Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#14)

Hey lovely ppl…..this tym Iam a bit early not as late as the previous tym

Thank u to all d ppl who commented on my previous epi and even to d silent readers

So here’s the 14th part…..


The whole night Twinkle is not able to sleep thinking about Mahi

Next morning Twinkle goes for a walk
She is sitting on a park bench after a morning jog.She is lost deep in her thoughts

Kunj has also come to the park for a morning jog which is a part of his daily routine.He notices Twinkle and is surprised coz firstly she never woke up that early and jogging was not her cup of tea.He goes and sits beside her

She doesn’t realise.Kunj snaps his fingers in front of her eyes .She comes to senses and suddenly she hugs Kunj …..she starts to cry

K-Twinkle kya hua….y r u crying????
T-(still hugging him) Kunj mujhe bohat fikar ho rahi hai Mahi ki(kunj i am very much tensed about mahi)
She breaks d hug and kunj cups her face and wipes of her tears
K-Shhhh…..Kuch nahi hoga hum sab hai na hum koi na koi solution nikal lenge(nothing is gonna happen we all will find some solution)
T- Kunj maine kabhi bhi Mahi ko aise nahi dekha hai itni udaas……main khood ko itna helpless feel kar rahi hoon …..main apni behen ke cehre pe uski smile wapas laana cahti hoon…..main aise nahi dekh sakti( kunj i have never seen mahi so sad before…..i feel so helpless…i just want her smile to b back on her face….i just can’t see her like this)
K-hamen kuch toh karna padega par pehle tu rona baand kar tu rooti hai na toh mujhe bohat ajeeb lagta hai ….mera dimagh kaam karna baand kar deta hai( we have ro do something but forst u stop crying……when u cry i feel somewhat weired … brain stops working)

Twinkle is touched by his words and is eyeing him lovingly while kunj realises what he said
Both have a cute sa eyelock
Kunj breaks d eyelock and says

K- chal ab rona baand kar….rondu baby(cry baby)
T- Hawwww…Kunj kya bola tumne(what did u call me)
K-(with a tinj of naughtiness in his tone)Rondu baby(cry baby)
Twinkle playfully hits Kunj on his arm
T-How dare u call me rondu…….tumna ek number ke saadu ho…Sadu sarna

Suddenly Twinkle’s phone rings its Aarav’s call(kabab mein haddi)

T- Hii Aarav
A-Hii Twinkle
T-koi kaam hai kya jo tumne itni subha call kiya(u had some work that u called me early in d morning)
A- this means i can call my friend only when I have some work
T-nothing like that….ok tell me y did u call
A- Just like that ……tumhari awaz sunne ko dil kiya toh phone kar diya

Kunj was still sitting beside twinkle when one of his friends calls him
K to T- Twinkle i will just b back
T(still on d phone)- ok
Aarav hears to what kunj said and fumes in anger

T-Hello aarav r u there
A- haan…..vaise where r u now
T-Joggers park mein, walk ke liye aayi thi aur yahan mujhe Kunj mil gaya toh aise hi baatein kar rahe theey(i had come for a walk at d jogger’s park here i found kunj and we were just talking like that)
A- (fuming in anger)Ohhh…..
Kunj comes back
T – Ok byee Aarav talk to u later

Aarav(soul talk)-Kunj…Kunj…Kunj…iss Kunj ka naam sunn sunn ke thak gaya hoon Subha utho too Kunj shaam hui too Kunj…..Twinkle ko toh uss Kunj ke alawa koi dikhai nahi deta…..but don’t worry Twinkle baby aaj ke baad Kunj tumhe kabhi nahi dikhega ye Aarav ka promise hai tujhse
(Kunj…Kunj…Kunj…i am sick of listening to this name Kunj……twinkle just cant see anything apart from kunj but dont worry twinkle baby u will never be able to see kunj this is aarav’s promise to u)

Aarav calls someone
A-mujhe tumse abhi milna hai
Aarav hangs up d call with an evil smirk on his face
Enough for today or u guys even want some more
ok let me write some more coz I am being very irregular now a days
On the other hand twinj r walking back home both lost in their own thoughts

