Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#2)


Hey lovely ppl ……Here’s the 2nd epi so let’s begin

Next morning

Twinkle’s sleeping under the blanket peacefully…….. when suddenly there’s some loud sound of some carpentry work
Twinkle’s peaceful sleep is disturbed she’s getting irritated more and more with each passing second
She angrily wakes up and screams from the window
T- Kaun hai ye akal ka dushman ……isse pata nahi main soo rahi hun(whose this mad guy……doesnt he know im sleeping)

She doesn’t get a reply…..She throngs out of the house like a bullet train and finds that it was happening in neighbourhood. She gets into the yard of the neighbours and finds a man getting some work done
She goes to the man and screams

T- tumhe samajh nahi hai itni subha kya kaam karva rahe ho( don’t u understand what work r u getting done such early in d morning)

the man turns around …..twinkle exclaims Tum…….( yes guys its kunj only)

K- Tu yahan kya kar rahi hai…….Aur abhi subha ke 10 baaj rahe hain ye itni subha nahi hota ( what r u doing here…..and now its 10am this isn’t early morning)
T- mere liye ye itni subha hi hai……pehle tu ye bata tu yahan kar kya raha hai(for me its early morning…..first u tell me what r u doing here)
K-Meraghar hai main kuch bhi karoon tujhe kya(its my home I’ll do what ever I want what’s ur prblm)
T-(with a irritated look)iska matlab tu yahan rehta hai ( that means u stay here)
K-Haan toh ????? Vaise tu yahan kya kar rahi hai( so what???…….by d way what r u doing here)
T-(with a not so interested look) Main bhi yahin bagal(next) wale ghar mein rehti hoon(I stay in d neighbourhood)
K- Syappa…… tu mera peecha kyun nahi chodti( y don’t u stop following me)
T-Main tere peeche hoon ya tu mere peeche hai …..khoobsurat ladki dekhi nahi ki peecha karna shuru( im following u or u r following me……as soon as u see a beautiful girl start following her)
K- oh hello miss Tantrum Taneja pehle tera confusion clear karle kisne kaha ki tu khoobsurat hai …..bandariya lagti hai ( o miss Tantrum Taneja first clear ur confusion who said u that u r beautiful…… u look like a monkey)
T-tune mujhe bandariya bola(u called me a monkey)
K- haan to ( so what)
K- tu rhinosauras
T-tuna kutte ki poonch (dog’s tail)
and there argument goes on until Leela came there in search of twinkle as a servent informed her that twinkle went out
L-arre twinkle tu yahan kya kar rahi hai main tujhe poore ghar mein dhoond rahi thi
(twinkle what r u doing here I was searching for u at home)
T- Maa kuch nahi ye awaj ki wajah we meri neend toot gayi thi toh mai dekhne aai thi ki(stares at kunj) kaun pagal hai jo subha subha itni aawaj kar raha hai
Waise maa (pointing towards kunj) ye kunj hai Dehradun mein mere saath padta tha
( nothing maa my sleep got disturbed due to noise so I came to see which mad person was doing that…..anyways this is kunj he studied with me in Dehradun)
K- Namaste aunty
L-Namaste Puttar
Twinkle waise main ye kehne aai thi ki subha se 4baar Mahi call kar chuki hai keh rahi thi tujhse milna hai
( twinkle I came to say that Mahi called 4times since morning she told she had to meet u)
T- oh god main toh bhul hi gayi
( I just forgot)
saying this she rushes back home while kunj smiles at her childishness

In twinkle’s room

Twinkle calls Mahi
T- Hi Mahi
M- yar main tujhe kitni baar call kiya uthati kyun nahi hai tu
( I called u soo many times y dint u pick up d call)
T- accha sorry meri maa maf kar de , waise mujhe Amritsar ki jaghaon ke bare mein nahi pata[hope u remember taneja’s recently shifted to Amritsar] M- toh?????
T-mujhe ye bhi nahi pata kitera Coffee Corner hai kahan…..toh jaldi se aake mujhe pick jar
( so I don’t know where is ur coffee corner so come fast and pick me )
M- theek hai bye….

