Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#11)


Hey lovely ppl

sorry guys I told I would post d epi yesterday but I was seriously in no mood to write.
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……Here’s the 11th epi so let’s begin

@Next day

Twinkle reaches Mahi’s home and tells Simran(Mahi’s mom) that she was thinking of going to lunch with Mahi. Simran warns her not to let Mahi meet Uv .Twinkle agrees and thinks
T-(thinks) babaji maasi se toh jhoot bol diya aage ke liye koi rasta dikhao


Twinj and Yuhi r there Uv sitting opposite to Mahi and kunj opposite to Twinkle
Uv is holding Mahi’s hand there’s only silence no one is speaking anything thinking abt what to do further……Kunj breaks d silence after sometime

K- guys let’s go shopping…..issi bahane enjoyment bhi ho jayegi and we will get time to think of something
All of them agree to it
After having lunch they leave for shopping
Yuhi in one car and Twinj in another

@twinj’s car
The car stops at a traffic signal
Kunj finds Twinkle weeping silently he gets tensed
K- Twinkle y r u crying
T-(sobbing) Kunj mujhe bohat tension ho rahi hai maine aaj tak Mahi ko itna sad nahi dekha…..we have to do something
K-(cups her face and wipes of her tears) stop crying …….Jhalli ……..kuch nahi yoga jab tak hum donno saath hain hum Uv aur Mahi ko kabhi alag nahi hone denge
Twinkle suddenly hugs him Kunj is somewhat shocked and somewhat happy he hugs her back to calm her down
After sometime Twinkle comes back to sense feeling awkward and breaks the hug
T- sor…sorry
K- its okk
the traffic signal turns green and they leave

Yuhi r walking together with there hands entangled
Twinj were walking together but after sometime they part ways
After sometime Kunj come to d ladies section in search of Twinkle
He finds Twinkle coming out of d trial room wearing a knee length cream coloured frock which had some floral designs ……Kunj was mesmerised to see her
T- Kunj Mahi kahan hai???……OK just forget it just tell me how am I looking in this dress…….I just loved this one
K- theek thak…..( all right)
T- what do u mean by theek thak
K-theek thak ka matlab theek thak he hota hai….in fact tu na thodi mooti dikh rahi hai thoda kaam khaya kar…..( he giggles)
Twinkle is hell frustrated she just goes back and changes keeps d dress back at d shop and walks out
Kunj runs behind her
K- twinkle listen na pls sun toh meri baat
Twinkle stops kunj comes to her
T- main car mein wait kar rahi hoon Mahi se kehna ki jaldi aajaye warna maasi gussa hogi
saying this she walks away

Kunj goes back to d shop to buy that dress for twinkle but he finds that someone already buyer it and it was the last piece as it was a limited edition
the shopkeeper points towards d guy who buyed it Kunj goes to him he requests him to give him d dress as its very important for him and that he was ready to pay double d original price of d dress
G- what’s so important in this dress u can buy another one
K- no but I want this dress only……can u pls give it its a request
G- I’m sorry but I buyer this dress to gift it to someone special sorry I can’t give it
the guy leaves from there
Kunj leaves disheartened

After sometime all r back home Twihi together and Yunj together

@outside taneja mansion
Twinkle comes back home when she finds kunj near d gate
K- twinkle listen to me ones
Twinkle ignores him and walks in
K-(self talk) ziddi ladki

@twinkle’s room

—–Twinkles POV—–
Why d hell am I so angry with Kunj I never felt bad when anyone called me fat bcoz I know I am not……but tdy was something different……. but what……urrrgg just forget it twinkle

@kunj’s room

—–Kunj’s POV —–
Y is Twinkles sadness or should I say anger bothering me so much …..y the hell am I so concerned about her

POV ends when Usha enters the room with dinner for kunj
Kunj tells her abt Yuhi and on the other hand Twinkle also tells Leela to talk to Simran abt Yuhi

Twinkle is just about to sleep when she received a message from Kunj stating ‘Sorry’
Twinkle replies ‘ its okk’

The epi ends on d smiling faces of Twinj


Precap- Twinkle receives a Gift ………..wanna know from whom then wait for d nxt epi


Hi guys hope u all liked d epi

and guys from now on I’ll b a bit irregular with d ff coz my clg starts from Monday and I will only b able to post twice or thrice a week depends on my weekly schedule
so pls bear with my irregularity

And don’t forget to share ur views abt tdy’s epi …….surely comment below
and don’t even forget to watch Bunny on JDJ at 10 tonight
Love u all♥♥♥

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