Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#12)


Hey Lovely ppl…….sorry sorry and a very big sorry i know I m late
Hope u guys aren’t angry with me

precap:-Episode 11

so here’s d 12th epi…..lets begin

Next day

Leela decides to speak to Simran about Yuhi and try to convince her Usha also joins her

They go to Mahi’s place and convince Simran after forcing her and making her realise that Mahi’s happiness is with Uv…….Simran agrees to talk to Anita just for once

On d other hand Aarav comes to Taneja Mansion and finds Leela isn’t at home
He finds Twinkle in d Lawn he presents her a gift
Twinkle opens it and is surprised to find d same dress which she liked in d mall yesterday
T-(to Aarav)(exited tone) from where did u get this dress
A-Yesterday I just went out for some shopping found this one thought u will like it……did u like it ?????

T- Ofcourse I liked……. in infact i loved it
Saying this she hugs Aarav……..Aarav is on cloud9
Just then Kunj enters d lawn and finds Aarav nd twinkle hugging and feels irked
Twinkle breaks d hug
T-(thinks)Aarav knows my likes and dislikes even after staying away from me for past 10yrs but this Kunj…….Saduuuu kahin ka I mean who tells a girl that she is looking fat ……just forget it twinkle y the hell r u getting so much affected bcoz of his words……

her thoughts come to an end when Aarav snaps his fingers bringing her back to reality

Kunj is still standing at the gate feeling the jealousy in every drop of his blood……he is somewhat jealous and somewhere lost in thoughts thinking abt the dress which he saw in Twinkle’s hand a few seconds ago and d dress which he some stranger had buyied it the previous day at d mall

Twinkle disturbs his thoughts when she notices him standing at d gate

T-Kunj y r u standing at d gate come in…….and guess what Aarav brought this dress for me
K-hmm…..vaise i came her to tell that Leela aunty has been calling u since quite long tym and u havent picked up her calls so she said me to tell u that she would b late as she had to go for a meeting
T-Ohh ya i left my phone in my room and im in d lawn since long……anyways thank u for convaying the message
Aarav and Twinkle continue their not so important talks while Kunj is staring at d dress and is lost in thoughts

——-Kunj’s POV——–
As far as what i remember this is d same dress which Twinkle liked in d mall ……but this dress was buyed by someone else before i could buy it and d shopkeeper clearly said to me that it was d last piece of d limited edition then how come its with this Aarav…….just forget it he might have got it from someother branch of d same brand
——POV ends——–

Aarav is smirking seeing Kunj lost in thoughts
——-Aarav’s POV——-
Think as much as u want Mr.Kunj Sarna but u wont find out that it was me who buyed this dress yesterday

Aarav is seen following twinj and yuhi in disgues at d restaurant, d mall
The guy who buys d dress was also Aarav in disguise
fb ends——-‘

Aarav’s pov ctns
dont worry Kunj this is just d begining a small step to snatch my twinkle back from u at anycost
even if it costs ur life I dont care


Hope u guys liked d epi

A very big thank u to all the ppl who commented on my previous epi……ur comments r my energy boosters
A thank u even to all d silent readers

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Love u all ❤❤

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  1. Joonakanksha

    Nyc epi yaar

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi…

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi……

  4. Amazing

  5. Awesome.. hope twinj realise their love for each other

    1. Kruti

      Thanks?……dont worry realization is gonna happen soon

  6. Baby

    osm yr kruti di luvd d episode post nxt asasp n di wts d precap n i hate dis aarav srsly feell lyk killing him hhahaha bt di d episdoe was amazing poost nxt asap luv u

    1. Kruti

      First off all im sorry for not giving d precap coz i myself doesnt know what am i going to write
      Thank u for commenting I will post d next one by tmrw or latest by day after

  7. Kritika14

    It was amazing! And I am not at all angry that you posted late … It’s okay. Anyway, continue soon x

  8. Osm and amazing episode!!! Pls post asap and finish this Sarah chapter and make twinj realise their love!!

  9. Angita

    Just amaxing

  10. Sameera

    Amazing kru just loved it do cont asap plshh

    1. Kruti

      Thanks? sam…..I’ll continue soon

  11. aarav is d 1…bt i know twinj r made 4 eo…n plz post nxt asap…

  12. Lovely epi…hope twinj realise their love for eo

  13. Shreya098

    Nice one…

  14. Fan

    Awesome epi..

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    Awesome episode..

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  17. Shatakshi

    Wow kruti
    It was damn good
    N this Arnav I m gonna kill him
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤

    1. Kruti

      Thanks?shatakshi if u wanna kill aarav keep ur weapons ready coz lots more to come where u might feel like killing him??

  18. Romaisha

    Nice epi ?

  19. Awesome episode… loved it… this aarav….

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