Mohabbatein ( Naagin ) Episode 7

Shivanya :  What are you telling Uday ?

Uday : In college, on 31st  Jan 1995 I proposed you and you agreed. I’ve came for our marriage . I waited for you but you never came . Now we are together , so we will marry please.  (Bends his knees and holds her hand )

Shivanya thinks : Ritik is also not in my fate. Shivika needs a father and let Ritik know that without him, I can live.

Uday : Shivanya please,  I’ve waited for 20 years .I’m ready to accept you and Shivika even though you are a widow.

Shivanya: Yes

Uday :  ( kisses her hand and gets up )Thank you my bride to be .

They go down .

Uday : Everyone ! Yamini aunty,  Ritik,  Shesha bhabhi come here . There’s a good news.

Shesha : What is it Uday ?

Uday : I and Shivanya are getting married. We love each other .

Yamini : That’s really good . A round of applause.

Everyone there clap except Ritik and Shivanya.  Both were looking at each other. Then Uday interrupted

Uday : Shesha bhabi , you and Ritik and we two will go to disco.

Shesha : Why not Uday ?

They all get ready to go to Disco.

In the disco everyone was busy dancing but Uday and Shivanya were at the drinking counter . Ritik was right behind Shivanya.  He was feeling very unusual and uncomfortable by looking Uday touching Shivanya’s backless back. Shesha dragged Ritik and started dancing.  Here Uday took Shivanya to a room and locked the room. He opens Shivanya’s blouse dori  . Shivanya stops her but he does and gives a excuse that he is her husband to be . He tries to get intimate and was going to kiss on her lips  when  Ritik opens the door . He sees them in this condition. He starts beating Uday.

Shivanya : Stop Ritik ! Stop …. Stop…, Uday .. Ritik stop. (Comes in front of Uday ) He is my husband to be . He has the right to do everything with me . You’re no one to interfere between a husband and a wife .

Ritik was shocked . Uday was smiling.  They went away .In bedroom Ritik was sitting. Shivanya’s words were echoing in his ears . Tears rool down his cheek . Shesha comes there and sits beside him .

Shesha : Ritik,  I know you’re upset but she is someone else’s now. Don’t think about her . She has forgotten you.

Ritik : You keep your mouth shut . Mind your own business.

Shesha: I was just …..

Ritik : Leave me alone .

Shesha : Ok,as you wish .

Shesha goes from there and smirks .

Shesha : Ritik , whatever happens even cyclone comes ,you will come to me only . You’re mine .

Next day

Shivanya and Ritik were alone in the house . Everyone had gone for a shopping. For some reason they were left at home . They were at the living room.Both were sitting on the sofa. They were looking at each other .

Ritik was looking at Shivanya.  Shivanya was looking at Ritik.  They were confused and feeling weird. Shivanya was bored being silent. She set a word .

Shivanya : I’m hungry . Can we go somewhere to have our dinner ?

Ritik : Ok ! sure

They come out of the house and sit in the taxi as all the cars are taken by the family.They reach a restaurant.  They order something.  The waiter gave Ritik wine instead of juice by mistake . Ritik shouted the name of Shivanya.People were looking at him . Shivanya asked the waiter to book a room for them . She took Ritik to the room.

She made him lay down . He uttered her name many times. He pulled her and held her by her waist. They consummated . Ritik slept holding Shivanya  .

Precap :  All go to buy baby clothes.


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..