….ok wait remove this do….its just that u both love eachother…..omggg….Yuvraj(she screamed out in order to call him….gaining the attention of all the other ppl in d store).

Until Uv came there Twinkle covered mahi’s mouth with her hand and said” Stop ur drama mahi….cheek pe kiss kiya issme itna chillane wali kya baat hai”….Uv had come there “What happened Mahi…Y did u scream so loud”..Mahi freed herself from Twinkle’s clutches and spoke up in excitement “U know Yuvraj….ye twinkle aur Kunj ek dusre se pyaar karte hain”….to which she got a cold reply”Haan Mujhe pata hai…toh???”…

Twinkle inturrupted ” Wait a moment….what did u mean Mujhe pata hai…”.”Mujhe pata hai ki u both love eachother” was a calm reply Uv gave. Twinkle turned around to Kunj with a frown on her face….Kunj being hell tensed spoke up ” Wh..yy.y are u staring at me like this….he is my best frnd so I told him…U are staring at me as though I have made a sin….” Twinkle inturrupted ” what do u mean by friend hai….we decided we wouldnt tell anyone until we arn’t perfectly sure about it and u already broke the promise…I mean”…”Guys can u continue ur fight later on nd pls pehle ye bolo apni moms ko kab bata rahe ho” yelled Mahi with utmost excitment .” Very Soon Mahi” replied Twinkle coldly and walked out of the store placing all the clothes in her hand on a counter

” Chalo Mission Twinkle ko Manaofy start karte hain” said Kunj in a bit sad funny way at which Yuhi laughed

After a while all of them returned back to taneja mansion. Yuhi’s engagement was to b done their as it was Leela’s desire

Within no time did the 4 enter in Bubbly(twinkle’s cousin) ran to twinkle in excitment screaming “Twinkle di Twinkle di I am so happy for u finally aapko aapka pyaar milne wala hai”

Twinkle was standing their with a confused face and gave death glares to Yuhi and Kunj. While the trio gave back a ‘NOT ME’ look to twinkle

The screen freezes on Bubbly’s happy face and Twinkle’s questioned cum tensed face

So guys what do u think Bubbly was speaking about did she really get to know abt Twinj being in love with eachother…but how…nd if not that what is she speaking about….stay tuned to know what it is

share ur views thru ur comments
I shall post my nxt epi on 31oct

So sorry guys I wont b able to comment on all d ff’s from now on coz I am having a very hectic schedule with internals preperatories and finals around d corner….I will try to comment but cant promise….so pls forgive me

Bye guys
Loads Of Love

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  1. Ariya

    Hey kruti di your ff is js amazin….. and hope u read my message on one shot space personally

  2. Kritika14

    It was amazing! I really missed you and this ff. Hope you write soon. Love you ?

  3. Ramya

    Hey kruti awesome loved it

  4. Adya

    I want to say jst 1 thing…….
    Crazzzy kruti fans…….
    Missed u crazily… u understand on ur own

  5. Rashiverma2199

    Lovely episode…..awesome

  6. Chiku

    Awesome………its sooooo cute
    Maazaaaa agayaaq
    Plz next jaldi upload karo na??????????

  7. Hey….! Kruti it was amazing fantastic n cute epi….it was not boring at all…… n ur story is also not bakwas…….. so pls don’t say like this again ok????? n come soon with next epi….

    Ok bye … n tc….loved it….n u too


  8. SidMin

    Kruti Loved it How dare you called my Kruti’s episode boring I mean I will sue you for this
    Love you All the best for your exams
    Twinj kiss was too good and Yuhi are also so cute 🙂

  9. Lovely episode…after a long time commenting… sorry…twinj and yuhi were so cute…

  10. Awesome….amazing epi luv the bereclet part and i think bubly was talking about someone else plzzzzz post nxt asap

  11. Awesome epi.. loved the scene in the store.. twinkles wierd expressions n kunj controlling his laughter??.. missed u n this ff so much.. waiting for the next ❤

  12. Shatakshi

    Oye kruti…who told that it is bakwas ff huh??
    Ittna aacha koi likha h Kya
    It was so amazing
    Seriously kruti loved it so much
    I missed u all
    Love u❤❤❤

  13. Baby

    kruti di bakwaas toh ye ff hai
    isliye th mein iss ff ko itna pyaar krti hun
    ki merko yeh itni pasand hai aap jante tak nhi ho or isliye toh har baar khete ho i m here to bore u guys wid my bakwaas ff
    di srsly how can u sy it bakwaas aapko pta hai howmch i love dis ff
    no u dont know well sooo i shuld tell u itna dat u cant imagine it even in ur dreams
    di srsly luvd d episode to core……ab suspense toh raha nhi mere paas i ll go n read d nxt update of d ff now nly..hhehe
    luv u lods di…. 😀

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