Mohabbatein ( Naagin ) Episode 9

Everyone goes . Uday and Shivanya are there in the room .

Shivanya : Uday , you are becoming father .

Uday shows no reaction.

Shivanya : What happened Uday?

Uday : What will happen now ?

Shivanya : Can you say clearly?

Uday : Shivanya, you’re pregnant. 

Shivanya : Then?

Uday : You told me that you consummated with Ritik by mistake. So, how can I conclude that this is my child.

Shivanya : You don’t have faith on me .

Uday : I’ve faith on you but the situations are not right to have faith on you . I will accept your child if you do one thing and that is DNA test .

Shivanya slaps Uday .

Shivanya : Shame on you . (Goes )

This was all seen by Ritik hiding behind the door .

Ritik was about to go when he sees Shesha running towards the main door .He suspects and follows her . Shesha sits in the car. Ritik also sits in the car . Shesha drives and reaches the hospital. She goes inside. Ritik also goes inside by following her.Shesha enters  cabin.  Ritik hides behind the door and he opens the video recorder application . Shesha was talking to the doctor.

Doctor : This is not enough . I need more ,otherwise I’ll tell your family.

Shesha: Listen, keep quiet. I will give you more . (Laughs)

Doctor : Why are you laughing?

Shesha : How easily I cheated everything one saying that I’m pregnant. 

Shesha removes her saree palu. She unties a pillow from her belly and throws it .

Flashback :

Shesha : Listen,  take this . (Bribes the doctor) Tell everyone that I’m pregnant.

Doctor :  (takes it ) But why ?

Shesha : Because by this I can separate Ritik from Shivanya. You don’t have your nose in these matters.  Do as I say .

Doctor : Ok but this is not enough.  I need more.

Shesha : Ok! After 1 month I will pay everything.

Flashback ends.

Ritik was shocked and was nearly in tears.  He decided to tell everyone about Shesha. He reached home .

In the hall
Ritik : Maa, I want to tell a deep truth about Shesha.

Shesha : Deep truth ? What depp truth?

Ritik : You shut up, ok?  LIAR !

Shesha thinks : Which deep truth ? Omg ! Save me. Wishing that he doesn’t knows my pregnancy is fake.

Ritik : Maa look at this video . (Hands the phone to Yamini )

Yamini : You cheated me . You cheated him. You cheated us . (Walks up to Shesha )

Shesha : No , maa . I’ve not done that .

Yamini : Then who is it ? You liar.  (Slaps Shesha)

Shesha :  (falls on the floor )

Uday: Chee ! Shesha bhabhi,  I didn’t expect it from you .

Everyone was scolding Shesha except Shivanya.  She stood the silently.

After this all got frustrated and went away.  Only Shivanya was left there .

Precap : DNA Test of the Child.

Guyzzz , next episode will be Maha episode and Dusshera special. 
For this episode you have to wait till 12th oct .

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