Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#17)


Hey lovely ppl….. I am back with another update of d ff

But usse pehle sorry to all d ff and Os writers on whose articles I haven’t commented since yesterday…..I am very sorry i was a bit busy……dont b miffed with me coz i dint comment

Recap-Twihi find Uv…..someone point a gun on Kunj

So here’s d 17th epi hope u like it


Someone points a gun on Kunj……that someone is none other than Aarav(this is not d thing which i told was unexpected by u guys….ye toh sabko pata tha its gonna b Aarav)

Aarav comes in front of Kunj……Kunj is stunned to see Aarav
K- Tum????
A-(with full on evil tone….guys if u remember d way vatsal seth use to speak his evil dialogues in Ek hasina thi….its somewhat like that) Yes me….didn’t recognize me…..then let me introduce myself…..Myself Aarav Khanna……for twinkle, her best friend…..but for me twinkle is everything..she’s my love.
A-shocked……should be…..So I love twinkle like mad….but Twinkle only sees you…..she says you’re just her friend…..but I have a problem with you ……so I thought to do “THE END” with the problem
Saying this he starts moving back still pointing d gun on Kunj

K-(almost screaming in anger) Dont u dare to even think abt twinkle…..crazy people like you can never love Twinkle…..I wont let anything happen to her
A-I also won’t let anything happen to her…..I will love her so much that she won’t see anyone beside me…..but for that you will have to die.

Aarav points d gun on Kunj…..Kunj is trying hard to free himself from the clutches of the goons….but is unsuccessful

Aarav fires a bullet……….it hits someone……Omg… hit twinkle

Twinkle is searching for Kunj finally she finds him in d open field but she is astonished to see him in d clutches of some men
She finds a man pointing a gun toward Kunj she couldnt see d man’s face as he was a bit far
She is shell shocked and doesnt know how to react she just runs towards Kunj and when Aarav fires d bullet she is infront of Kunj……this is how d bullet hit her
(do u guys think this is the unexpected thing…….no no no……aage aage padhte jao pata chal jayega)
flashback ends———–

Kunj and Aarav r shell shocked to see what just happened
Twinkle’s eyes get blurry…..she see’s d persons face whi fired d bullet….but she is not able to see it clearly
She was just falling down when Kunj frees himself from d clutches of d goons and holds her makes her lie on his lap
Yuvi and Mahi reach there

K-(with teary eyes)Twinkle….aankhen baand mat karna..mai tujhe kuch nahi hone doonga….kuch nahi hoga tujhe

Aarav is standing there numb…..trying to figure out what he did

Yuvi and Mahi rush towards Twinj
Uv sees Aarav and tries to catch him but in the flash off a second Aarav runs away from there
Kunj lifts Twinkle and rushes towards d car
Yuvi drove d car towards d hospital
Twinkle is on Kunj’s lap in d behind seat
K- Twinkle pls apni aankhe khuli rakhna kuch nahi hoga tujhe…..kuch nahi hone doonga tujhe
Tears dint have a pause…..they were continuously flowing
T-(with much difficulty)Kunnn…jjjjj…
K- twinkle kuch mat bol sirf apni aankhe khuli rakhna….kuch nahi hoga tujhe

They reach d hospital and twinkle is rushed into d OT
Kunj was crying and crying…..tears dint have a stop….Mahi was consoling him
Uv was busy with d formalities
Mahi informs Leela

Twinkle Operation is going on
Leela and d other ladies come to d hospital
Leela’s eyes were blood red and swollen as her eyes had no control over d tears
Everyone r trying to console her
Usha observes Kunj standing in one corner and crying she goes to him
Kunj Hugs her

K-Maa twinkle ko kuch nahi hoga…..kuch nahi hone doonga mai usse……ye sab meri wajah se ho raha hai…..aagar kuch hogaya usse toh mai mar…..(suddenly he realises what he was abt to say and composes himself)

The doctor comes out Of d OT Kunj and Leela rush towards him
K- doctor twinkle theek toh hai na
Dr- Twinkleji ko goli dil ke bohat karib lagi hai humne goli toh nikal di hai par
L- par kya Dr
Dr- par unka pulse rate abhi bhi bohat slow chal raha hai…..vo kisi bhi medicine ko respond hi nahi kar rahi hain……Just pray that unka pulse rate normal ho jaye then she will b fine
The doctor leaves


How was d epi?????
Awwww…..u guys r angry with me…..kyun ki unexpected thing kya tha ye bataya hi nahi……then dont worry coz u will get to know very soon

Episode bohat lamba ho jata issliye yahin stop kardiya……but u dont have to wait for long coz i have uploaded another episode also jisme aapko vo unexpected cheez mil jayegi

So waiting for what……jaldi se jaake doosra epi padho….lekin dont forget to comment

Love u all ???

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  1. Sameera

    Omg kruti seriously shocking
    Hate that aarav …..??
    Awesome epi yaar
    Just fab marvellous

  2. Rashiverma2199

    So good….was waiting for the episode

  3. Baby

    kruti di amaazing wowwwwwww
    luvd it 2 core
    haan it was sooooo cool twinkle saving kunj hehe me pagal hun bt yeh pyaar hai
    i remebered dat seen wen in tei in rajjos maariage sid was gonna b hit bt twinkle came n i was jst crying n crying
    luvd it n wowwwwwww nxt episode as well
    bye jldi ho rhi hai di usse bhi toh pdna hai
    c u dere

  4. Awesome epi… cousin

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing shocking epi…..

  6. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Ongoing kruti dear ……….Awsome….u just nailed it my sissy …..??
    Plzz post next one soon

  7. Kritika14

    I loved the episode so much. Twinkle didn’t even care for her life and saved kunj .. That was just so sweet! I was so sad seeing kunj’s condition. Love you ?

  8. SidMin

    Kruti Loved it The hospital scene when Kunj was going to say that he would die if anything happens to Twinkle just Loved it
    Love you 🙂

  9. Jisha

    Loved it…u reminded me the rajjo part of twinj in tei…Awesome dear…

  10. Lovely…..

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