Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#22)

Hey lovely ppl……kruti’s back with d nxt part of my ff

Thank u everyone who spent their precious time in reading my ff…..nd a special thanks to all the ppl who commented on it…..pls keep supporting me nd I promise to entertain u all to the maximum extent that I can
So lets move onto the 22nd part……Hope u will like it
After 3 days
Twinkle is back home. Simran asked her to stay with them at her place but she refused so Mahi and simran decided to stay with Twinkle at the Taneja mansion.


Twinkle,Mahi nd Simran were seated in d Hall when there was a knock at d door. Mahi went to open it . The moment she opened it she was shocked as she dint expect tht person to be present there at that moment. The Person entered in nd Twinkle was boiling in anger
(guess kiya kaun hai chalo mai hi batta deti hoon)

Twinkle exclaimed “Now Y r u here Aarav”
A- Twinkle just listen to me once
T- I am listening to u…..nd I want many answers from u

saying this she made her way towards her room Aarav followed her

Once they entered d room
A- Twinkle I am really very sorry I had no intentions of hurting u…….I just dint wanna lose u
T- But u have lost me aarav…..nd this time forever…..I never thought u could stoop so low that u tried to kill a person just for a feeling of urs…..without even thinking for once u just thought Kunj is a hurdle in ur way……did u even know what I felt…..did u even know what I thought abt u…..abt kunj….abt our friendship……No u dint coz u were blind in ur so called Feelings…..Anyways I have no interest in talking to a selfish person… pls never turn back to me coz I have forgotten that I ever had a friend by the name Aarav…….Pls leave coz I dont want any explaination from ur side nor I want u to expect any forgiveness from my side

All d while twinkle had tears gushing thru her eyes……saying d last few words she turned around not to face Aarav

A- I know that u wont forgive me….nd I even know that I am not worth it……so for the last time I came to say u sorry as I am moving to Mumbai tomorrow…..try to forgive me if u can…..Byee!!!

saying this he turns to leave when he finds Kunj standing at d door step……He motions towards him nd is abt to leave d room when Kunj convays a msg thru his eyes asking aarav to wait for a moment

Kunj walks upto Twinkle nd places a hand on her shoulder(Twinkle was still crying) Twinkle suddenly turns nd hugs him…Kunj hugs her back……..After a while twinkle composes herself……Kunj cups her face nd clears the tears of her eyes…..nods in a NO asking her not to cry

Twinkle finds Aarav still standing at d door she yells “JUST LEAVE”
K- Aarav wait for a moment
K-(to twinkle) How long will u be angry on him… long will u trouble urself keeping all this in ur mind…..Just forgive him Twinkle I know that u feel bad abt what he did I know it has hurt u alot….nd u know what forgiveness nd letting go are roads back to happiness… just let go of it nd dont lose a precious relation of Friendship……pls atleast for me

Twinkle thinks for a moment nd nods in a Yes
T- Aarav its only coz of kunj that I am forgiving u nd pls dont u ever try to do such things with any one…..once u had almost lost a friend…..nxt time dont do any such thing coz of which u may lose another precious relation

Aarav has a big curve on his lips with some tears in his eyes
A- sure Twinkle I will never repeat such foolishness again
saying this he leaves frm there

Once he left Twinkle once again hugged Kunj as tight as she could Kunj hugged her back nd rubbed her hair saying “Thats like my Girl”
After a while Twinkle broke the hug nd stated “I will b back in a moment”…..saying this she moved toward d washroom nd returned back in her comfy night suit. She found Kunj standing in d balcony .She goes nd stands beside him

T- Kunj….
K- Hmmm…..
T- Dont u want to tell something to me….????
K- Ooo…ya……..How r u……did u eat ur medicines
T-(with an irritated look) was this the thing u wanted to ask me
K- Haan…..what else should I ask….????
T- Tumna hamesha sadu ke sadu hi rahoge(u r always gonna remain sadu)

saying this she moves towards her bed angryly nd sleeps
Kunj watches her from the balcony nd smiles at her behaviour
The screen freezes on his smiling face
So guys how was the epi……do share ur views thru ur comments below……If u guys arent liking it pls tell me…..nd suggestions are most welcomed

BYE……Love u all!!!!!

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  1. Sameera

    Arav turned positive digest nahi hi raha hai well epi was amazing awesome cute yaar … cont soon ??

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    It was amazing… continue soon… love you

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    It was lovely kruti…………..I just loved it and as u love me……..I luv u too….it was just aweeessssooooommmmmeeeee

  4. Hey kruti
    cute episode
    And arav sudhar gaya yeah baat digest nahi hui “dal mein kuch kaala hai”

  5. Chiku

    Its amazing ❤️❤️ Loved it plz post nex tone soon

  6. dreamer...arundhati

    Kruti dear as always u nailed it.. Superb

  7. Awesome epi.. wow arav turned positive.. loved how kunj asked twinkle to forgive arav.. do cont soon ?

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

  9. Superb… Love the part when kunj asked twinkle to forgive arav… Nd post soon the next epi

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    It was amazing! post the next one soon! Love you ?

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    Kruti awesome episode…..loved it to the core…..

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    Haiiii Fathi…. Awesome, amazing, outstanding, mind blowing, fantastic, fabulous…. Yaar beloved words yaar… It’s was marvelous yaar… Superb… Such amazing ff… Yaar I’m love with ur ff… I don’t know what to say… I really loved it a lot… Allah may bless u Dea… Keep writing.. Love you lots… U mmmhhhhhaha

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    Hey… Sorry I’m late.. Damn awesome episode as usual! ?

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