Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#10)


Hey lovely ppl……finally back after 3days……actually I was supposed to be still late but couldn’t stay away any more

thanks to all d ppl who commented on my previous epi and even to all d silent readers

Here’s the 10th epi so let’s begin

After a few days All r back to Amritsar

Yuvi and Mahi inform their parents about each other but their parents do not agree to this as Mahi’s dad and Yuvi’s dad were business rivals and Mahi’s mom thinks her husband died bcoz of Yuvi’s dad and the same kind of thoughts r in Anita’s mind . This was not known to Yuhi earlier .
Both their mothers don’t allow them to meet each other

Yuvi calls Kunj

K- Hii Uv……kaisi chalo rahi hai Teri prem kahani…..baata diya Teri mom ko(how’s ur love story going on ….did u tell ur mom)
Uv-( in a low sad tone) kaisi prem kahani
K- kyun kya hua???( what happened)
Uv – jab maine mom ko bataya………( he explains everything)
K- aise kaise koi kisi ko rok sakta hai(how can someone do like this)
Uv- yar kuch toh karna padega ……..nahi reh sakta main Mahi ke bina(we have to do something ….i cant stay without mahi)
K- relax uv . main kuch soochta hoon( relax Uv I’ll think of something)

On the other hand Mahi calls Twinkle and tells her everything

Both Twinkle and Kunj are thinking what to do then they think of talking to each other
Kunj is going to twinkle’s home while twinkle is also going to kunj’s home just when Aarav enters in
A- Hii twinkle kahin jaa rahi ho(r u going out some where)
T- haan vo main….
A -(interrupts) abhi kahin nahi baad mein chali jaana( not now go out later)
T- lekin mujhe…..
A- lekin vekin kuch nahi chalo aandar( no ifs and buts just come in)

Aarav drags twinkle in but her eyes r constantly gazing at the door
A- Twinkle kal tum free ho( r u free tmrw)
T-( still looking at d door) kyun(why)
A- kya hum kaal lunch par chal sakte hain(can we go out for lunch tmrw)
T- okk… main jaun( OK so shall I go)
A- arre itni bhi kya jaldi hai pehli baar main tumhare ghar aya hun……( what such an hurry first time i have come to ur home….)

He’s still speaking while Twinkle finds Kunj entering and she runs towards d door

T&K-(together) mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai( I want to talk to u )

Aarav is getting furious as Twinkle was just ignoring him
Twinkle asks Kunj to come in. Kunj greets Aarav
Twinkle goes to the kitchen to get some snacks

A- waise kunj tum yahan kya kar rahe ho(what r u doing here)
K – mujhe twinkle se kuch baat karni thi( I wanted to talk to twinkle)
A- vo to tum phone par bhi kar sakte theey( u could have talked on d phone)
K- vo actually main yahin padose mein rehta hun aur baat thodi important thi iss liye aa gaya( actually I stay in d neighbourhood and the thing is a bit important so I came here)

Just then Leela gets down d stairs
L- Kunj Aarav tum donno yahan
K- vo aunty mujhe twinkle se kuch baat karni thi isliye
L- theek hai tum log baatein karo main abhi aati hoon
She leaves from there. Twinkle comes back with some snacks
She sits beside Kunj …..Aarav again fumes

K- waise twinkle u wanted to tell me something
T-haan I wanted to talk about Mahi and Uv
K- that means chinki told u everything……. even I wanted to talk about the same
T- ( tensed) we have to do something
Kunj holds twinkles hand
K- relax twinkle don’t get so sad we will surely do something
T- Hmmmmm
K- vaise meri Syaapa queen kaun sa naya syappa karne ka sooch rahi hai……….kahin tu baat aur toh nahi bigad degi
T-Hwwwww……..maine aisa karun sa Syaapa jar diya abhi
K- abhi tak toh nahi kiya par pata nahi kab kar de……..waise tera ye hwwwww wala look bada a cute hai
He show her a pic which he clicked a few while ago
T- kunj when did u click this pic……delete karo
K-( with that childish sting) nahi karunga
he starts running twinkle chases him
T- kunj delete karo(still chasing)
Aarav is fuming in anger he extends his leg in b/w so that kunj falls but kunj jumps his leg but twinkle trembles and falls resulting in twinj falling over each other on d sofa
Both r lost in each other
After sometime they compose themselves and Aarav tries to change the topic
A- kunj waise ye buri baat hai tum twinkle ko aise tease kyun karte ho
T- vahi to yeh kunj hamesha mujhe tease karta rahta hai
A- very bad
K- mai toh baas aise he tease karta hun taki iske chehre ki smile wapas aajaye……..(looking at twinkle)main isse aise udaas nahi dekh sakta

they share an eye lock sajna ve plays in bg

Aarav is angry and drops d tea cup .Twinj comeback to senses and compose themselves

