Mohabbatein ( Naagin ) Episode 5


Thank you guys for all the comments . I know I’m late to update but I had gone on a vacation. So, enjoy the episode and at last there are some facts which are very important about the episode.
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In the night Shivanya felt uncomfortable and over crossed the pillows and came on Ritik. They were entangled with each other when Shesha came and saw them. She was very jealous . She thought something and smiled and went away . At morning when Ritik got up he was shocked . He got up when Shivanya also got up and saw him on her. She shouted and closed her eyes.  Ritik was lost in her . He couldn’t control and brought his face near her .He kissed her . He broke the kiss and hugged Shivanya when Yamini came and knocks the door. They break their hug and confused Shivanya goes to the bathroom. Ritik opens the door.

Yamini : Beta, how is Shivanya?

Ritik : Maa, she’s alright.

Yamini : Breakfast is on the table . Get ready and come down stairs.
Ritik : Ok (nods)

Thoughts of Rivanya : (Ritik thinking sitting on bed and Shivanya in the bathroom near the basin looking at the mirror )
Ritik : I’ve to apologise for this .
Shivanya : No Ritik,  no need to apologise. 
Ritik : Why I can not control myself ?
Shivanya : Because you love me Ritik. I also love you but I can’t express .
Ritik : Shivanya,  I know you love me but now you’re not mine . I’m married to Shesha.  I should not have done this .

Ritik goes out of the room . Shivanya wearing a red blouse and an  inskirt comes out of the bathroom.  Here on the way , Ritik remembers that he forgot to bring his cellphone and goes back . He enters the room and Shivanya sees him and  shouts . She turned back. He also shouts but sees a scar on her back . It was bleeding.  He came near her and touched the scar . Shivanya winced in pain and had a flashback .

Flashback :

Shivanya was in the bathroom and when she was getting back the bathroom rod got stuck and bleeded .

Flashback ends

Ritik :  How deep it is!

He brings the first aid box and before putting ointment he felt a little unusual and confused.  He also doesn’t knows why but kissed Shivanya’s scar . Shivanya was relieved and closed her eyes. He slowly put down the ointment and bandaged the scar .Shivanya got up and ran to the bathroom. She came out wearing a red and golden saree . Ritik tried to catch up with her but she went away .

In the dining space everyone was sitting and eating.  Shesha was serving the food. Suddenly Shesha felt dizzy and fell down . Everyone was worried except Ritik. Even Shivanya was worried for her only sister .In the bedroom doctor came up and her.

Doctor : Can you all please go out?

Yamini : Sure ! Doctor.

After some time doctor came out .

Doctor : She’s pregnant.  Mr. Raheja take care of her .

Ritik was nearly in tears. Shivanya was broken from inside but she was smiling for Shesha’s pregnancy. Ritik knew that Shivanya is not happy .

1.Yamini :  she’s Ritik’s mother. She doesn’t know Shivanya as she was in USA . She came when Ritik married to Shesha and Ritik didn’t tell her the truth.  She thinks that Shivanya is Ritik’s friend

2. Rohit and Shivika will not be seen for some episodes as they have gone for a school picnic to Gulmarg,Kashmir.

Precap : Shivanya to slap Ritik.  Shivanya’s  college friend to meet her and a new twist .

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  1. nice and please continue all ur ffs…………….. it is a humble request


    Thanks clivisha! Yes , now I’m working on Tere Sang Pyaar Mein.

  3. Siddhi

    Amazing and please reunite Rivanya soon


      Thanks a lot Siddhi! There will be a lot twist and turns . After that I’ll unite them . I decided focus on one ff at a time so that the episode will be full of suspense and thrills .

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