After sometime Mahi reaches twinkle’s home and is waiting for twinkle when she spots Uv and Kunj coming out from the next gate
She exclaims – Kunj Uv tum doonon yahan kya kar rahe ho?????( Kunj Uv what r u both doing here)
K- Hi Mahi……Uv mujse Milne aaya tha main yahin par rehta hoon( Uv came to meet me I stay here only)
Uv- waise tum yahan kya kar rahi ho( by d way what r u doing here)
M-Main twinkle ko pick karne aai thi hum dono Coffee Corner jaa rahe the ( I came to pick twinkle we were going to coffee corner)
Uv- Great hum bhi wahin jaa rahe the chalo saath mein chalte hain issi bahane Roina se bhi video chat karlenge……what say????( even we were going there so let’s go together….and we can even video chat with Roina)
Kunj is standing with a questioned look bcoz they weren’t going to the cafe and suddenly Uv made a plan from nowhere
M-okk done
Twinkle comes out she doesn’t notice Yunj there
T- chal Mahi let’s go
Uv- Arrey itni bhi kya jaldi hai……hum nacheez par bhi thodi nazar daldo(says in a flirty way)
T- arre Uv tu
Uv – Haan main ….baaki baaten coffee peete peete karen ????( can we do d other talks while drinking coffee)
M-chalo phir…..( let’s go)

Precap-someone’s gonna tell abt their feeling’s to someone( keep guessing who r these someone’s)


Hey all……..thank’s to all the people who commented on my previous epi…..and a thank u too d silent readers also I would b more than happy if they comment
I hope u guys r liking it…….. criticism and suggestions r always welcomed
probably u would have felt this epi was also short but the nxt one’s gonna be a long one I promise
comment below and share ur views abt tdy’s epi
Love u all

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  1. Syeda Farhana

    If I’m not wrong than Uv is gonna tell his feelings to Twinkle/Mahi. And ur episode was amazing

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….Amazing…..

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….Amazing……

  4. Awesome!!! I feel its yuvi to mahi….not sure…?

  5. Sayeeda

    Amazing… awesome …episode..
    loved the twinj fight scenes …too cute ..
    hippopotamus …hhahhaa…so good ..

  6. Angita

    I guess yuhi or twiraj…lovely episode and a bit funny to and cute and sweet soory to many ands and.???

  7. Sameera

    Ha-ha amszung kruti loved the epi ?

  8. Jisha

    Wow… amazing… Twinj fight scenes were cute… hippopotamus scene reminded me the scene of Twinkle calling kunj bediya in tei… as he is from London, he asks what is bediya now…???

  9. Shreya098

    Such a cute epi…loved it??
    I think the confession will be of yuvi and mahi….not sure….just a guess

  10. Kritika14

    Wow …. it was great! specially the twinj fight .. it was so cute ? Looking forward for more nok-jhoks …. Continue soon 🙂

  11. It was amazing
    TwiNj fight???
    Post asaàp ☺️

  12. Kruti ur gng awsm…Esp that scene ver twinkles beauty sleep gets disturbd cz of kunj wz soo refreshing…
    I guess uv iz gonna tell kunj dat hez in luv wid mahi….a wild guess
    Ctd soooon.

  13. SidMin

    Kruti Loved it sorry for commenting late 🙂

  14. Baby

    kruti amazing yr luvd it hassin bhi bhot aayi d twinj fite hahahhahhhhhaha luvd it yr pls post nxt asap

  15. Shatakshi

    Kruti….again Awesome episode yaar
    N I think yuhi will share their feelings
    Loved it❤❤❤

  16. Saby

    Nice epi kruti….
    I guess UV and mahi gonna…. Confess there feelings….?

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