Mohabbatein ( Naagin ) Episode 8


In the house Yamini was in to and fro motion and getting tensed for Ritik . Same was on Uday’s face for Shivanya. In the hotel Shivanya got up and saw Ritik sleeping on her. She thought what will Uday think if he knows it . He pushed Ritik and stood up to go . When she was about to go someone held hand . It was none other than Ritik.

Ritik : Will you go alone and not take me ?(holds her hand)

Shivanya : (jerks her hand from his hand )

Ritik : I know Shivanya,  what I’ve done but it was a mistake.  I drank wine .

Shivanya : Whatever ! I don’t want to discuss about anything.  Let’s go . Everyone will be worried.

On their way back

Shivanya : Ritik , I want to go to temple.

Ritik : Ok ! Driver stop the car .

They both go to the temple .In the temple the priest tells to bring jal and they do abhisek.

Priest : Tumhari jodi salamat rahe .

They were shocked but Ritik was happy.

Shivanya : We are not married Panditji .

Priest : What are you telling daughter?  You have done the abhisek together only as a married couple do .

An aghori was coming with a plate of sindoor . There was water on the floor . He slipped when Ritik catched the sindoor plate and loses his balance. He falls down on Shivanya keeping Sindoor plate safely . But a little bit  Sindoor was there in this hand which fell on Shivanya’s maang when he was trying to get up .They get up .

Priest : See , god only wanted to see you together . That abhisek and now sindoor.

Shivanya washes the Sindoor and they reach home .

In the house

Yamini : Where were you both ?

Ritik : Maa, we were… we ..

Shivanya : We felt hungry,  so we went to a restaurant.

Uday : What were doing the whole night ?

Ritik : It was raining,  so we did not came back .

Yamini : Now you both go to the guest room . There are some comfortable cozy clothes . Wear them .

They both go to the washroom and change clothes.  Then go to the shop to do the shopping for Shesha’s pregnancy. Then they cme back home .

In the room

Shivanya : Uday , I want to set the record straight. 

Uday : Yaa, tell me

Shivanya told everything about her consummation with Ritik and the sindoor incident .

Shivanya : Uday !It was all a coincidence.  And ……..

Uday : I know you will not lie me . (Put his hand on her face )

Shivanya : Thank you Uday ! ( Holds his hand )

Uday :  Don’t worry!  I’m not that kind of guy .

In the evening, Everyone was there in the living room except Shesha and Uday .Suddenly Shivanya felt uneasy and vommited blood . Ritik came to her as he was concerned for her.  Yamini rushes to bring water for Shivanya.  Shivanya continues to vomit and then gets unconscious. Ritik takes Shivanya on his lap.  Yamini comes back with water .Ritik sprinkles water on Shivanya but she doesn’t open her eyes . Doctor comes and checks her.

Doctor :  Mr . Raheja , she is pregnant.

Every one smile . Then Uday comes there .

Uday : Shivanya, are you ok ? Yamini aunty told that you vommited blood.

Yamini : She’s alright beta ! Congratulations,  your wife is pregnant.
Uday’s smiling face turns into a sad face .

Precap : Yamini to slap Shesha. 

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