Mohabbatein never ends (Episode 2)


Sorry guys for delay
Ruhi is in the kitchen
Ruhi : nellu didi dadis parathas r really ?? N what about dado tea u know n dado always tea first after waking up
Nellu : baby tea is ready
Ruhi : n pihus idli ??
Neelu : its also ready
Mrs bhalla was seeing this n get teary eyes
N remembers ishita doing the same
Simmi came there
Simmi : mumma what happen
Mrs bhalla : I am watching ruhi mere bachi kitni bari ho gi she is elder then her she is just like ishita look how she is taking care of everyone’s choice how mature she is no one can say that she is only 14 children r so careless n this age n my ruhi her childhood n cries
Simmi : mumma stop crying our ruhi is very mature but u know na she will get more sad if she sees u like this
Ruhi : dadi
Mrs bhalla immediately wipes her tears
Mrs bhalla : ruhi puttar go n get ready for school I will handle this or else u will get late
Ruhi : OK dadi
Ruhi goes to her room n sees pihu trying to tie her hair
Fb ruhi was trying to tie her hair ishita come there ishu says ruhi ap se nii hoga I will tie your hair ruhi says no I am angry with u now I will do my things my self
Ishu says OK n smiles naughtly she started picking clothes while ruhi was trying to tie her hair but failed ishita was seeing this n was smiling after much efforts she goes to ishu n says ahmm ahmm I am getting late for school kya koi mere help karay ga ishu smiles n sees here n there n says r u talking to me ruhi says its need I will get late to ap hi mujhay danto gay ushu says acha n tickles ruhi they both laugh
Fb ends
Ruhi cries
Pihu sees ruhi
Pihu : ru di kya howa
Ruhi says nothing n go
Pihu gets sad
Everyone is doing breakfast Raman come there he was wearing glasses
Mrs bhalla : puttar come
Raman sits
Mrs bhalla : today I will send your lunch at office
Raman : no need mummy I am going to Australia for some days
Mrs bhalla : raman again puttar what have u made your life
Raman : please mummy ji
Ruhi come there
Mrs bhalla : ruhi puttar to a gi eat breakfast
Ruhi sees raman n says I don’t want to eat I am getting late for school n goes Mrs bhalla goes behind her saying puttar tifin to le ja
Mrs bhalla stops ruhi
Mrs bhalla : ruhi he is your father it had been seven yrs he is very guilty he needs u
Ruhi : dadi how can I forgive him coz of him my ishimaa… N goes angrily
Mrs bhalla cries
Raman in his office
Raman : mihir cancel all the meeting for next week I am going to Australia
Mihir : bahi again this week v r having many important meeting v we cancel them
V will suffer loss
Raman : I don’t care about loss she is much important to me then this loss
Mihir : bahi v r searching her for 7 yrs but bahi she committed suicide
Raman : shut up police didn’t find her dead body u know how my life is its just my body its soul is ishita u know my ruhi she don’t talk to me for 7 yes I can’t see pihu eyes to eyes my children they r living without their mom u know how my life is
Guys I hope u like it please please guys comments your cement really means a lot to me n guys I want to thank u for your comments on previous episode plz continue giving me your support

Credit to: Niddhi

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  1. very nice episode . update next episode fast

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb……. Waiting for your next one…….

  3. I wish it should be original yhm

  4. jasmine Rahul

    Like Ishita ruhi is taking care of everyone.but hates Raman.Raman believes that ishita isnt dead as her body isnt found.good

  5. Nice 1…..really loved it…hats off to you….

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