A- I’m so sorry
T- its OK
K- twinkle I got an idea……..let’s go for a lunch tomorrow…….. tu Mahi ko leke aaja main Uv ko leke aaunga issi bahane donno mill bhi lenge aur we can plan something
T- okk
A- oyye Twinkle kya OK……u already agreed to come with me for lunch tmrw
T- sorry it just went out of my mind
A- then decided ur gonna come with me for lunch tmrw
T- sorry Aarav but its really very important for me to go with kunj…..its a matter of two life’s ……pls try to understand (she pouts)

Aarav is furious but doesn’t show it
A- its OK u carry on we will go out some other day

@Aarav’s home
A-(full on angry young man mode mein) Kunj….Kunj….Kunj what does he think of himself ……meri twinkle ko mujhse doore karoge …….no never……main aisa hone nahi doonga (smirks) Kunj Sarna tumne galat aadmi se panga le liye hai.Twinkle me liye main kuch bhi kar sakta hoon …….just wait and watch main ab tumhara kya haal karta hoon


Hope u all liked d epi

A message to the person with split personality disorder……who feels that he/she is sayeeda in aamu’s ff , bhavika in sayeeda’s ff, and shatakshi in lover’s ff (as far as what I think ur the same person)
So dear split personality……. I feel that ur a bit mentally disabled and need guidance of a psychiatrist…… its just a suggestion from my side ……so consult one and Get well soon

OK so all the ff writers pls don’t take such comments seriously its just someone who’s trying to create misunderstanding and enjoying by making some issues amongst us

Love u all♥♥♥
see u soon byeeeee!!!!!

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  1. Amazing epi

    1. Kruti

      Thank u

  2. Shatakshi

    Finally!!!..after 3 long days
    I enjoyed the ff throughout
    Loved it to the core
    N that split personality disorder wala msg was ?????
    Love u❤❤❤??

    1. Kruti

      Thank u shatakshi
      Love u too♥♥

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

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  4. dreamer....arundhati

    Kruti dear osum.. Epi.. Aur tune bilkul sahi pakda hai…. Btw thanks 4 that insta thing… Ctd soon

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  5. Sayeeda

    First of all Kruti u r late nd then u r saying still u r saying u r supposed to be late …haaaannn!!!!!…..R u serious I was waiting to read ur ff …

    Coming to ur episode ….it was so good …amazing ….awesome yrr….
    Fingers crossed ..hope Aarav don’t create tension between twinj …

    Haahhaaa …..what a suggestion cum advice u gave to the imposter …..split personality disorder …yaar meri hasi nai rukh rhi hai ….ROFL …

    In ur last episode u asked me one thing …So Kruti dear call me as Sayoo only no di plzzz…. I love when ppl call me Sayo …though this is not my real name but TU gave me a new identity …

    love u

    1. Kruti

      Thank u sayo and sorry for being late
      Love u too♥♥♥

  6. God! Aarav ka twist is awesome!!!

    1. Kruti

      Thank u shreya

  7. Sonali05

    Awesome epi.
    kruti ur writting is fabulous dear….
    I just loved today’s epi….
    Loved it to d core

    1. Kruti

      Thanks sonali

  8. Jisha

    Awesome episode… loved it… aarav ka twist is ulti….
    Split personality disorder wala dialogue was awesome dear….

    1. Kruti

      Thank u jisha di …..I’m happy ur liking it

  9. Kritika14

    it was amazing! Finally the wait is over .. you posted after like 3 days? it felt like an year tho. Continue soon x

    1. Kruti

      U missed me so much Monica…..sorry for being late
      And thank u for commenting

  10. Angita

    Episode is a total blockbuster
    Loved twinj moments
    And aarav jeolousy
    And messasge to split personality disorder was

    1. Kruti

      Thanks angita

  11. Bulbul23

    Oh my god kruti
    Kya likha hai
    Loved that scene of twinj on sofa

    And I am waiting for next episode

    1. Kruti

      Thank u bulbul…….and that sofa scene was one of my fav in Tei

  12. Rashiverma2199

    lovely it was…..sofa scene awesome… <3 <3 <3

    1. Kruti

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  13. Baby

    amazing kruti missd u soo mch n ur ff too yr it ws amazing reading it yr osm epsidoe sidmin scenes were d best osm n dis aarav haannn smajta kya hai apne app ko sidmin ko alag kreaga besharam hahahahahha osm epsidsoe dear luvd it post nxt asap luv u

    1. Kruti

      Thanks dear

  14. Sameera

    Kruti it’s awesome haha Arav anger ??

    1. Kruti

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  15. Farru shaikh

    Hi kruti di can I get the link of 9 part
    Thid was awesime but I want 9thpart

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      Thank u for commenting this is d link to 9th epi

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