———–Kunj’s POV———-
Kyun….kyun mujhe har baar …..har baar mujhe itna bura lagta hai jab Twinkle udaas hoti hai….kyun main uski khushi mein khush aur uske dukh mein dukhi ho jata hoon ……haar baar jab usse milta hoin toh aisa lagta hai ki koi connection hai…..kuch toh hai jo hum donno ko connect karta hai ……jo hum donnon ko ek banaye rakhta hai har situation mein ……cahey kitna bhi jhagad ley par iss jhagde ne hume hamesha paas laya hai humari friendship ko aur mazboot kiya hai…….Kahin main uss se pyaar…..????
(Y??..everytym y do i feel so bad when twinkle is sad…..y am i happy in her happinesses and sad when she is sad…..everytime i meet her i feel there is some connection b/w us…..there is something which connects both of us…..something that always keeps us together in any circumstances…….though we fight with each other but these fights have always brought us close to eachother…and they have made our friendship even more stronger……do I Love her…..????)

———POV ends———–

On the other hand even Twinkle is lost in her own thoughts

————-Twinkle’s POV———–
Babaji har baar jab bhi main Kunj ke saath hoti hoon toh mujhe itna accha kyun lagta hai jaise meri saari problems ka ek hi solution hai aur vo Kunj hai….jab bhi ye mere aas paas hota hai too aisa lagta hai ki meri saari tension choo mantar ho gayi hai. Jab bhi main iss ke saath hoti hoon toh ek alag si feeling hoti hai ek alag se bandhan jaisa lagta hai jo maine aaj tak kisi ke saath nahi feel kiya. Kahin main……..
(Babaji everytime when im with kunj i feel soo good i fell like the solution to all my problems is only Kunj…..whenever he is arround me i feel like all my tensions have vanished…everytime I am qith him i have a very unusual feeling i feel like i share an unusual bond which i haven’t felt or shared before.Do I……)

Just then Kunj snaps his fingers in front of her bringing her back to senses
K- Twinkle kahan kho gayi…..ghar aa gaya(twinkle where r u lost……we have reached back home)
Both of them enter their respective houses

uffffffff…..thak gayi main Enough for tdy

How was d epi…..How were d pov’s of twinj
What do u think is cooking up in aarav’s mind that he had an evil smirk on his face… is this going to affect twinj’s life…….KEEP THINKING until i post d nxt part

Share ur views abt tdy’s epi through ur comments
Love u all


  1. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Kruti thanks for posting ur ff…. Awesome..Amazing episode….
    Twinj Park scene was too cute nd adorable…. That line of Tondu baccha😂😂😂😂…. Heehee maza agaya padhke….

    Then those POV’s… What to say to u…. While reading their was a very cute smile on my face 😊😊😊… I really enjoyed Twinj confusion…

    Nd lastly that Aarav.. Kabbab main haddi 😠😠😠😈…. I just feel like Killing him…. He is planing something very evil…. Agar usne kunj ko hurt kara na then I’m gonna kill him 😬😬😬😬😬…. Stupid person…

    Bas aaj ke liye itna bahut hai…. Baki baateein next episode main..
    Love u 😊😘💝

  2. SIDMIN-Daamini


    |Registered Member

    Hey kruti
    Yaar tu amazing hai
    Mazaa aagaya pad kr
    I think so aarav kunj ko maarne ka plan kr raha hai or aisa bhi ho sakta hai kunj ko nuksaan pahuchane k chakkar mein twinkle ko kuchh ho jaye…………….just thinking
    But it depends upon u that what u gonna show
    BUT I’m loving it dude
    Just keep rocking like this

  3. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Loved it The way Kunj said that Twinkle stop crying when you cry my brain stops working just Loved it and waiting for the next episode 🙂

  4. Baby


    |Registered Member

    kruti di amazing
    oh my god d povs of both twinj were osm speechless
    post nxt asap di
    luv u n it was jst osm
    n yeh questions toh suspense hain jinke answers sirf u hv
    hehehhe post nxt asap di

  5. SidVee

    Superb epi.. loved twinj’s moments in the park and also twinj’s povs.. feeling like killing this arav😈😈.. do cont soon 💕

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